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How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer: Story of Charlie

Feb 19, 2022


How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer: Story of Charlie

Charlie Pachas, trainer & corrective exercise specialist at Movement Lab in Las Vegas has one of the COOLEST stories I've ever told. He got his NASM-CPT in June of 2019 and interviewed at Lifetime Fitness in Las Vegas. He was denied the job because of a lack of confidence and inability to control the session. Charlie was on the path to be another statistic, 90% of trainers quit within 12-months of getting certified. BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED. Charlie watched an Instagram Live session with John Rusin & The Crazy Trainer with a belt buckle, yours truly, Chris Hitchko. In that talk, Doc and I talked about the importance of hands-on learning. So what did Charlie do? HE SHOWED UP! He flew out to our San Diego internship location WEEKLY to learn by doing. He was able to ask questions and better understand how to program, anatomy, and gain the much-needed confidence to become a successful personal trainer. 5-months later he applied BACK to the same Lifetime Fitness and within 15-minutes of the interview portion, the hiring manager said, “YOU'RE HIRED, what did you do?” Charlie SHOWED UP!

Here’s what you'll learn when you SHOW UP to the nations best personal training internship program.

1- How to program for ALL clients. We have hundreds of case examples that you'll work daily on how to design.

2- Workout daily. The ability to workout daily and learn how to regress / progress movements, establishes confidence.

3- Shadow experienced personal trainers and the ability to ask questions.

4- Learn advanced functional anatomy.

5- Develop psychosocial skills to be able to properly implement the assessment to sign up clients (sales).

As the video by Doctor Andy Galpin said, “ THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.” That couldn't be more CHARLIE. He is the walking, breathing, 100% EVERYTHING in my book, How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer

If you want to turn your passion for fitness into a career, listen, follow, replicate, CHARLIE. Certification companies don't give a rats ass about your success, they just want you to buy the next trendy certification like NASM-CES, ISSA CES, ACE, FMS – they are all the same, just pieces of paper. If you want to become a successful personal trainer& look to HELP NICK (THE BOOK) as Charlie did&.

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