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How to get hired at Equinox / Lifetime Fitness / Crunch / 24-hour fitness

Feb 15, 2022


How to get hired at Equinox / Lifetime Fitness / Crunch / 24-hour fitness

Curse the darkness or light a candle? Bemoan the calm seas or build a motor? We WILL our purpose into existence. We CHOOSE to be heroes. And if we don't, it's on US! – Courage is Calling Ryan Holiday

Show Up Fitness has helped over 100-trainers get hired JUST AT EQUINOX since 2018 (29-since June 2021.) If you want to start your career at a corporate gym like Equinox, Lifetime Fitness or similar, let Show Up Fitness help you.

How to get hired at Equinox: Resume

Fitness resumes are 1-page highlighting your work and life experiences. Here is an example from an intern who got hired and within 90-days of his “ramping” term, become full-time. In my book, How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer, chapter 5 pg.103 has all of the information on resumes, interviews and how to get hired.

You do not need a certification to become a personal trainer. 90% of certified personal trainers quit within 12-months of getting hired at a gym. The current system is flawed due to the easy route of getting certified. At Show Up Fitness, we will teach you about all the popular certifications ranging from: NSCA, ACSM, NASM, ISSA and ACE. Our interns are more qualified than any certified personal trainer who attempts to be hired at one of the big four corporate gyms due to an extraordinary foundation in movement, anatomy, programming, nutrition and how to perform the assessment. By NO means are we alluding to fabricating or lying on your resume; hands-on learning is superior to any certification.

How to get hired at Equinox: Interview

Your resume is the ticket into the first interview. Once you pass the eye test (which usually is 7-10-seconds according to most recruiters and INDEED) you'll need to HELP NICK (acronym used in THE BOOK.) One of the most important tenets within HELP NICK is being, “Concocky” – very confident, borderline cocky. Fitness managers want someone who will be able to walk the gym floor, SMILE, shake hands, and present yourself as the mayor of the gym. The moment you show insecurities or lack self confidence, they will move onto the next candidate. How do you build confidence? Guided supervision & an exemplary skill set within programming and anatomy. Listen to the story of Charlie below. He was NASM certified and denied the job at Lifetime Fitness in Las Vegas. After listening to an Instagram from Dr. John Rusin and I, Charlie committed to the 2-month internship program in San Diego. His confidence was established by learning how to program and own the gym floor. He reapplied to the same Lifetime Fitness and half-way into the interview, the manager stopped him and said, “You're Hired. What changed?” Charlie smiled and said, “I showed up!”

Common interview questions that you will be asked:

– What are your strengths and weaknesses? Learn more about your SWOT or SWIFT analysis here. Your weaknesses are actual strengths i.e. I tend to overwork when I am passionate about something. I learned to dedicate one day per week to detach, read, and optimize my mental health. Do not spend much time on weaknesses & think of a few so you don't repeat someone elses.

– Know everything about the company. Equinox was established in 1991 Upper West Side Manhattan. As of 2022, there are 106 gyms worldwide, 1 hotel and aggressive expansion plans for over 200-gyms by 2030. The FMS is the Functional Movement Screen founded by Gray Cook & Lee Burton and Precision Nutrition is the certification that you need to attain to become a Tier 3+ trainer.

– Do not mention anything about part-time, Equinox & Lifetime hate part-time trainers.

– People who you follow (choose education-based trainers, not influencers i.e. Bret Contreras over a Gymshark ambassador like Steve Cook.)

– Talk to me about a time when you were faced with a difficult client and how did you put out the flame? PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

– Talk to me about a time where you had to work together with someone else to accomplish a difficult task?

– What is your style of training? I program off of the core movement patterns and regress / progress pending on the assessment and the client's goals.

– Are you intimidated by sales? NO. Anything that I am not great at, I challenge myself to rise above and become better, not bitter.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, after the interview, the management will ask if YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FOR THEM. The answer is ALWAYS YES:

– Can you tell me the fastest that you've seen an onboarding trainer go from zero clients to full time? I would like to know the time I need to beat.

– With the aggressive expansion plans that Equinox has (over 200-gyms and luxury hotels by 2030) what would be some aggressive goals for me to have to be within the company by then?

– Who is your best trainer and how do you feel about shadowing sessions and paying them to tutor me?

– Can you tell me a character trait that you have developed from working here that you didn't have before?

– What is your style of training and how is that different from the other trainers?

– Why should I work at Equinox over Lifetime Fitness or vice versa?

Once the interview has ended, they will get back to you within 3-5 business days. LISTEN CLOSELY. That means they may not get back to you for 10-days- THAT'S OK. Apply to other gyms and keep your options open. Send them a follow up email 24-48 hours afterwards. “Hello PERSON X. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview for your awesome brand! I am excited about the future and thank you for your time. Chris – The trainer with the Blue Shirt & belt buckle


– Do not show up late.

– Ask stupid questions – there are a ton. If there is any doubt it may be stupid, don't ask it.

– Have too much cologne / perfume OR the opposite – body odor.

– Wear appropriate attire: Guys be in a suit; ladies keep the girls tucked away.

– Not have a resume or two handy.

– Ask about money (they will bring this up in future interviews.)

– Speak quietly & avoid eye contact.

– Have a weak-ass handshake. Shake 10-people's hands, you'll find out shortly if you do.

– Talk too much or not listen to the questions.

– Nervous jitters (pacing or constantly touching yourself)

Once you do get hired, don't forget to reach out to tell everyone that Show Up Fitness helped you get hired and when people ask you about HOW TO BECOME A TRAINER IN 2022, have them READ THE BOOK! Remember, we have a commission for anyone who signs up for the online internship Don't forget to get to one of our seminars SEMINAR SCHEDULES HERE.

Below is a class field trip to Equinox to learn about EFTI and the life of a trainer at one of the most luxurious fitness facilities in the world. If you want to become a trainer, Show Up Fitness Los Angeles, San Diego, Austin AND Online will help you get hired.

Notable trainers who began their career at Equinox:

Marc Megna – Owner of Anatomy gyms in Florida. I interviewed him in my book How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer. Men's Journal has a great write up on him and his career HERE.

David OteyMen's Health advisory board & instructor for John Rusin's PPSC.

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