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How to pass ACE-CPT in 2023: Ch.3 Basics of Behavior Change

Dec 31, 2022



in 30-days

Ch.3 Basics of

Behavior Change



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Show Up Fitness has helped over 3,000 people pass ACE-CPT & NASM-CPT. The most common response back after passing a textbook certification is, “What do I do now? I am certified, but don't feel qualified.” This is why 90% of textbook trainers quit within 12-months of getting certified. Think about it for a second. How does reading a textbook prepare you for a career that requires hands-on interaction? How are you going to learn how to program from a textbook if you cannot ask questions?

If you cannot get a refund within 30-days of your ACE purchase, Show Up Fitness can help you pass in less than 30-days with our study guide, live calls, videos on-demand and our APP. Once you pass, SUF-CPT will help you become a qualified personal trainer. SUF-CPT has a money back guarantee that you will learn more in two months than ANY TEXTBOOK CERTIFICATION.

With that being said, here's how you can pass pass the American Council on Exercise (ACE-CPT) – The Exercise Professional's Guide to Personal Training – focus on the following chapters: 3, 7, 9-11 & 15.

Everything to know in Chapter 3: Basics of Behavior Change

– Self Determination Theory: Creating an environment that supports intrinsic motivation via autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

Stages of change:

Precontemplation = no plan to exercise & inactive.

Contemplation = planning to exercise in 6-months.

Preparation = Exercises, but not regularly and very inconsistent.

Action = Exercising regularly, but not for 6-months

Maintenance = 6+ months of exercise.

Termination = never going back to the old ways of not exercising.

SMART GOALS = Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely.

ABC approach = Ask questions, Breakdown barriers, Collaborate.

Example of ACE-CPT test questions

1- You just checked your client Abe's blood pressure and it's high. You've then discussed hypertension and gave him some better options for his food intake, what part of the health belief model have you discussed:

A- Perceived Susceptibility B- Hypertension C- Hypotension D- Precontemplation

2- What is the MINIMUM amount of CEU's required for an ACE-certified professional to receive within 2-years?
A- 1-hour
B- 13-hours
C- 20-hours
D- 25 hours

3- Your client just started working out but hasn't been doing it for 6-months, what stage if change are they in? A- Precontemplation B- Contemplation C- Preparation D- Action

4- Which of the following is the correct stage of change for someone who doesn't exercise but is thinking about becoming more active in the next 6-months?A- Action B- Maintenance C- Contemplation

D- Precontemplation

5- What stage is someone in if they are looking for a workout partner?
A- Contemplation B- Preparation C- Action D- Maintenance

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