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Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 4/25/2021

Apr 25, 2021


Top Fitness Posts, SWOT & Challenges 4/25/2021


Every week Show Up Fitness will highlight the top posts from INSTAGRAM for aspiring trainers, certified trainers, strength coaches, and fitness enthusiasts. These are great people to follow with the CLOWNS and TINKERBELLS, NOT SO MUCH. Our goal at Show Up Fitness is to change the fitness industry. There's so much malarkey, who should you listen to and follow? We're starting a weekly thread to help you weed out influencers (CRAP) from the fitness professionals (the GREAT!) Let us begin with the Top Fitness Posts on Instagram:

Top 2 Fitness Posts on Instagram:

TONY GENTILCORE: Tony will be teaching our Corrective Exercise 2-month series beginning May 5th. You can reserve your spot here by emailing SHOW UP FITNESS HERE

Tony G.jpg

Tony is one smart cookie. His WEBSITE offers so much great free content. He challenges conventional thinking on the assessment? NASM and the Overhead Squat? Functional Movement Screen (FMS)? While the intent from the founders was solid, trainers today tend to use movement screens as a way to create fear so they can “break them down in order to build up.” If someone wants to get better at basketball, wouldn't you just watch them shoot for 3-5 minutes and then progress? If there's pain, sure, a movement screen (shoulder flexion, Hip Scour test etc) may help (or refer out to your Physical Therapist.) Otherwise, if a client wants to grow an ass or get a jacked upper body, watch how they perform the movement patterns and progressively overload (Squat, Push, Hinge, Pull, Unilateral, etc.)

BRAD SCHOENFELD is one of the leading scientists in the world when it comes to muscular hypertrophy. You can learn from his website HERE and we highly suggest reading his article Mechanisms of Hypertrophy which is one of the leading cited journal articles within movement EVER.


We need more STD's (metabolic stress, mechanic tension & muscular damage) but remember, VFI is KING for hypertrophy (Volume, Frequency & Intensity.) Milo of Croton and Progressive Overload is where it all began (How to Become A Successful Personal Trainer) but there's more to overload than just slapping on more 45's. I recently had a Zoom call with Brad and I'm proud to say that we both have been blocked by the CEO of BOSU (David Weck) for challenging his fuckary.

Top 2 Nutrition Posts

ALAN ARAGON has battled some of the biggest clowns in the industry and absolutely destroyed them with&.SCIENCE. If you haven't checked out his monthly research review, you're missing out!


At the end of the day, it's Calories IN vs Calories OUT so we can't blame our obesity epidemic on carbs / insulin hypothesis like Gary Taubes. If you want to learn more about Show Up Fitness and our Body Mass Equation, check out our daily live videos HERE

LAYNE NORTON – Is one of the leading nutritional scientists in the world. His Youtube is STACKED with awesome content, author of Fat Loss Forever, and his Carbon App are all worth investing some of your time into.


Low carb, high fat, carnivore – WHATEVER you choose to subscribe to WILL work if you create a caloric deficit. It's a hard pill to swallow as there is NO MAGICAL PILL or DIET, it's about finding a sustainable plan for the individual. A student reached out this week about helping his fiancé lose some weight. I suggested weight training 3-4x AND THAT'S IT! Diets typically fail because they aren't sustainable for the individual long term. Diets fuck up the mindset, strength training improves it- do little things and set realistic expectations!

Top Strength & Conditioning Post

Brett Bartholomew If you haven't read Brett's book Conscious Coaching, you need to put that sucker into your amazon cart ASAP


I interviewed Brett in my book and it was without a doubt the most fascinating one. He sent me a 15-minute voice message detailing how to help personal trainers become successful. He didn't mention any fancy certification like NASM, ACE, ISSA, NSCA, or NESTA. He talks about hard work, investing into an internship and communication.

Clown of the Week: Overtimeszn thanks to Derrick Henry's Trainer / Post

Clown of the week.jpg

These exercises have been made popular due to a recent Derrick Henry video that went viral of him performing stability ball presses with 100-lb dumbbells and then choas push-ups with bands while standing on a stability ball. There's a fine line between BADASS & SMART vs STUPID. Why not do an exercise like this?

Is there still a degree of injury? You're damn right there is- these aren't easy! I LOVE challenging myself to see what I am capable of, but to have a client, or even worse, a 12.5 MILLION dollar athlete, is just STUPID. His trainer is not a fitness professional, he's an influencer taking the opportunity to gain more followers from a idiotic exercise.

Tinkerbell of the Week: Nicci Robinson – 500K + people now dumb because of your Tinkerbell Jumps


Book of the Week: Surrounded By Idiots by Thomas Erikson

Show Up Fitness Post of the Week:

Get Trained SHOW UP.jpg

Intern of the Week: Bailey from Virginia reviewing the 17-muscles of the shoulder.

Show Up Fitness SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)

Strengths Grew our online following from 220 to 256 (300 = a new SHOW UP FITNESS PLATFORM)

Weaknesses Blog Posts. We wanted to get 3-5 per week, we only got 1.

Opportunities Networking with gyms now that they're beginning to open back up. We will begin offering weekend seminars for FREE for 1-hour on Saturday's to help trainers with their knowledge, anatomy, and any case examples that we can help with.

Threats Lack of ubiquitousness. We need to get in front of more aspiring, certified trainers and gym owners.


I challenge ALL INTERNS (In-Person & ONLINE at Show Up Fitness) to get an assessment or personal training session as I did with the Physical Therapist in La Jolla. You don't need to go spend $175 for the session, but I want you to go out and learn about just how “saturated” the personal training industry is.

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