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Shoulder Anatomy: Serratus Anterior

Jul 31, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: “Serratus Anterior”

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One of my favorite muscles of the human body (next to the Sartorious) this muscle’s name comes from the it's saw-like appearance. Latin term “serra” meaning “saw.” This reference to a saw arises from the jagged anterior border of the muscle, which looks like the cutting-teeth of a saw.


Origin: Lateral surface of ribs 1-9.

Insertion: Anterior surface of vetebral border of scapula to inferior angle.

Action: Scapula protraction, upward rotation, depression, stabilizes scapula against chest wall, assists in forced exhalation


Common Injuries to Serratus Anterior:

Listen to our partners at The PreHab guys on how to help your SA&. “Serratus Anterior, which is also known as the “Big Swing Muscle” or “Boxer's muscle” due to its effectiveness of protracting the scapula. Not only does this muscle have a cool name, but it is also needed for a plethora of arm movements; weather open chain (punching/grabbing something out of the cabinet) or closed chain (pushups, planks, downward dogs, or handstands). Due to its large role in stabilizing the scapula, inadequate strength here is often the culprit of Scapula Winging. This article will demonstrate a few exercises to improve activation and control of this Scapula Stabilizer in open kinetic chain.”


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