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Shoulder Anatomy: Coracobrachialis

Jul 31, 2020


MUSCLE OF THE DAY: “Coracobrachialis”

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The coracobrachialis is a long and slender muscle located in the anterior compartment of the arm along with the biceps brachii and brachialis. The prefix coraco- comes from the Greek corax meaning “raven or crow.” The ancient anatomist Galen, when analyzing the anterior projection of the scapula (coracoid process), saw that it resembled a crow perched on a branch. Brachialis derives from the Latin brachium, meaning “arm.”


Origin(s) (proximal attachment): Coracoid process of the scapula.

Insertion(s) (distal attachment): Anteromedial surface of the humeral shaft.

Action(s): Adduction and flexion of the arm at the glenohumeral joint. Also, when the arm is abducted and extended, the coracobrachialis acts as a strong antagonist to the deltoid.

Common Injuries to the Coracobrachialis:

Common Injuries to Coracobrachialis: Coracobrachialis is susceptible to over-use and over-training due its function of flexing and adducting the arm. This will lead to tightening, shortening and the development of trigger points. Trigger points are defined as discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a tight band of skeletal muscle. Ouch! Symptoms commonly include pain through the arm and shoulder, and in some cases down through the forearm into the back of the hand. In other cases, the musculocutaneous nerve can become trapped causing arm weakness and nerve sensation in the forearm. Coracobrachialis tears and ruptures can occur but are extremely rare. Rest, stretching, shoulder mobility and shoulder complex strengthening work can relieve and prevent future issues. Do you want to BULLETPROOF your shoulders, so you do not have to deal with pain, tightness and nerve sensations? Check out the Shoulder

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