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How To Prevent Over - Eating

Jan 23, 2020


By Chelsey Rose

Uhhhh why do we eat until we can't stand sometimes? I DONT KNOW EITHERRRRRRRRR

Give me some popcorn at a movie theater and make sure you say BYE to it because it's gone forever once I get it. I'm also finding (kind of surprisingly) that MOST girls I talk to tell me that they usually over eat, and wish they wouldn't. Sometimes when it's a scheduled break time at school or work I've also noticed that we tend to overeat because we almost feel like we have to. Whether it's because it's the highlight of our day depending on how class or work is going or because we're forced to break early and won't be able to eat for the next 6 hours&(how do they make that legal&&.still wondering)

Other times we over eat simply because we're bored, or because we don't understand what our body is really telling us so instead, we just eat, thinking that it's telling us that it's hungry.

Other time we suffer from FOWLO&fear of wasted left overs, and save it and then end up eating it only because it's about to go bad&..God forbid it goes into the trash can, lets use our body as a trash can instead! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no.

Or how about those hangover hungers? I think pretty much everyone I know finds it acceptable to eat the world on hangover days. But filling yourself up with every piece of junk food isn't going to make you feel much better. Keep it to one cheat hangover meal.

I want to teach you about the times when you think you're hungry but you're not, and tips to seriously minimizing the meals you over eat!

1. Ever notice how sometimes you wake up and you're first thought is, whyyyyy the F am I soooo hungry already?? Well sometimes if we wake up too early or on too little of sleep, our bodies aren't done processing all the acids that it takes care of while we sleep. If we wake up in the middle of this it feels like we haven't eaten in 12 hours but it's actually just stomach acid. Let it pass.

2. At night when you're really tired do you notice that you also start to feel hungry – sweets specifically? When we force ourselves to stay awake our bodies start to reach for energy sources. Whats the fastest? Sugar. You don't have a random late night craving, you're just tired. When this happens to me I go for a glass of almond milk mixed with some alkalizing chocolate greens!

3. Eat Slow – when we eat too fast we don't give our bodies enough time to absorb all the nutrients which will eventually let us know that we are full. By the time we feel full, we've already stuffed down more food bringing on the SUUUUUPER FULL FEELING.

4. Go for Colored Plates and Bowls – Studies show that when we use colored plates and bowls we tend to grab less food.

5. Stand up – We tend to eat less when were not so comfortable. Standing up also gives us a sense of how long we've been eating. You can sit comfortably on a couch for 45 minutes eating chips but it's unlikely that you'll do the same standing.

6. Have A Craving? – Go for a 10 minute walk. Just try it, it works. Every time I wake up from a nap I CRAVVVVE something. I don't know why. I'm never actually hungry. So instead of falling into that trap I tell myself to get out of the house for 10 mins and 9 times out of 10 my weird nap craving goes away.

7. Eat Protein ! – This is major when it comes to preventing yourself from over eating. Protein actually sends a signal to our brains that we're full. Without it, were just eating machinas. I don't know about you but i could sit and eat an entire bag of chips if i wanted to – no prob byyyye&but imagine if each chip was a piece of sashimi&.You'll be full pronto.

8. Up Your Fiber Intake – This will get you full, and keep you full for longer without having the uncomfortable tooo full feeling.

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