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Five BodyWeight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

Nov 14, 2019


We have all been there, stuck in a hotel room after an unforeseen delayed flight or just a simple day where you don't want to head out of your home to the gym. Luckily for you, there are various bodyweight exercises that you can do to still get a quick workout in. Below, are five bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere!


You may have done squats with weights in hand or at a squat rack but by increasing the number of squats you do (20 instead of 5 squats with heavy weight) you will be able to give your legs a pretty great work out. Even better, you can do your squat sets while you watch TV, wait for your coffee to brew or get ready for the day.

Push Ups

Pushups are a very important exercise that you should be able to do. Pushups are also easily done in smaller spaces, all you need is an area that your full body length can fit into. If you are getting bored with regular push ups, switch it up and place your hands on an elevated surface or your feet. You also might play around with your hand placement, you can do wide grip pushups or close grip pushups, to give yourself an added challenge, either way, including pushups in your bodyweight workout will definitely give your shoulders a great work out!


Lunges are another great exercise and easily done with just your bodyweight. Lunges are also easily mixed up, you can do front lunges, reverse lunges or side lunges. If you are looking for an even better challenge, you can do an elevated lunge using a chair or bench. By putting your back leg on the elevated surface and going through the motion of the lunge you will be able to feel the burn a bit more than regular lunge.


Bridges will exercise your glute muscles and similar to lunges can be done in a variety of ways when using just your bodyweight. If a simple bridge exercise proves to be too easy for you, lift one leg and make it a single leg bridge or alternate lifting your legs while in the final bridge position

Burpee (With a Plank & Push-UP)

Burpees are met with many groans when announced in our gyms but they are a great bodyweight workout (if performed properly) that gets your heart rate up and your muscles working. By ending your bodyweight workout with three sets of ten burpees you'll be sure to feel the burn- doing any more than 10-defeats the purpose as mentioned in this video&

While a workout with weights is always recommended so you can make sure you are getting the most out of your effort, sometimes life gets in the way and you need to do a bodyweight workout. These five bodyweight exercises will not only be sure to get your heart rate up but will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on the day. For more workout recommendations or ways to improve your fitness game, follow @showupfitness on Instagram.

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