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Why We Chose San Diego For Our Next Gym

Aug 29, 2019


As part of my next blog, I wanted to take a moment to let our clients know why we chose San Diego for the next ShowUp Fitness Facility. Currently ShowUp Fitness has three gym facilities located in Dublin, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Due to the successes of these three gyms we were fortunate enough to be able to open a fourth; cue San Diego, CA. While thinking about where we wanted to open the fourth gym, we focused on the following three elements: city population, proximity to Los Angeles and the overall city culture towards fitness and personal training.

San Diego County's population as of 2019 is 3,325,468, with about 50,000 being residents of La Jolla. Our new facility will sit in the center of La Jolla at 1020 Prospect Street, a few blocks from the beautiful La Jolla Cove. Within the seven miles that make up La Jolla, California, our team felt we would be able to make an impact on a city that is already well-versed in personal fitness. When walking through the local streets we were able to witness first-hand the passion for fitness that overwhelms San Diego. The incredible crowds of cyclists that you see Saturday morning on the Pacific Coast Highway, runners around Pacific Beach or hikers in Del Mar demonstrate the fact that fitness is part of the San Diego culture. At ShowUp Fitness, we relate to this idea that fitness should be part of our daily schedule and due to the variation in fitness preference here we felt that our facility will fit in seamlessly. While our competition may just want to help folks looking to lose weight fast for a wedding or event, we hope to catch the attention of the folks wanting to make fitness a part of their everyday.

As we continue to expand the ShowUp Fitness footprint we want to make sure we are choosing cities and areas that view personal training and fitness similar to how we do. To read more about ShowUp Fitness's new facility in La Jolla, check out our article in La Jolla Village News or send us a message with any questions you may have! We are so excited about this next step and hope to see you at ShowUp Fitness San Diego very soon!

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