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Simple Food Swaps For Everyday Scenarios

Aug 27, 2019


Simple Food Swaps For Everyday Scenarios

While the mass majority of our blog at Show Up Fitness focuses on strength training and strength training exercises, a major player to healthy and fit lifestyle is diet. I will never be one of those personal trainers to back one specific diet, rather I believe the way to achieve a diet that works for your lifestyle, is to slowly incorporate healthier eating habits. The average American consumes over 2,500 calories. If you're eating 3-meals a day, a simple strategy is to strive for 18/21 meals being protein, fruits, and vegetables. 3/21 meals can be the ones that you enjoy (but don't go cra cra.) Below are simple ways to begin to train your brain to choose healthier.

Black Coffee vs. Latte

Black coffee = ~0 calories / Latte = 200-500 calories (depending on size.) Getting a simple black coffee versus a milky, frothy latte with sugary syrup may seem boring but it also saves you a lot of calories at the very start of your day. Even if you like your black coffee with a bit of cream and sugar, the calories are still about half of what those would be from the latte. So, next time you are getting your coffee fix try swapping out your vanilla latte with extra foam, for a simple black coffee and feel free to add some cream and sugar. You might also enjoy the spare change you find in your pocket from this simple switch!

Salad vs. French Fries

I am a self-proclaimed french fry lover (with RANCH) but this swap seems to be pretty self-explanatory. A basket or side of fries could be as much as 400 calories while a simple side salad is as little as 20. Even if you make this swap three out of four times, versus all four times, it will help rewire your brain to make healthier choices while still giving yourself a bit of a cheat day so you don't go crazy. On the day when you do decide to get that side of fries, just be sure to lift a little heavier.

Burger (no bun) and veggies = less than 400 calories. Add in some wine or your favorite drink- you'll still be significantly below the 1,000+ calories burger and fry combo.

Lettuce Wrap vs Hamburger Bun

I would argue that this swap almost makes the meal better. A hamburger bun is around 200 calories while a lettuce wrap is about 10. I believe that a lettuce wrap condenses the meat and other toppings in such a way, that you are more likely to enjoy the taste and combinations of flavor, than you would with a large hamburger bun getting in the way.

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Side of Veggies vs Rice

No matter if it is white or brown, the caloric intake is still about 200 calories for a side of rice. A bowl of cooked vegetables is about 25 calories and gives you an array of flavors that a simple side of rice would not!

At ShowUp Fitness our motto is to WIN THE WEEK with your workouts (lift weights 4/7 days), and 18/21 of your meals should be protein, fruit and vegetables. This means making small changes to our diet and habits by limiting specific foods, depending on the outcome you'd like for your fitness journey. Regardless, studies have shown that diet has a large effect on our physical fitness and mental health and these simple swaps will help you train your brain to think healthier and put food in your body that nurtures you! To learn about some more simple swaps, follow us on Instagram where your founder Chris posts these weekly!

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