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Four Tips on How To Pass The NASM-CPT

Oct 29, 2019


Four Tips on How To Pass The NASM-CPT

If you are looking to further your career in personal training you probably think you need a certification. Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth. The fitness industry is extremely unregulated and corporate gyms set the precedent that you need a certification (this isn't true.) As stated in the NASM 6th edition,

Currently there are no government regulations that require personal trainers to earn a certification or college degree. NASM page 552.

MOST gyms will claim that you need a personal training certification that shows you have studied to be a personal trainer. SO, if you need that piece of paper, SHOW UP FITNESS can help. As a teacher for NASM at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) for over 7-years, Chris Hitchko learned the NASM textbook (4th edition, 5th edition, and now 6th edition) like back of his belt buckle (#BELTBUCKLETUESDAY.) He has helped hundreds of students pass the NASM-CPT and from his tenure, was able to develop a STUDY GUIDE that hasn't had a single person fail the NASM-CPT yet! If you're looking to become a certified personal trainer, let Show Up Fitness help you pass NASM as it's the easiest certification to attain.

There are many different options for a personal training certification but NASM has long since outranked the others as the best to get in order to be viewed as a professional in the industry (my guess is that they're a profit organization with a lot more money to invest into marketing than the other associations who generally invest back into science.) So as a bit of a pre-lude to the infamous Show Up Fitness Study Guide for NASM, here are four tips on how to pass the NASM Certification:

PASS the NASM-CPT with Show Up Fitness Study Guide.

Tip #1

Read chapters 6,7 and 14. I have taught the NASM certification course for years and the exams are 60-70% focused on these three chapters. If you take the time to read and understand these chapters you will find that you will know what is on the majority of these exams.

Tip #2

Memorize page 196 chapter 7. This means you should be able to recite the entire page without looking. The information on this page is critical to understanding and therefore passing the NASM exams.


Tip #3

Don't pay much attention to chapter 11,12, and/or 17. They want you to take more of their certifications which YOU DO NOT NEED. This tip is imperative to your success and respect in the industry of personal training. The reality is that NASM and any other personal training certification program is looking to make money. The way they do this is by making you believe you need more certifications to be a better trainer- but you do not. The certifications they are trying to get you to buy/take are generally not very respectable amongst fitness professionals.

Tip #4

Purchase the ShowUp Fitness NASM Certification study guide and pass the course!

For $69.00 you will get all the tips on how to pass the NASM exam and maybe even learn a bit! We have long since gotten rave reviews about our study guide and have yet to have a student fail that used it. If you are looking for more information on what the study guide holds or about ShowUp Fitness in general, head here and send us a note!

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