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How to Build a Booty

Apr 13, 2016


Guys want big arms, girls want an ass. Whether it be from J-Low, The Kardashian's, or Brazil, asses are like hipsters- they're the new cool. For a moment, it seemed like every girl under the sun was scheduling a breast augmentation, but times have changed. The sad thing is, girls are getting ASS IMPLANTS instead of working hard to develop them. Let's clear the air real quick, asses can be built, BUT it takes time. I'm going to teach you how to build a booty.

I'm not talking about uncool venereal diseases like Ghonerea and herpes. STD is an acronym that I created which represents the perfect equation for hypertrophy developed by Dr. Brad Schoenfeld: Stress (the burn during a set), Tension (how much weight you're using), and Damage (total volume during the workout). If you implement a plan that incorporates these three principles for hypertrophy, you'll begin to build a booty – I GUARANTEE IT.

How often do you perform burn out sets during your workouts? I'm talking about 30-50 reps or til you get a burn that makes you want to yack? Probably not that often because it's difficult, and it sucks. I've found when it comes to putting in hard work, people stray away from it. Metabolic stress is a combination of what Arnold called THE PUMP aka cell swelling, hypoxia (lack of oxygen supplied to the muscles- hence why blood flow restriction training works, it prevents blood from escaping), and metabolic byproducts e.g. lactate. If you want to build your booty, at the end of your workout, perform 1-2 sets of 30-50 reps or 10 reps PAST the burn. I have our booty girls do one multi-jointed exercise like Hip Thrusts and a single jointed exercise like clams until their ass catches fire.

To maximize tension, heavier loads need to be applied to the muscles. “Heavier” is a relative term. I had a client bitch the other day about 25's being “heavy” during a Hip Thrust, yet they were able of performing 15 reps. 15 reps is the equivalent of 65% of what the bodies capable of performing. In my opinion, heavy is less than 10 reps and usually until failure. The following is the NSCA's 1 repetition maximum (RM) chart: 1= 100%, 4= 90%, 6= 85%, 8= 80%, 10= 75%, 12= 70%, 15= 65%.

The booty girls that I train will perform one core lift to begin the workout (Squats, Hip Thrusts, Deadlifts, or Bulgarians) with the greatest amount of weight. Instead of playing favorites and picking a favorite rep number, I have them perform a variety of rep schemes within one big-ass pyramid set: set 1= 15 reps, set 2= 10 reps, set 3= 6 reps, set 4= 3 reps, set 5= 8 reps, set 6= 12 reps, set 7= 25 reps.

Damage sounds bad, but it's not. Microscopic tears within the muscle fiber and bone are how we become stronger. There are numerous ways to cause muscular damage e.g. new exercises or movements, slowing down the negative portion of the lift (eccentrics), time under tension (the total time eccentrically, isometrically, and concentrically that the muscle is under tension), and total volume. The more damage that we create, the greater the muscular signaling for repair will be. Mind you, soreness isn't the best indicator of a good workout.I want you to find a volume that your body accepts. Not being able to get up the next morning because you're too sore isn't the purpose. For a beginner, 2-4 sets and 1-2 exercises per muscle group should be fine. As you develop into a more advanced lifter, 20+ sets a week is optimal. If you're not sore the next two days, increase the volume (sets x reps) by 10%. So if you did 3 sets of 10 and weren't sore, the next workout do 4 sets of 10. FIND YOUR BALANCE! Here are some methods that our booty transformation girls use: TUT sets at the end of an exercise, 110-120% heavy eccentrics (add weight over your 1rm), and 45-75 second sets. how toWithin the workout: 1 set of Hip Thrusts for 60 seconds, 1 set of Nordic Hamstring Curls, and 1 set of eccentric pistol squats.

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*Hip Thrusts x 7 (Tension & Damage) Long Rest
s1= 10 reps, s2= 6-8 reps, s3= 4-6 reps, s4= 2-4 reps, s5= 4-6 reps, s6= 6-8, s7= 10-12 reps
*Goblet Squats & *RDL's (compound set) x 4 (Stress, Tension and Damage) Moderate Rest
s1= 8 reps each, s2= 6 reps each, s3= 10 reps each, s4= 15 reps each (GET A BURN)
Nordic Hamstring Curls & Clams (compound set) x 2 (Stress, and Damage) Mod/short rest
s1(NHC)= 3-5 reps; 20 clams, s2(NHC)= 3-5 reps; 20 clams
Hip Thrust x 2 sets (STRESS) Short rest
s1= 25-50 reps, s2= 25-50 reps
*In my opinion, Hip Thrusts, Squats, Deadlifts, Jumps, and Sprints need to be a part of a booty program. Overload the hell out of them weekly (75-95%), and they'll grow.

Check out our booty transformation classes at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica. Mention this article and your first class will be free (regularly $25/class or $200 for 10).

Check out our booty transformation classes at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica. Mention this article and your first class will be free (regularly $25/class or $200 for 10).

Patience is a virtue. I know you want to build a booty, but it takes time. Your ass is like a plant, it's going to take time to grow. If you were to train your glutes 3+ days a week for three months, you'll start noticing small changes; six months to a year and you'll notice significant changes. Looking at your ass every day in the mirror is only going to make you go crazy. The proper equation to build a booty is to SHOW UP, win the week, and get some STD's!

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