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Where You At 2016 - Get Your Mind Right

Apr 06, 2016


I have two chapters remaining in my second book. The most recent chapter that I finished was about psychology. It's been three months since those nasty New Year's Resolutions have been made and I'm here today to see how well you've been doing with yours. What ARE your goals for 2016? What are some factors that have held you back from achieving these goals? Two of my goals were to finish my book and to hit 16k monthly for Show Up Fitness. I didn't finish my book, and ever since our website redo, our lead generation has taken a big poo-poo. I must be a pile of shit because I haven't fulfilled my biggest challenges for this year. I also wanted to read a book a week- that hasn't happened either. Am I going to crawl into a hole and throw a pity party? No Sir. I'm going to go back to the drawing board to learn from my actions. After I come up with an action plan, I'm going to continue with what I set out to do- be significant. I feel that people give up too easily because their goals are not measurable and when push comes to shove, there's no action. A new concept that I talk about in the new version of The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II, are the six codes to live by:
1. Positive F*&%$#@ Mindset (PFM), 2. Win the Week, 3. Show Up, 4. Fix your S.P.I.N.E., 5. Time Management, 6. Be Human

If you're lost, start by implementing #5- Time Management. I want you to write out what you originally set out to do in 2016, what hurdles have been presented, and actions you can take to achieve them. More importantly, I feel that you owe it to yourself to be held accountable for something that you said you're going to do. Don't be that person who constantly says, “I'm going to do something with my life” and end up wasting another year, and our time.

Goal: Finish The VTD: II
Hurdle: Work & too much play
Action: Wake up at 4:30am 5x a week
PlanTo Be Completed By: April 30th rewrite will be done. Next TODO / hire editor.

Goal: Show Up 16k rev.
Hurdle: Website redesign screw up
Action: Hire an account manager & sit down with an engineer / SEO
PlanTo Be Completed By: 4-10

Goal: Read a book a week
Hurdle: Enter common excuse
Action: Read 30 min 5-530am & 30 min 830-9pm daily
Plan To Be Completed By: Find 3 books I can read within the next month

As I told my trainers in a recent meeting, this is an exciting time for Show Up Fitness because we've been knocked down. Successful people define themselves during these times of “misfortune” (Is it really misfortune, or an opportunity to SHOW UP and be awesome?) It's only failure if you give up, and I'll never give up. I'll leave you with this image. What do you see? A dot in the middle of the paper (negative mindset)? Or a ton of white space around a tiny dot (positive mindset)?
Your time is now to make 2016 great; Be Significant.

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