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Pithy Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Why Aren't You Awesome?

Sep 23, 2015


Pithy Words of Wisdom Wednesday, quite the tongue twister eh? For you scholars, pithy means concise. Weekly, I'm challenging myself to sit down and write a few paragraphs challenging clients, students, and all humans, to be better. Do you remember those SUPER fun days in High School when you had five minutes to write whatever the hell you wanted? It was mostly incoherent hogwash, but still inspiring your mind to be creative. I'M BRINGNING THAT S&%# BACK! I'll begin with this, HOW TO BE AWESOME; identifying weaknesses. Weakness number 1: Procrastination.

I know you have a passive inner voice that dauntingly whispers into your ear, “Why can't I look like him/her? I want to be like Amber / Jake because they're happy, in shape, make more, or better looking than I am.” The people you're “admiring” are probably just as insecure as you are. If you want to be awesome, it's 100% up to numero uno (that means pigs tail in Spanish) to transform that insecurity into awesomeness. You're not going to get it handed to you. The person who has what you want, worked for it, and SHOWED UP daily. We're all given 24 hours in a day. The reason that you are where you are, is because you're scared of failing, so you procrastinate. At the end of the day, that's why you're not awesome isn't it? You procrastinate because it's easy and in your comfort zone. Looking at Jaime B's cat Mr. Poo Poo Face in a blender on IG is mindless (OK, maybe it's a little funny, I know.) Formulating an action plan to be awesome, is SCARY! In the morning, you push the snooze button because it's the easy way out of things, isn't it? I call snoozing the “I'm scared to be awesome today” button. Stop wasting time and go to bed at a decent hour, and wake up early to be significant.

Your steps to be awesome TODAY:
NO MORE snoozing. Limit FB/IG/SC/TW to the time between your working sets in the gym. Spark the creative side in your brain by reading, and writing more. Start asking people questions (Is it me, or is it that in conversations today, people wait in anticipation only to talk about themselves?) Stop talking about your ideas because no one cares. It may be a great idea, but IN THE PAST, you've never followed through. TODAY, I WANT TO SEE ACTION. The choice is yours. SHOW UP, or please, SHUT UP.

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