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Maaahhhhhh THE PROTEIN #2: What Should I Eat?

Sep 21, 2015


If you were too lazy to read the last protein article, let's summarize:
1. You're lazy. Protein has many benefits other than building muscle i.e. longer to digest (burning more kcals), bridges micronutrient deficiencies which mitigates binging, and optimizes hair, skin, and nails.
2. Weight multiplied by body fat (150lb female X 30% BF)

  1. a. This gives your body fat in pounds (150 x .30 = 45lbs of fat). Now subtract from total mass 150lbs – 45lbs = 105lbs of Fat Free Mass OR
  2. b. You can multiply by the inverse to give you FFM i.e. 150 x .70 = 105FFM

3. Take FFM and divide by 2.2 (1 kilogram = 2.2lbs, THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE) i.e. 105 / 2.2 = 47.7 FFM in kg.
4. Multiple FFM in kg by 2.3g – 3.1g (Helms et. All 2013)to give optimal amount of protein to consume for fat loss i.e. 47.7 x 3.1 roughly 150g of protein a day on a workout day

  1. I like to also multiply by the lower multiplier for non-workout days i.e. 47.7 x 2.3 = 110g of protein.

Now that we've concluded that you're probably under-eating (especially when it comes to your protein concerns) let's find out some good protein sources to help get you on the path to undo your inner heifer (a client recently said this word, and I loved it. Therefore it's 100% PC to use.)

Animal Proteins:
Steak 23g 3oz
Chicken / Turkey 24g 3oz
Fish (Salmon, Halibut, Tuna) 23g 3 oz
Pork 41g 5oz
Eggs 6g / 1 egg
Greek Yogurt 23g 8oz
Cottage Cheese 14g 1/2 cup
Beef Jerkey 13g 1oz
Cheese 9g 1 oz

Non-Animal Proteins:
Black Beans 10g 1/2 cup
Brown Rice 1 cup 5g
1 sweet potato 2g
Almond Butter 8g 2oz
Tofu 12g 3oz
Edamame 8g 1/2 cup
Quinoa 8g 1 cup
Nuts and Seeds (Pumpkin, Squash, Sunflower, Hemp) 9g 1oz
Chickpeas (Garbanza beans) 1/2 cup 20g
Tempeh (made from soy beans) 1/2 cup 15g
Vegetables: 1 cup Broccoli 2.6g, 1 cup of asparagus 4.2g, 1/2 head of cauliflower 5.5g, 1 cup Brussle Sprouts 3g.

Easy Snacks:
Meat Roll Up – 2 slices of deli meat wrapped around a piece of cheese – 15g
Egg Scramble – 3 eggs, asparagus, cheese, – 30g
Cottage Cheese with fruits & Pumpkin seeds – 23g
Chris's Infamous Peanut Butter, Chicken, and Honey Sandwich – 40g
1 can of tuna with mustard – 25
Take home message& EAT MORE PROTEIN!!!

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