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Start Your New Year's Resolution NOW

Dec 03, 2012


11 months into the New Year and we're less than 30 days from making “another New Year's Resolution (NYR).” Were you able to implement any of the ideas suggested in my articles to help you achieve your healthiest year on this planet? It's said that it takes 21 days to establish a habit and the average person stops their NYR within 19 – Ouch! A recent study just came out and America is decreasing our medical costs and obesity rate by almost 3 fold! HAHAHA, totally kidding, we are still poor and super fat. We need to make a change NOW. I will be willing to bet that your physical fitness routine has deteriorated significantly since the beginning weeks of 2012. I am not going to provide a pity party for you or offer many words of encouragement. You made a conscious decision to keep within your comfort zone -being overweight and lazy! The truth hurts people, sorry. If you want me to jump up and down and tell you it's all going to be alright, no way Mikey and Mindy!

The rest of 2012 and 2013 is going to be the year of tough love. Let's stop our whining and ShowUp! Take a look at last year's article (ABC's to a healthy 2012) and let's start today – ShowUp Fitness' New Year's Resolution (but in December). It doesn't sound as catchy, but I am going to give you ‘all the keys to end the year with a bang and enter 2013 with a slimmer waist line. Here is your challenge for the remainder of the year.
1. Start eating breakfast every day. A piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, an apple with almond butter, oatmeal with egg whites, a banana and yogurt or even a glass of milk will suffice for now. Just eat breakfast!
2. *Begin exercising 4-5 days a week. Shut it, no excuses, just start doing it. I will even allow you to say 60 minutes of walking counts! We need to begin exercising more days then we are taking off, i.e. exercising 4 days and resting for 3. 3 days is the bare minimum. Are we going to settle for subpar? Would you marry subpar? Hell no, up the ante and aim for 5. We are reachers people, not settlers. * see workout below
3. Start drinking more water. Aim for half your body weight in water. The goal here isn't to up your visits to the bathroom. We just need to start drinking more water. Benefits of water include: more energy, less headaches, less aches and pains along with weight loss.

These are three simple rules. Follow them and I will guarantee a successful intro for 2013 because we will have created a habit. Don't fret all the candy boxes, holiday parties and binges that are going to present themselves during the Holiday's – Have fun and enjoy them! I will be drinking a ton of apple cider with rum; that stuff just goes down so easily!

*Try doing the following exercises 4 times a week in a circuit fashion. Aim for 3 cycles per day resting when needed:
Step Ups (use any chair and step up 10x per leg then switch)
Body weight Squats (use the same chair and sit down in it 20 times)
Push-ups (go all the way down to the ground 10-20 times)
30 seconds of jumping jacks
Floor Bridges ( see right: 10 reps; to make these harder, put one foot in the air and do 10 reps per leg)
Planks (15 seconds then stretch in a child's pose for 10 seconds and repeat X3; 45 seconds of planking)

Keep your eyes open for a glimpse at my new book that will be a New York Times best seller; The Vulgar Truth Diet. Until then, spread the wonderful Xmas spirit, keep smiling, enjoy the Holidays, Watch Christmas Vacation and most importantly, ShowUp!

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