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Nutrition 101: Part 2

Nov 16, 2012


I hope ya'all liked the first part of my Nutrition 101 article. Hopefully you were able to implement some of those tricks this past week. Now lets dive a little deeper and talk about junk food and some girl talk&

Junk Food
You can live without the donut holes, scones and muffins with your coffee every morning, trust me! We all have those cheat foods that we could probably cut down on or even out! Chips are definitely a slippery slope for many. You think that they're any better than a snickers bar? NOPE! Average bag of Doritos is about 250 calories, over 100 calories just from fat. Don't get me wrong, I could suck off the seasoning from a cooler ranch chip any day but trust me, you'll pay for it. A snickers bar on average is about 280 calories, not much of a difference. Make a habit of visiting that vending machine at work and you could gain as much as 25lbs by the end of the year just from those chips alone. Add in a few of those late night visits to Taco Bell and you're on the path to dimple town USA!

MEN, cover your eyes& PERIOD TALK (seriously guys, skip this part, I did – Chris.) Ladies, I know that time of the month can really suck and the only thing that'll make you happy is your favorite chocolate bar. Sadly, you experience this craving every single month; the chocolate has no sympathy for you and your thighs. If you keep bingeing every month, you'll soon be complaining about love handles, butterfly arms and spare-tires.

I do believe that everything is okay in moderation, so if you need to have that little treat once in a while, go for it. As you continue to create a healthy eating pattern your cravings will actually become less extreme and possibly fade away all together. Processed food is modified to make you want it. Companies know you will become an addict. The neat thing is that you can train your body to want the good stuff and it will surely thank you in return. So indulge and have 1-2 pieces of chocolate, just not 10 piggy.

The beginning is always the hardest, but get the ball rolling today and you will not want to go back to your old ways. I think we all can agree that sexy abs and small waists sound good to everyone!

In the end, your results will be maximized in the gym when you fix your nutrition. You can suppress your cravings by drinking more water, eating more fruits, vegetables and sparingly throughout the day. Eating every 2-3 hours will stabilize your hormone levels. I hope you enjoyed my articles! – Lindsey Fox

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