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What is the Show Up Fitness CPT?

Back in 2012, Chris Hitchko, the founder of Show Up Fitness saw that there was a huge deficit in the fitness industry. Trainers were getting certified but were not being armed with the tools to run a sustainable and prosperous personal training business. So, he came up with The Show Up Fitness Certification (SUF-CPT). The Show Up Fitness CPT teaches trainers how to program, anatomy, and nutrition and build a business with daily live calls that are recorded and ON-DEMAND within our APP. If you want to become a successful personal trainer in 2023, SHOW UP FITNESS CPT is the best fitness certification in the world.

How does the CPT vs internship work?

Upon completion of the two-month internship in-person OR online, every intern is ready to test for the Show Up Fitness CPT. The in-person internship has daily classes in West Hollywood and La Jolla learning the proper techniques, working out daily and programming. Classes are 90-minutes Mon-Fri at 10am. If you cannot make it to Los Angeles or San Diego, our online CPT has daily live calls with instructors via zoom which are then recorded and placed on-demand within the Show Up Fitness APP.

Where do SUF certified professionals work?

SUF-CPT’s has fitness professionals working throughout the United States and internationally at Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Crunch, F45, Orange Theory and many have started their own studios and garage gyms. Of course, the hiring practices and any business are at the discretion of the hiring manager and ownership so make sure to do your homework. We help with resume’s and the interview process, so let us know how we can help!

How do I become an SUF-CPT?

In this article, Chris goes over the 10-minute zoom test that is in-person (LA / SD), taken at a weekend seminar OR online via zoom. You need to be able to name the 17 muscles of the shoulder, 20-lower body muscles, and 8-core movement patterns and design a workout within 10-minutes. Read how to take and schedule the test here:

What if I am already a CPT?

We have a money back guarantee that you’ll learn more in 2-months than ANY textbook CPT (NASM, NSCA, ACSM, ISSA, NCSF.) We have a 50-50 ratio of certified personal trainers to aspiring / studying to become a certified personal trainer via SUF-CPT.

How does the billing work?

Upon choosing your subscription you will be taken to a check out page where the month’s subscription cost will be due upon check out. Thereafter you will be billed monthly on that date for your subscription, if you want to cancel at any time please visit your subscription homepage under my account and adjust it there. For the SUF-CPT online content w/ live calls it’s $100 per month. To take the SUF-CPT exam in front of the panel of coaches, it’s $129 for the 10-minute test to get your certificate of completion.

Where can I work with my SUF-CPT?

SUF-CPT’s are highly recruited at Equinox and Lifetime Fitness. We have helped trainers get hired at Crunch, 24-hour fitness and boutique gyms internationally. If you are interested in starting your own business out of your garage or open up your own location, you only need your SUF-CPT and limited liability insurance (we suggest K&K insurance or NEXT insurance.)

Is the SUF-CPT NCCA approved?

Show Up Fitness is in the process of submitting our NCCA application in 2023. This process takes a lot of time and money (over $15,000 to submit the application.) As of printing, there is no CPT requirement to become a personal trainer, only limited liability insurance.

Is the SUF-CPT associated with NASM or any school?

No. Show Up Fitness has no relationship with NASM. We have a study guide that helps people pass any textbook certification such as the CSCS, ACE and NASM. Upon completion of any textbook certification, we encourage you to enroll into the ONLINE or IN-PERSON SUF-CPT program to become a qualified CPT. Show Up Fitness is not associated with nor acting in the capacity of a school according to the bureau of private postsecondary education (BPEE) non-exempt form that is required to be submitted.

Why should I choose SUF-CPT over any other CPT like ACE, ISSA, or NSCA?

The average personal trainer quits within 12-months of getting a textbook certification. There is no hands-on learning, critical thinking questioning for the exams and a low emphasis on anatomy and programming. SUF-CPT focuses primarily on anatomy and programming to build the much needed foundation and confidence to get hired at a gym and prosper in this industry.

Does SUF-CPT help with resume and interview preparation?

Yes. We have weekly calls with Equinox and Lifetime Fitness trainers who guide SUF-CPT’s through the interview process to build confidence. We also have calls teaching trainers how to improve confidence during the sales process with mock interviews and role playing scenarios.

What if I can’t make the live classes?

All of the calls are LIVE and recorded to be placed into the Show Up Fitness APP under live & on-demand classes. The schedule is the same week to week with family classes Monday - Friday depending on your time zone.

Need more info on the Study guide? Learn what to memorize and/or what the Study guide includes.

The guides are a complete breakdown; chapter by chapter of what you need to know to pass. Some chapters are skipped as you don’t need to necessarily focus on them. The live calls give you access to the platform & on-demand app which sets you up to pass the certification within 1-2 months pending on time. The $100 tier is your best bet as you get the guide & almost daily calls. Once you pass the certification (nasm / ace) you can then continue the $100 tier towards completion of your suf-cpt.

What time zones are the calls?

Pacific Standard Time (PST.) If you cannot make a call, they are placed on-demand to watch on your PC or Show Up Fitness App whenever you’d like.

Who teaches the classes? What is the class schedule?

Founder and Owner Chris Hitchko has a degree in Kinesiology with extensive internships at the University of Connecticut, Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehab. He teaches Nutrition on Thursday’s 11am, NASM review Tuesday 4pm, Book Club Wednesday’s 4pm, SUF-Mentorship Courses Monday & Friday and has office hours Friday 8am. Meagan Harrbison teaches Monday 8am. BaRack Little teaches are CSCS calls Monday 2pm. Josh Ortiz teaches exercise variations Tuesday 1pm. Katie Barrett teaches our Programming calls Wednesday 12pm. Every other Thursday Registered Dietitian Melanie Sulaver teaches at 11am. Travis Carney teaches anatomy Friday’s 12pm. We have guest speakers from The Prehab Guys, Dr. Jason Cholewa, Dr. Andy Galpin and numerous other academics.

What if I can’t make it for the 2-month in-person internship in LA / SD?

We have weekend seminars (SEE THE 2023 SCHEDULE HERE). Any seminar that you go to can be put towards the in-person internship. We also allow for weekly visits for $250 which allows you to demo the course to make sure it’s the location that you want. We have had interns complete 1-month in Los Angeles and then do the next month in San Diego to get a feel for the different instructors and trainers to shadow.

After I complete and pass my SUF-CPT, what’s next?

We have our SUF-NP Nutritional Coach which is taught by a Registered Dietitian and Chris Hitchko. We have our SUF-MP mentorship program which helps trainers grow their book of business. You need to have your SUF-CPT in order to take the MP. We also have our advanced programming class SUF-CSCS which has a weekly live portion on Friday’s in LA at 10am. We will be launching our SUF-OC online coach in 2023 which will help trainers optimize their online programming and training virtually.

What is the show up fitness refund policy?

There are no refunds for any of our guides (NASM, ACE, CSCS) as these are intellectual property. If you accidentally purchased the wrong guide, you will have to purchase another one. The online platform charges your account every 30-days. If you do not cancel on your end under your name in the top right within the APP or browser, PURCHASES, and then CANCEL MEMBERSHIP, you will be charged for another 30-days access.

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