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10 Ways to Get Clients at Equinox, Life Time or 24-Hour Fitness

Mar 05, 2020


10 Ways to Get Clients at Equinox, Life Time or 24-Hour Fitness

With my book, How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer Vol. 2 due to be out within a few months, I wanted to preface the book with a page to help aspiring, certified, and/or struggling trainers. Whether you are training at Equinox, Life Time, Golds Gym, 24-Hour, Crunch, or LA Fitness, I can help you become successful if you implement the following 10-strategies.

  1. Get leads from the sales staff
    Part of the perks of working at a corporate gym is utilizing all of your colleagues. By working with the sales staff or front desk staff to get new leads on clients or secure new contacts you will be sure to get your business started! The average trainer doesn't think big and is extremely frugal. Compensate these individuals with a cash referral bonus of $100-500 (20-30%)

    2. Prospecting clients
    At Equinox, Life Time, and Crunch, you'll be given 10-25 hrs per week to prospect and find clients. During these floor shifts, you need to be doing these things&

3. Work OUT
You need to be recognized at your gym. Work out, but don't be an obnoxious tool / toolette. Trying new exercises and having a presence there, you will be sure to meet new people and gain more clients.

4. Train with other trainers
As I mentioned earlier, the average trainer is frugal. You need to PAY other trainers to train you. If you invested $100-500/ month into getting trained, you will stick out among the shitty trainers at your facility. You will learn the habits and traits of the most successful trainers AND gain respect. It will also help you get the client perceptive on things. You can see what other trainers do that you do and don't like.

5. Get Referrals
How to get referrals&.

6. Go to Group Exercise Classes
At high traffic gyms such as Crunch on Sunset, more than 80% of the check-ins go to group X (exercise) classes. Not only will you see what they are teaching in these classes but you will also meet new people and potentially get new leads. The more open you are to taking classes, the more successful you'll become.

7. Pop Ups
I see trainers using these as an opportunity to SCARE potential clients. First off, get off your phone and SMILE. Use these pop-up as an opportunity to be different. Use the 5lbs of fat vs 5lbs of muscle diagram. Every member gets 2-free consultations or whatever your gym calls them, so you gotta be different.

8. Standing at the front desk
Stand at the front desk (don't just flirt with the cute front desk staff or be on your phone!). Say hello to everyone that comes in, ask if you can help them. Make sure they connect your face with the gym. Have a note pad and write down their name.

9. Locker room
The more that your face is associated with the gym, the more business and opportunities you will get. Which is only great for your business. I've met more clients in the steam room than you can image. Sounds kinky, but it's not. Surprisingly, people let their guard down when 150 degrees of steam is pumping into their lungs!

10. Be Interesting
You will be successful if you optimize this trait out of them all&

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