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The Status of The Fitness Industry

Feb 27, 2020


The Status of the Fitness Industry

Earlier last week I had an Instagram live with this hunk John Rusin .

We talked about the status of the fitness industry in 2020 and how there's approximately 350k trainers in US of which 80% will quit in the next 365 days. Why is that? It's because the way in which the fitness industry was designed resembles the creative industry's freelance market with less direction and no oversight.

Similar to the creative field's market the fitness industry is a free market which is great because there is a ton of opportunities for those that are willing to work and search for it. The free market is also paradoxically terrible because it also leads to a lack of regulation.

Unlike other freelance markets there isn't really a standardized service quality which bodes for low entry standards. This means that many trainers get certified without having the reputable experience to call themselves trainers (we see you NASM). John says that we need trainers with experience, at Show Up Fitness we believe we need trainers with experience and PROPER EDUCATION. Take for example a recent medical school graduate, he doesn't just get to go out and start operating. He has YEARS of residency ahead of him so he can put his YEARS of education to the test in real life scenarios. Why doesn't personal training have even a lick of that?

The other reason why more than 300k or certified trainers will give up and quit is because they don't want to work harder and won't work hard. Similar to other freelance industries in order to secure business you need to hustle DAILY. That means you don't get the luxury of a day off until you can afford a day off from all the business you have secured. Many get into training thinking it's an easy career because the entry levels are so simple that they think the career will be too. It's not. You are your own boss and own employee which means you have to do 2x the work of those that choose a 9-5 career with a steady paycheck.

So what's the final status of the fitness industry? Similar to all other industries it is attempting to evolve with the ever changing wave in trends, digital marketing and fads but the underlying theme of this industry is the same. As a trainer, you are an independent contractor that needs to be prepared to work hard, continuously stay on top of industry trends and changes and continue to SHOW UP everyday.

If you or someone you know is looking to begin a career in personal training and SUCCEED, check out Show Up Fitness Internship ( online or in person) where we equip you with the tools you'll need to succeed in this industry.

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