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Three Ways You Will Benefit From Show Up Fitness' Swimming Workshop

Dec 11, 2019


You may have heard that Show Up Fitness is having a swimming specific workshop with our very own coach Jim Dabney. While you may not be a swimmer yourself, the workshop could be beneficial for anyone who is looking to improve their stroke or general body.strength.

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1.) As a former D1, All-American Swimmer at the University of Tennessee, strength training drastically impacted my performance. Proper strength training and strength endurance (12+ reps) greatly changed how I performed at competition and during practice. At the Show Up Fitness workshop, you will be taught the fundamentals for developing strength and how to create training plans specific to the athlete.

2.) We will also help you to understand how to improve performance in the water by strengthening important muscle groups that are incorporated within swimming movements. There are specific physiological adaptations that swimmers need to make in order to improve their stroke under the demands of the sport. Let us teach you how to achieve this through strength training with proper guidance and education.

3.) You will also learn of a variety of strategies that can help prevent injuries in order to create longevity in the sport. The shoulders, knees and back are common areas where most swimmers can create muscle tension that could use attention and care. Come learn about ways to help you through these struggles as you work toward achieving your goals!

For more information on this or future workshops send us a note online or follow us on Instagram!

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