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How to lose 5lbs& FAST?

Sep 29, 2016


You've got three options on How to lose 5lbs&fast&.
1- Don't eat for 10 days. If you're an average dude who weighs 190lbs, you'll roughly need 1,900 calories to maintain your weight (I'm not counting workouts- you'd need more calories to maintain that frame.) So, if you were to consume zero calories, it would take you roughly nine days (3,500 calories equals one pound of fat multiplied by five equals 17,500 calories~ 1,900 x 10 days = 19,000 kcals which would be close to 10 days). You'll die if you don't drink water, so make sure to drink lots of it. For the average lady who weighs around 160lbs, it'll take you around 11 days. Fun Fun, get ready to starve yourself!
2- Cut your arm off. Now you gotta be smart about this one. If you use a chainsaw, it could get real messy and you don't want to bleed out and die. So I suggest going to the nearest hospital and amputating it in the bathroom. Make sure to be drunk as hell because it's going to hurt more than ramming a cactus up your butt (without lube).
After you pass out, you'll need to muster up the courage and continue to cut through the bone / connective tissues – you're not going to slice through it like fine cheese, it's going to take some hard work. Stay strong, you got this! ORRRRRRR&..
3- Win the Week by SHOWING UP and WORKING HARD. Do you see what I've done here? To the average person, dieting is considered the easier method. Most people don't want to engage in exercise because it's difficult and takes them out of their comfort zone. The previous ludicrous examples make exercising seem like the easier route. In order to lose fat, you need to first identify the mechanism of which the weight gain came from. Eating too much? Not exercising anymore? How long did it take for you to gain the weight? Weight management comes from changing your mindset. THERE'S NO QUICK FIX OR MAGICAL PILL! The answer lies from being constant and maintaining a positive f*&^%$# mindset (PFM).

You need to implement a behavioral change that is sustainable for the course of your lifespan. FYI, you don't need to go on a crazy diet eating tilapia and broccoli; a big THANK YOU to the bodybuilding world for spreading that crap! Weight gain is merely eating more calories than you expend. Let's work together and find a recipe that's best for you. The life of cancer, diabetes, or pulmonary dysfunction is WAY MORE DIFFICULT than exercising for one hour a day. I pose this question to our clients, “Can you give me 3% of your week?” When you view it from that perspective, it seems easier right? Imagine if you dedicated 5% (working out six hours a week- 6/168 total hours in a week). I'm asking for you to WIN THE WEEK, which is less than 3%. You owe it to yourself to sit down, plan accordingly, and make the time to exercise! If you're stupid and decide not eat for 5 days, or cut your arm off, you deserve the ramifications. Of course, the answer is option number 3.

Here's a basic workout plan that will help put you on the right path of consistency. Do the following workout 3x a week for a month:
Do 1 warm-up set of 10. Then 3 sets resting 1-minute between sets. Set 1= 20 reps. Set 2= 15 (add weight from previous set). Set 3= 12 reps. Then move onto the next exercise.
– Squats day 1 / Deadlifts on day 3 / Lunges or Step-Ups on day 5
– Bench Press
– Bent-Over Rows
– Military Press day 1&5 / Lateral raises day 3
– 3 Spot Reducing Exercises OR fluff OR Corrective Exercises OR Cardio (Whatever you want to call it).

Bicep Curls – Tricep Extensions – Crunches

Abductions – Side Band Walks – Mountain Climbers

If you want to maximize fat loss, do cardio at the end of your workout for 15-30-minutes walk/run/elliptical/stairs/bike/have sex WHATEVER!

For the fourth workout (Win the Week = working out 4 days), do something FUN- YAAAAAAAA! I know y'all obsess over that word, so make your workouts fun by adding in ONE day of a class, CrossFit, MMA, Pilates, Hike, or a sport like basketball or beach volleyball.

The bottom line is if you're trying to lose fat FAST, IT AIN'T GONNA WORK. You need to change your mindset in order for this to work (PFM). You packed on the pounds slowly yet surely, so it's time to take the fat off in the same fashion. Stick to WINNING THE WEEK for six months and you'll notice a significant change. Don't expect linear results. Some weeks will be better than others, but over the course of 6-months, I GUARANTEE you'll be in better shape on day 180, than day 1.

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