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S*&% Said on InstaGram: Mid-Section

Mar 05, 2015


They should change the name from “crunches” to “poo poo heads”. Seriously, besides the few anomalies (Herschel Walker, and a lot of boxers), crunches really ain't doing much. A better question should be, “why are you performing them?” I'd bet a few goats as a dowry, that people are doing them in hopes for an aesthetically appeasing mid-section. Crunches won't attain that feature my peeps! If your looking for an amazing mid-section (6-pack or flat tummy), you need to start burning more calories. Additionally, you may be compromising the integrity of your cervical spinal vertebrate. There's a possibility that spinal flexions (especially under load- so stopped yanking on your neck!) may cause disc

Try this instead:
5 rounds of 10:
Push-Ups (Watch this video for sexy arms)
Suitcase Step-Ups with ONE dumbbell (Watch this video)
Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds
Vacuuming for 2 quick sets of 10 second holds (Want a smaller waist?,You gotta try these)

If you were to implement this morning routine for 6 weeks, I personally guarantee that you'll be seeing a difference in your mid-section a lot faster than the copious amounts of crunches you're doing. Want to get the results that much faster? Fill out our online form and meet with one of our qualified personal trainers in Dublin or Santa Monica.

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