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S&*% Said on InstaGram: Stupid Ab/Smaller Waist Workouts

Jan 28, 2015


Want a Teeny Tiny Waist then make sure to do this dumb ass workout, PSYCH! If you want nothing else other than to make your abs burn like holy hell and herniate your spine, this workout has your name all over it! How is it, that the year is 2015 and we still have horrible information like this? This workout, even if repeated 20 times, will not yield the end result of a “Teeny Waist”- HOG WASH. Stop listening to S&*% said on InstaGram, and follow actual badasses& like me ;-). Here is your solution to a teeny waist:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Yes FRUIT! When was the last time you met a girl with a spare tire who ate 10 servings of fruit a day? Replacing your horrible food choices with more fruit is an awesome first step to fat loss. Granted, I'm not saying to only eat fruit, eat equal amounts of veggies as well. As a general rule, I give the following suggestion to Show Up clients: Consume fibrous fruits in the morning; tropical ones after workouts. This will maintain a steady blood sugar level throughout the day with the fiber, then after the workout, you'll utilize insulin to maximize LEAN MUSCLE GROWTH. Why in caps? Muscle is muscle, you ain't gonna just add LEAN muscle, it's all the same. Please people, SCIENCE with me!
2. Eat more protein. A simple rule is to consume your weight in protein a day. Just do it and see what happens. Eat chicken, lamb, pork, organic beef, elk, bison, fish, and nuts.
3. Water. Drink your weight in ounces. Seriously, why the hell do I even need to write this? If you aren't doing this, you have mental problems.
4. Do 10 sets of 30 second vacuum holds throughout the day. You want a tiny waist? Vacuum over that joke of a circuit that received over 900 likes, WTF? Watch a fantastic vacuuming video here:
5. Do this body weight circuit 5 times a week. 4 sets of body weight squats x 25 reps, 4 sets of max push-ups, 4 sets of single-leg hip thrust, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 15 step-ups per leg. Repeat 3-5x depending on your conditioning. After this circuit, walk for 30 minutes.
6- SHOW UP and stop blaming others for your actions. This is the year to hold yourself accountable and attain whatever you can imagine. The mind is beyond powerful, I challenge you to use yours and stop blaming others.

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