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S@*% Said on InstaGram: Dips

Dec 01, 2014


In my newest segment, S@*% said on InstaGram, I'll be addressing, well, S@*% that people say on InstaGram. This will be my newest attempt to be like my hero Daniel Tosh and Tosh.O. I'll be criticizing posts made by people on exercises / nutrition that's inaccurate. They'll be anonymous and I'll do my best not to blow my brains out. The purpose is to teach the proper way to exercise, not the BroScience, or in my first post, HotChickScience. Just because you're a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM, ACE, NESTA; these are all certifications that are at home study and taken at a testing center& pathetic), IFBB “athlete” or have a smoking hot bod, doesn't necessarily mean you know what the hell you're talking about. Case in point, my first IG post…160 likes, holy smokes! See what exposed skin, boobs, butts, or a pretty face get ya? Yes I'm bitter. The most likes I've received is 32. It's ok, I'm fine. Chris will survive. I'm still under the believe that I won't be judge on how many likes I've received when I meet my maker. This chick has been featured in many recognizable fitness magazines and claims to be a coach. All fine and dandy until you go out and post something like this. #1 “inner pec definition” aka sternal portion of the pectoralis major is best achieved from performing dips, no it's not. Performing your regular Bench Presses, Push-Ups and Chest Flies (maybe with some internal rotation) would maximize this desired look she's describing. The fact that she wrote this, could be anecdotal or may have worked with her clients, so I'll let this one slide. #2 I agree with her. Any coach that tells you to omit training a whole muscle group i'd approach with hesitation. Then again, 90% of all body building coaches I wouldn't even approach. I'd run in the opposite direction because their vacuous toolbags. #3 points me into the direction that she might be blonde, because she is just reiterating #1.

Anywho, not too bad right? I didn't destroy her post. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. I forgot to talk about the idea of this exercise. Dips are terrible. If you're performing them, stop. If HIV and Ebola were to have a kid, Dips would be them. They completely and utterly wreck havok on shoulders. In the image to the right is the morphology of different shoulders. The flat acromion (Type I) would allow for more range of motion (ROM) than the hooked acromion (Type 3.) What type of acromion do you have? Exactly! You need an X-Ray to determine this. One of the most important things to remember as a trainer is that all bodies are different. That's why it's important to assess and see what each and every body is capable of performing. The average shoulder has 50-60 degrees of extension. In the image above, if she were to stop at that point, her shoulder MAY be safe. That's about 60 degrees of extension. Now tell me the last time you stopped that high on dips? Most of us have performed these exercises exactly the way Ms. Eason is (Blonde bombshell below.) You see how her humerus is extended to 90 degrees? FYL- (We all know what this stands for. Instead of MY, I changed it to YOUR, because your life will literally begin to suck if you keep on performing these types of dips.) This is another example of HotChickScience. Females (myself included, and no, I'm not a female) gock over Jamie's physique, so they'll do whatever she is published in. A simple assessment that I perform on clients is similar to this one (image below) If my client can perform this optimal ROM without the head of the humerus rotating forward, then they may be able to perform questionable exercises like modified dips and/or behind the head Military Presses. Make sure to ask yourself, what are the rewards from doing this exercise? What are the consequences? Sure, you may get “inner pec definition”, but you also may have to get shoulder surgery. Lets stop the shenanigans and stop doing these stupid exercises.

The take home from this post is that if you are dying to hop on the shoulder-pain bus, then start doing 3-5 sets of high rep dips daily. In no time, you'll be experiencing a lovely dull ache in your shoulder eventually resulting in rotator cuff surgery. If you actually start doing dips, then, well, you're special.

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