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Shoulder Workout

Oct 30, 2012


Hey Ya'all! It's been a while since my last blogging, but don't worry, I amalive and still awesome! The veggy man diet was a great experience. I had 5 cheats in the whole month; damn you Taco Bell at 130am! Unfortunately, blood results aren't effected from a month of eating different – it takes 3! Screw that, I miss my meat!! I will begin to have guest writers adding their 2 cents along with my endless banter from time to time. I am taking time away from blogging because of my newest endeavor& writing a book! I am super excited. Look for it on the New York Times Best Seller list probably in the middle of 2013. Don't worry your pretty little butt cheeks, I will give all my loyal ShowUp Fitness fans a little preview ASAP. Anywho, attached is my recent article from Want to transform those chubby arms into a master piece? Start implementing the following shoulder workouts&

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