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No Grain Diet

Jun 27, 2012


The word diet brings into play numerous ‘fads, fixes and fabrications!’ Does that sound like an alliteration? But that is another time and article – back to the diet. I will probably have more people read this article because I put that nasty word in the title. To set the record straight, I DO NOT believe in “Diets.” I understand that some Americans are extremely lazy and want that miracle body (like Chris, Ohh snap) by doing absolutely nothing. Dr. Joseph Mercola has a “No Grain Diet” but he says eliminate starchy fruits and veggies and I say keep them in (my diet is better).

Subsequently, allow me to discuss my thoughts on my recent endeavor; eliminating all grains from my lifestyle. Let's begin with one of the best quotes I came across in a long time, “for those who are given to excess, abstinence is easier than moderation” – John Drybred. Can the average person confirm this – probably not? I challenge you to give it a shot. Pick something that you eat or drink on a regular basis – chips, lattes, ice cream, soda, or in my case grains. You need to eliminate them!

Here is a question for you? Which of the three macronutrients is not as essential as we think it is; fat, protein or carbs? Carbohydrates!! Say what! We could actually obtain all of our energy via fats and protein. We can generate glucose from noncarbohydrate substances via gluconeogenesis. I am not suggesting that we do this because we would be deficient in our nutrients. However, the average American consumes over 50% of their diet from carbs -interesting. If we alter this notion of no carbs and replace ALL grains with fruits and vegetables, we will be able to maintain enough carbs for energy while not producing any shortages. I wouldn't recommend this for athletes who participate in endurance sports such as basketball and track because they need complex carbs for fuel. I am ok with that. Is the average American an athlete /a long distance runner? I don't think soooo! Unfortunately, some folks are fat and we love excuses. Parenthetically, my brothers and I are in the process of developing a web site called, “!” Yeop, I am going to be rich soon. People are always on a quest for the newest excuse. One of my favorites is, “I can't work out because no one will be home to watch fluffy” – really? Your dog is now responsible for your fatness! Now that's a good one! The worst, and most common excuses are, “I am too tired” or “I don't have enough time.” Implementing exercise on a regular basis (4-6 times a week) will give you more natural energy, reduce stress levels and help you live a longer, more fulfilled life. Exercise IS the magic pill we have been looking for- it just takes effort.

Begin your own eating program that isn't too drastic. Eat fruits and eggs in the morning instead of cereal. Have a salad with lots of vegetables for lunch as a substitute for a sandwich.
Pros: You will notice a decrease in weight. Your body will begin to utilize fat as its main source of fuel so those stubborn thigh, butt and abdominal areas will start looking their best in ages! You will be teaching your body what true energy is. Because it will be running on proper fuel, not the fake crap that we consistently digest like soda, fast and processed foods.
Cons: Cost. This program needs to have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables; it can be spendy. In the long run, healthier eating is a whole lot cheaper than open heart surgery. Your energy levels may begin to slide the first week because of the decline in carbohydrates. If you need an extra boost, add in an extra cup of Joe.

Another misconception is that people think that they're compromising fiber intake. If you replace your grains with more fruit and veggies, you will actually be getting more fiber. Males aim for 40 grams and females shoot for 30 grams per day. Just with any program I suggest, trying it for 4 weeks and then make a decision.

A day in the life of no grains:

6am: Wake up
7am: 2 hard boil eggs and 4 slices of pineapple or 1 medium size apple and 2 tbsp. of peanut butter
8am: Workout for 60-90 minutes
10am: Protein shake with 2tbsp. of local farmers market honey (I don't like store honey, too hard to determine where the honey is coming from and may contain a lot of harmful chemicals)
12pm: 1/2 cup of trail mix (1/4 of a cup is considered a serving so be careful) and 1 red bell pepper
2pm: Spinach/mix greens salad with 1 chicken breast, broccoli, onions, beets and yellow bell pepper
4pm: 1/2 cup of trail mix and 1 mango
6pm: 1/2 serving of chicken stir fry. 1 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 yam, 1 onion, 1 orange bell pepper, 15 brussel sprouts. Add tapatio and/or pineapple juice from earlier for spicy or sweet taste.
9pm: 1/2 serving of chicken stir fry.
11pm: ZzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzz

I am not saying this is the miracle answer to all your weight problems. Just give it a try. I have lost 3% body fat and have never felt or looked this good, NEVER. Is this cocky or confident? The latter my friends, just try it yourself and tell me how you feel! At first, my energy levels were lower than usual, but that went away after three weeks. Keep in mind, trail mix has a decent amount of fat from peanuts, cashews and almonds but its good fat. Having 2-3 servings a day isn't going to clog your arteries – it's the inactivity and crappy food choices. If you're still hungry, throw in a protein bar, shake, hard boil eggs and/or more fruit & veggies! Make sure to try and drink close to a gallon of water a day. Remember ya'all, a lot of it is mind power! Stay strong and the results will come in. Keep showing up, smiling, soaking up the sun and Shake and Bake!

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