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Summer Body, Phase 2

May 14, 2012


Hey, guys and gals! How did we do on the first month on the Summer Body workout? Congratulations, we have officially established a habit; it takes 21 days to form a habit. Now that the hard part is behind us, let's get into the second month and see how much fun we can have! We are going to gradually progress from the endurance phase of reps (greater than 15 reps) and begin to expose our muscles, ligaments and tendons to heavier weights. By the third month, we will really be ready to begin some complex plyometrics and heavier weights. The following program will be performed in the following fashion; UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. Set 1, 15 reps add weight. Set 2, 12 reps then add weight. Set 3, 10 reps then go to next circuit.

Circuit 1: *Squats, *Bench Press, 30 seconds of FAST jump rope / Jumping Jacks *Add weight and lower the reps for each set. Find a weight heavy enough for 8 reps for the third set.
Circuit 2: Squats with a curl and a press, Sumatra push-up (max), cable row
Circuit 3: Lat pull-downs, upright row, *90 seconds treadmill run, 90 seconds of a Plank *find a speed that is challenging to push you for the complete 90 seconds then immediately hop off and do a plank; shoot for 90 seconds.

Circuit 1: 24 lunges with weights (12 per leg; 10-15lbs), push-ups, 10 burpees
Circuit 2: Assisted pull-ups, assisted bar-dips, and 2 suicides – ideally on a basketball court.
Circuit 3: Goblet squat, Aussie pull-up, bicycle kicks for 20 reps (SLOW)

Circuit 1: 10 Sumo squats, bosu balls squats 25 reps, 30 seconds shadow boxing
Circuit 2: Incline dumbbell press, single arm dumbbell row, rotating T's
Cardio circuit 3 : 1 min of stationary bike, 30 sec of mountain climbers, 30 seconds of jump squats

It's almost summer, so if you don't want to walk, SWIM! Perfect that golden tan and get a great total body aerobic workout. I try to swim two times a week: the breast and back stroke, high jumps in the shallow end, followed by 5-10 minutes of treading water! Leave your Iphone out by the pool, put on Kip Moore's station and rock out to some great country! Remember to keep Showing Up, smile, have fun, educate yourself (brains are sexy), and Shake and Bake!!!

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