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Best Shoulder Workout

Apr 26, 2012


In the next few weeks, I will be breaking down a specific muscle and giving you a high intense workout. As you know, I am a huge advocate of implementing legs; what can I say, I'm a legs guy! So, the following split routines will be incorporating your legs, core and 1 main muscle (back, shoulders, chest or arms). This workout will focus on the DELTOIDS.

The deltoids are 1 muscle with three regions: anterior, medial and posterior. Typically, the posterior deltoids are under developed because they are not part of the “mirror muscles” aka front muscles above the waist: chest, arms, abs and anterior deltoids. Guys like to check themselves out almost as much as females (that's impossible though, let's be honest)! So when they do (I guess I must include myself), we stand in front of the bathroom sink in our favorite bathing suite, the birthday one. I'd be lying if I said I never do it; I at least have fun by talking to myself in a Sean Connery voice, give myself a thumbs up or hand pistols&Boom Boom Bang! After analyzing for a few seconds and the narcissism has subsided, we go on our way.

The problem is, we never check out the back side. This is one lesson we could learn from females (don't pretend you girls aren't turning around every second standing on your tippy toes checking out your backside, CAUGHT)! Where am I going with this? Ok, Ok, sorry. Males lack posterior and leg development because we do not see them as much as our front “mirror muscle.” By executing this leg and shoulder routine, I can help fix your mirror problems, well not all of them- you might need plastic surgery for that small other one!

Do this workout 1-2 times per week. Try to space chest and triceps at least 1 day in-between this workout. Aim for 5-7 sets with 1-2 minutes of rest. Try not to workout longer than 90 minutes; I don't want you to begin burning muscle as your fuel source. Every set you will be increasing the weights and lowering the reps. It will look something like this&
Set 1, 15 reps @ 100lbs, Set 2, 12 reps @ 120lbs, Set 3, 10 reps @140lbs, Set 4, 8 reps @ 175lbs, Set 5, 5 reps at 200lbs.
Exercise 1, Super Set:
Squats, Military Press then side bends for obliques
Exercise 2, Super Compound Set:
Lunges, Arnold Presses (compound) Upright row then crunches for your abs
Exercise 3, Super Compound Set:
Sumo Squats, behind the head military press (compound) side shoulder raises then low back extensions
Exercise 4, Drop Set:
Military Press Machine: Find a weight you can perform 10 reps on, then lower the weight without rest. Do this two – three times until complete fatigue (VOLITIONAL FATIGUE) and end with a 60 second plank.
Guess what? YOU'RE DONE.

If you want sculpted rounded deltoids, do this work out for the next six weeks and see how you are look. You are not going to yield that sexy muscular appearance by doing body weight exercise such as those seen on Body rock TV; sorry guys and gals, that's called genetics. You need to push your deltoids above and beyond what they are used to.
Email me any questions that you have, keep SHOWING UP, loving unconditionally, helping those less fortunate and as always, SHAKE AND BAKE!!!

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