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Summer Body Countdown

Apr 16, 2012


Does Wednesday, June 20th, have any significance for you? Well, for most Americans it does – it's the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!! OMG x 20! More importantly, four days prior, you guys should have my presents mailed to my classroom for my birthday. I like Texas and Gonzaga gear and expensive stuff that I usually wouldn't buy; Lulu Lemon works! I will have 3 check-in points between now and then to help periodize your program schedule. Periodization is the organized approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program. It represents a specific period of time (by varying the resistance, number of sets, and the number of repetitions; so greater gains can be made)! Periodization made simple, is the changing of program variables to prevent plateau. This gives you roughly 12 weeks to get into that sexy bikini and mold those washboard abs for your board shorts. I personally prefer a banana hammock, it helps perfect my tan. Pursue the following program for the next 4 weeks to get into your best summer shape yet.

This workout is geared for the beginner, but may be useful for anyone by applying the FITT principle (Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type). By altering these variables, you will also be periodizing your workout routine. The first month will primarily be in the endurance range – between 15-20 reps with less rest periods. By the end, you will get into the hypertrophy range – less than 12 reps and a rest period of less than 2 minutes. During the first month, you will be learning new movements and teaching your body how to properly communicate with your muscles, aka neuromuscular communication. I will karate kick you in the throat if I ever hear you say MUSCLE CONFUSION (this is not a term)! During this time period, you will strengthen your muscles and maximize weight-loss, but most importantly, strengthen the connective tissues to prevent future overuse injuries (tendons and ligaments).

You will be working out 3 days a week and walking 30 minutes 3 days when you are not using resistance; 6 total days. If you want to take an aerobics class, try step, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or kick boxing; these will all accelerate your weight-loss / toning goals. If you just do the weight training sessions, you will be limiting your results. We need to create a life-style modification! Calculate your BMR (read BMR article and our new fancy calculator on the resources page) and see how many kcals you should be consuming on days you are working out vs non workout days i.e. 30 minutes of walking. For proper weight loss, you want to be subtracting 300-500kcals from your BMR, but most importantly, never go below 1200kcals. If you ever feel like your energy is being compromised, eat more fruits and vegetables. LET THE FUN BEGIN

Month 1: Workout on non-consecutive days, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All circuits will be performed 3 times, resting when needed.

Circuit 1: 15 lunges per leg with a bicep curl, 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks, Plank 1 min
Circuit 2: Bench Press 20 reps, cable row 20 reps 30 seconds of mountain climbers
Circuit 3: Step-ups with leg kick back 10 per leg, standing Arnold press, push-up.

Circuit 1: 25 sumo squats aka plié squats, push-ups w leg kick out abduction, 25 crunches
Circuit 2: Lat-pull down, rotating Ts, Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds
Circuit 3: Mountain climbers, Step-ups with tricep kick backs, back extensions

Circuit 1: 1 min treadmill run, push-ups, plank
Circuit 2: Stationary bike 1 min, assisted or regular pull-ups, upright row
Circuit 3: Row 1 min (cardio), squat curl and press, bench dips, side bends

Tues, Thur and at least 1 weekend day, you need to be walking a MINIMUM 30 minutes. If you want to maximize results, walk 60 minutes. Listen to a book on tape. Listen to some great country songs; have you heard that new country song by Luke Bryan, Drunk on You?? AMAZING!!! Walk with a family member and philosophize. Why are girls crazy or why are guys so controlling, lack communication and lame? That's at least a good hour walk! Try branching out and doing other forms of exercise. Try to catch the exercise bug. Once you change your stressed out unfulfilled life into a life style modification, exercise will be amazingly fun and rewarding! That's what I want. Keep at it for one month then stay tuned for the second periodized workout next month. As always, keep smiling, spread the love (in a PC way), branch out, try new things and SHAKE AND BAKE!

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