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Trainers Only Article AKA TOA

Apr 06, 2012


Every month, I will include an article just for trainers and ever so cleverly dub it, “Trainers Only Article” or TOA. Today's article will focus on attaining a greater clientele base. I firmly believe an amazing trainer is one who practices what they preach; superior knowledge in Kinesiology and anatomy and then being able to show the value in their product.

The last key pillar is basically sales, but I don't like that word because once you show the value of yourself; you really do not need to push or try to sell anything. But what is there to do after you have been in the industry for a few years and find yourself plateauing with clients or just needing some extra cash flow? Let The Chris Show you how it's done. The following are the 3 best ways a personal trainer can get more clients:

#1: Networking. What does your current network look like? Do you consult with a physician? Registered Dietician? Physical Therapist? Naturopathic doctor aka ND? Chiropractor? Well why not? Let's throw the ego aside and be content with the fact that we are fitness experts. However; when it comes to injuries, nutrition and/or other medical concerns, we need to let that be taken care of by other professionals. Of course I want to learn a much as possible about a frozen shoulder or type I diabetes, but why not lessen my workload and make the referral? Don't think of it as business lost, but more so as future business earned. When I refer clients to a business partner who is a physical therapist, I understand that when an injured client asks him about exercise, he WILL pass my business card and name along. Networking 101 is having more people that I know on board with what my practice is, which makes me more attractive to the general public. “Jason the Amazing is an expert trainer for weight loss, athletes, special needs and senior citizens. But he also consults with an Orthopedic Surgeon, physical therapist and registered Dietician,” Doesn't that sound pretty awesome? Yepp! Well what are you waiting for? Get out in the community and take an RD out to lunch – many RD's are female and maybe you can get scorehot date out of it! Remember, you have an amazing trade, PERSONAL TRAINING!! Offer a complimentary session or two to pick the professional's brain and see how you can help each other out. You'd be surprise how many people in the health industry do not exercise on a regular basis! Your skills are needed, so get out there and start networking!!!
#2: Ask for the referral. How many clients do you have that love you to death and would do anything for you? Well, that should be the majority of them! You should have high retention for a reason, you're a great trainer! How many of these clients have you asked for a referral? Why not? Asking for more business is neither greedy nor selfish- just smart. Are you able to make someone live a healthier and happier life via your personal training methods? Please say YES with a super effeminate cheerleader kick!! Asking a current client for a referral will only help more people live a longer life. “Claudia, I was wondering if any of your coworkers or friends could benefit from my services? Just to show my gratitude for any referrals that you may have, I am willing to give you one complementary training session!” BAM everyone is happy! Don't be ashamed to ask for business!
#3: Social networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus are just a few of the mega social networking companies. Some may feel this area is a little taboo, but not when you think of it like I do&. It's FREE!! Just like when the bartender screws up your whiskey soda water (really not that hard), social networking is 100% free!! We suggest accessing as many of these sites as possible and start getting your name out there. Try to separate work from play by keeping your profile politically correct and private. Open up a separate account, one for family and friends and then one for clients or blogging. The last thing I need is my ghoulish brothers to get on to my blog postings and state that I lost my virginity when I was 25, now that just wouldn't look cool& Wait a second! If your goal is to help more people and make a little more money while doing so, try implementing the three bullet points that I mentioned above. At the very least you will network with some great business/fitness professionals, meet some new people and become super savvy when it comes to the internet and its new trends! I suggest, be smart and most importantly, be patient; special things come to those who wait! Keep on spreading the good word on exercise, smile more, buy a lotto ticket and share some of the love with me and as always Shake and Bake!!!!

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