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Split Your Routine & You'll Never Plateau

Feb 08, 2012


Guys and girls, are you ready for your best sculpted body yet? Here's your CHALLENGE! Give this routine a shot for 21 days! Why 21 days you ask? Simple, that's the amount of time it requires an individual to establish a routine. Not only with this give you some new moves, but it will help you break that plateau. Before you know it, you will be using my #1 favorite bar line&.”No crap! I grew up on a farm too! Unfortunately I was kicked in the arm by a horse!!!” The girls' response, “Really?” I shoot her my sharp smile and say, “yeoup,” while I flex my arm and show her the U shape triceps that ya'll are yearning for!! Ohh boy, Tool Alert, Tool Alert!! Wow, sorry for that, sometimes it just comes out! Anyhow, let me add some variety to your program with the following workout routine.

The varieties include: Basic, Moderate and Advanced. If you have only been using weights for less than 6 months, stick to the basic routine. Moderate would be for a male or female lifter who has at least 6 months under their belt while Advanced would be 1 year or more of experience. As always, listen to your body, use caution on new lifts and ask for a spotter if you need one. If you have not seen your doctor in over a year, we recommend a check up to make sure your insides look as great as your outsides! With that being said, let the shaking and baking begin!!

Split Routines:
This will be a 4 day routine and once you finish the required muscles, you repeat.

Basic person will be doing Back and Biceps on day 1. Chest and Triceps on day 2; Legs, Shoulders & Arms day 3; Cardio on day 4 & then repeat day 1 for day 5 (come back for a killer cardio day)!

Moderate lifter will be doing Chest and Back on day 1, Legs and Arms day 2, Shoulders day 3 and cardio day 4 (repeat day 1 for day 5).

Advanced lifter will be doing Chest day 1, Back day 2, Shoulders day 3, Legs and Arms day 4, rest day 5 (or cardio) then repeat day 1 on day 6.

Back (Latissimus Dorsi):
Basic: Back THEN Biceps (3 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8 reps adding weight each set & rest 30-60 seconds):
Exercise 1: Lat-pulldown,
Exercise 2: Cable Row (wide grip),
Exercise 3: Single arm dumbbell row

Exercise 1: Straight bar bicep curl,
Exercise 2: Dumbbell bicep curl,
Exercise 3: Hammer bicep curl.

Moderate: Back AND CHEST; SUPER SETS (perform exercises back to back with no rest) (4 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8, S4= 12 reps. This is called a pyramid set, adding weight and then on your last set lower it to do more reps & resting 60-90 seconds):
Exercises 1: Cable row then Dumbbell incline press
Exercise 2: Lat-pulldown (behind your head) then Dumbbell pull-over
Exercise 3: Pull-ups then Push-ups

Advanced: Back with all COMPOUND SETS (Perform exercises back to back with no rest, SAME MUSCLE) ( 3 sets; set 1 shoot for 10 reps and then find a weight for the 2nd exercise to safely execute 6-10 times. Set 2 use the same weight and perform as many as you can for both exercises. Set 3 you may need to lower the weight for exercise number 1. The first workout might be an ass kicker because of the fatigue factor, so do abs in-between sets, stretch muscles that you are not exercising, do cardio or rest longer)
Exercises 1: Lat-pull down into max pull-ups
Exercises 2: Single arm dumbbell row into wide grip cable row
Exercises 3: Close grip T-bar row into Standing bent over row

Chest (Pectoralis Major):
Basic: Chest THEN Triceps (3 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8 reps adding weight each set rest 30-60 seconds):
Exercise 1: Bench press
Exercise 2: Incline bench press
Exercise 3: Chest fly machine

Exercise 1: Skull crushers
Exercise 2: Single arm reverse extension
Exercise 3: Tricep extension

Moderate: Chest AND Back SUPER SETS (4 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8, S4= 12 reps. Pyramid set, resting 60-90 seconds):
Exercises 1-3: See Above

Advanced: Chest with all COMPOUND SETS (See Above)
Exercises 1: Bench press into Dumbbell fly's
Exercises 2: Incline dumbbell press into Incline fly's
Exercises 3: Bar-dips into Push-ups

Legs (Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Gluteus Maximus) & Deltoids
Basic: Legs THEN Shoulders THEN Arms ((3 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8 reps adding weight each set rest 30-60 seconds, ARMS will only be 1 exercise for Biceps and 1 for Triceps 3 sets):
Exercise 1: Squats
Exercise 2: Lunges
Exercise 3: Stiff-legged deadlifts

Exercise 1: Military Press
Exercise 2: Upright row
Exercise 3: Standing BOSU ball press (you need some balance into your program. This is the half dome blue balance ball)

Exercises 1: Bicep curl then Tricep Extension
Exercises 2: Preacher curl then Chris Dips (yes I named an exercise after me, come back next week for a VIDEO on these, YES VIDEO)

Moderate: Shoulders (add in legs or do arms again if you are not sore) (4 sets; S1=12 reps, S2= 10 reps, S3= 8, S4= 12 reps. Pyramid set, resting 60-90 seconds):
Exercises 1: Military Press (behind your head) AND Biceps OR Legs (your choice)
Exercise 2: Machine shoulder press (in front) AND Triceps OR Legs
Exercise 3: *Rotating T's AND lunges OR super set of a bicep then tricep combo. *Rotating T's: Begin with a front raise then hold, rotate back for posterior deltoids, then lower. Side raise (hold), then rotate to front and then lower. Confused? Stop on by Show Up Fitness and we will show you things you didn't even know were possible!

Advanced: Shoulders Day 3 COMPOUND SETS (See Above)
Exercises 1: Dumbbell shoulder press into Standing shoulder press (behind the head)
Exercises 2: Arnold presses into Upright rows
Exercises 3: Push-jerks into reverse flies (if you are an advanced lifter and have never done Push-jerks you're not as bad ass as you may think. Come back next week for a VIDEO on how to do them&

Advanced: Legs Day 4 COMPOUND SETS (See Above)
Exercises 1: Squats into Weighted step ups
Exercise 2: Front squats into Sumo squats
Exercise 3: Weighted lunges into Depth BOSU ball squats (standing on the dome blue side up, squat down all the way to your ass hits the grass!)

If you notice there is no core work. THIS GUY MUST BE AN IDIOT! Sorry pal, if you isolate you abs like many people, you are barking up the wrong tree for success. I call these muscles “accessory muscles”; they can be trained everyday during your rest periods i.e. bench press then while you are waiting 60 seconds do a plank, or calves or forearms. If you choose to isolate each aspect of the core (abs, obliques and lower back) make sure you hit them equally and do not play favorites like I am sure you parents did with your brothers; not me, I was the baby, I was spoiled! Try doing abs on Monday, obliques on Tuesday and then lower back on Wednesday; 1-2 exercises, 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps. You are going to develop a better midsection by focusing on this workout rather than isolating your abs, but if you like EVERYONE else there, you will still need to do them. Just put your ego aside for a few weeks and listen to me. I know what I am talking about just like my Saved By The Bell characters, Lisa Turtle was hot!

If you are one of the few who is still exercising daily and sticking to your New Year's resolution, good for you – you're on the path to success. Keep kicking butt and remember, this week is one of the hardest because it's fairly common to hit that plateau with your results. If you have already given up, stop feeling sorry for yourself and begin again!

Start your New Year's resolution over TODAY! Follow what I've written and implement these training protocols. Life isn't about how hard you get knocked down; it's about how many times you get back up! Stick with it!! If you need a motivator, come on by to Show Up Fitness and one of our Trainers In Training (TNT) will inspire and teach you the correct way! As always, eat your vegetables, stop picking your noses, hold the door for people, give random compliments and expect nothing in return and most importantly& SHAKE AND BAKE!!!!

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