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Jan 17, 2012


Great movie (just forgot the faster part), staring and directed by Chris Bell who describes the fairly unbiased perspective of the role of anabolic steroids in our society. I highly recommend you watching it and listening to what he has to say. Although this article is going to focus on how someone can become bigger and stronger, without getting “too big.” People today continually are mislead that lifting any sort of weights will bulge your biceps beyond comparable belief, thanks Arnold. We need to understand that a lot of “body builders” today exercise for hours at a time, with an insane amount of volume and may (probably) are supplementing with some serious stuff. So what do you need to do to build your physique but not over due it? Follow these steps outlined at Show Up Fitness and I guarantee you will see the results in the mirror and the compliments from your co-workers will begin to stream on in.

Step #1: Do more legs. SAY WHAT? Relax, I'm writing these articles because I am an expert – you are reading them because you are searching for results, not me. So listen up. Your legs are essential to releasing all the powerful anabolic hormones (Testosterone, HGH, and Insulin-growth like factor) that help enhance your muscle size. When you workout just arms or shoulders, you are isolating fairly small muscles so the hormonal release is insignificant compared with that of your legs. Your legs compose roughly 40% of your total body weight, so when you begin your leg workouts, your heart has to work a lot harder so the working muscles can absorb the needed oxygen! Therefore, the aforementioned hormones are released. I never want to hear you say you are working out biceps and triceps on the same day unless you begin with legs first. Next time you have an arm day, try doing 3 sets of squats, followed by 3 sets of lunges. This will release those powerful hormones and help you put some size on not only in your scrawny legs, but also your arms.

Step #2: Begin a new routine. Our bodies plateau fairly quickly, so it is up to you to trick your body and please don't say MUSCLE CONFUSION or MEMORY. That is not an actual term. If you find it in any Kinesiology, Biomechanics or Exercise Physiology textbook, please let me know and I will eat my words, until then, it is just Hogwash! The correct term is referred to as neuromuscular communication (how your brain communicates with your muscles) and if you do not challenge yourself consistently, your body will stop adapting as effective. So try implementing new exercises such as sumo squats, suitcase squats, compound sets (incline bench press right into push-ups with no rest), behind the head military press, Arnold presses, weighted pull-ups and high intense interval training such as sprints, Burpees and/or a Tabata protocol.

Step #3: Up the intensity! If you have been exercising for longer than 3 months, you should be doing a split routine with a high amount of sets and weight, like 5-7 sets of 6-10 reps. All of a sudden your volume has doubled and now your muscles will begin to adapt better. Where did exercise originate? Not many people know the story of Milo of Croton and how he became stronger by continually carrying a cow up a hill. After a while, he was the most ripped and perfectly molded guys in the town (hmm now I understand what I would look like in a toga!) Why is this? Because as the cow grew, he got stronger; it's called progressive overload! Every week you exercise, you should be putting more weight on the bar and challenge yourself to the extremes!

In the end, think of your legs as the trunk of the tree and your arms are its branches. The larger the trunk, the larger the branches can grow. Remember, mom has always been right- eat your fruits and veggies and follow a nutritious meal plan. Organic eggs and chicken are great first steps with assisting your meal plan with the much needed protein. If you remember what I have written, I will bet you that you will see results soon. Implement this routine for at least 3-4 weeks and then get back to me. If you need a complete program design and reshuffle, then stop by 7447 village parkway in Dublin, CA and we will help create your best routine yet! Until then, Shake and Bake!

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