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The ABC's for a Healthy 2012

Jan 06, 2012


ASHWAGANDA ROOT A natural, non stimulant that helps reduce Cortisol, insomnia, anxiety.
BEST BUTT EVER! Squats, Lunges, Hack Squat, Sprints, Jumps! Not the ABDUCTOR and ADDUCTOR machines
COMPOUND SETS 2 exercises performed back to back for the same muscle with no rest (bench then push-ups)
DROP SETS AKA “STRIP SETS” A technique for continuing an exercise with a lower weight once muscle has fatigued
EPOC (Excess Post Oxygen Consumption). Burning calories while at rest from using weights or HIIT (see H). Come back in a week for an article on this!
FOOD INC. Rent it and watch it; AMAZING movie! “We all get three votes a day”&
GREENS FIRST A natural powder that contains your daily amount of greens and then some. Has an ORAC value over 21,000! Show Up Fitness Sells it for $40 so what are you waiting for!
HIIT (High Intense Interval Training). Begin by varying the intensities on your runs i.e. High then low then high or run faster for 1 song on your ipod then slower on the next!
INTERVAL SETS This is cardio between resistance training (push-ups then jumping jacks with no rest.)
JUJITSU Try incorporating a new method of exercise so you can avoid boredom and plateauing.
KALE A leafy green vegetable that has a ton of phytochemicals (more than spinach.)
LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION Meaning NO DIETS, change your lifestyle. They call it “yo-yo” dieting for a reason, it doesn't work!
MAKE 2012 YOUR YEAR! Year after year resolutions are denied! Make this the year that counts. Train with a friend or hire a Personal Trainer!
NUTRIENT TIMING BY JOHN IVEY Read this book and understand when to eat. 3/1 ratio of carbs to protein after workouts!!!
ORGANIC FOODS Apples, eggs, milk and chicken should all be purchased organic. Too many hormones and chemicals otherwise.
PLYOMETRICS Start jumping more! Why do volleyball women have amazing legs? JUMPING!
QUINOA A grain that is much better for you than white rice / breads. Great source of fiber!
RUN, DON’T WALK Walking is a necessity, not exercise. So run, use resistance and stretch! Happy medium for everything.
SPARK BY JOHN RATEY MD He discusses brain chemistry and how it improves with exercise. Prozac and exercise produce the same effects! AMAZING BOOK.
TRAINERS IN TRAINING (TNT) Show Up Fitness' trainers are extremely knowledgeable and very reasonable!
UR ABS (come on U is tough). Do more legs! You can't spot reduce so you need to burn more fat. Legs = 40% total body weight.
VOLUME For a muscle to grow, it needs more volume. If you are fairly experienced, then start doing more sets, like 5 – 7, not 3!
WATER Click here for my previous article
XXX Cheers to having more sex this year! Don't need to explain it, I mean its sex!! It's fun; just be safe!
YOGA Sign up for a beginning class. It's a great way to meet people and a great way to help prevent and sometimes treat injuries
ZUMBA One of the biggest trends in 2011. Get out on the dance floor and boogey your buns away!

Just like with any new program or routine. Make sure to consult with your doctor before any intense exercise program. Any new exercises should be carefully administered by a professional such as the ones here at Show Up Fitness.

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