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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

Schedule a meeting with our instructors in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) OR San Diego (La Jolla) to reserve your spot by depositing a $500 down payment and fill out this form by clicking HERE.

Do I receive a diploma or license upon completion?

No. We do not offer any sort of diploma or license.

To be a trainer at Equinox / Crunch / 24-hour, they require a certification (IN CALIFORNIA) and highly suggest training experience. Once the Show Up Fitness Internship is completed, if you choose to take the NASM/NSCA/ACSM, we have a 99% successful pass rate.

I there a job placement?

We have networked with many gyms such as, Equinox, Crunch, & 24-Hour Fitness. No job can be guaranteed, but we will be able to streamline the interview process!

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Joe, Former Intern

Former Show Up Intern, Joe, is now a qualified Personal Trainer at Equinox in Santa Monica. Joe was able to apply what he’s learned and was employed in just under 2 weeks!

Joe joined the internship knowing that he wanted to apply for Equinox. He is now employed working full-time with an exceptional amount of 1-on-1 personal training experience!

How much is the Internship?

1. Pay in full and receive $500 off (sign up with a friend / co-worker and both receive $500 off). By paying in full, you can then train your own clients at whatever price you choose while in class. Former interns have produced over $2,000 during their internship.

2. $500 - $1,000 deposit and then monthly payments (average monthly payment is between $750-1,250).

3. $500 - $1,000 deposit, get Limited Liability Insurance (K&K insurance), find your own clients and train while you’re in class. Show Up Fitness has Trainers In Training (TNT) pricing $35-50/ per session. As our brand grows we may have opportunities to train these clients. WE HAVE HAD NUMEROUS INTERNS PAY LESS THAN $500 TO COMPLETE THE INTERNSHIP. The average school costs over $7,000 — with hard work, networking, and maintaining a positive mindset, you could essentially go to school for FREE.

Do we get CPR / AED certified?

YES! Each internship will have a day to get certified. (CPR/AED is paid for).

What materials are provided for the course?

Sieg and Adams Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy.

What if I’m already a certified personal trainer (NASM/ACE/ISSA), why should I attend the internship?

Do you know the 17-muscles around the shoulder / 35+ muscles around the hip? How about the ACSM CAD Risk Stratifications and how to properly assess clients? Do you know how to program for an athlete via the Needs Analysis OR about Business Development, optimizing your SWOT goals, how to develop a Business Plan, or how to build your own gym from the ground up? Most importantly, how’s your book of business / how well can you get clients? The average business consultant costs over $5,000 to give you general suggestions on how to grow your brand, why not go to school and learn firsthand from a company that’s currently doing it all?

What happens if I miss a class?

Weekly notes are sent out. All material will be covered thoroughly week by week. Meet with instructor & other interns to see what material was missed.

How can I become a trainer at Show Up Fitness?

Show Up Fitness prefers to hire trainers who’ve completed the Show Up Fitness Internship. If you’re a top intern in class, you’ll have an opportunity to go through our 90-day pre-hire checklist.

CURRENTLY A TRAINER AND WANT TO RENT SPACE? Enroll in the internship and you can train at whatever rate you charge for the 4-months.

Will there be tests or a final?

We will have quizzes to make sure you have comprehended the material in class. There will not be grades or participation points. If you want to train for Show Up Fitness, we will have a practical assessment and training session with an actual client that you will need to pass & sign up for training.

Why should I go to Show Up Fitness VS NPTI or AFNA or other personal training schools?


A diploma or certification does not make you more marketable as a personal trainer. Why spend over $7,000+ learning an associations beliefs (only NASM or ACSM) like they do at NPTI, SoCHI or AFNA? Why spend over 6-months going to school and NEVER GAIN ACTUAL EXPERIENCE TRAINING REAL PEOPLE?

We’ve interviewed Fitness Managers at numerous gyms and here’s what they want:

Well-rounded, highly educated trainers who have personal training experience. Ask any school this question, “How many hours of personal training experience will I achieve training actual clients and not other students?” The answer is NONE.