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"90% of Success is Showing UP!"
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At Show Up Fitness, we focus on four resistance training sessions a week.

When you WIN THE WEEK, you’ll be setting yourself up for success by developing a more efficient metabolism — the more muscle you have, the better machine you’re becoming. 

Below are some of our client transformations: fat loss, booty transformations, belly fat reduction, lean body mass, toning up and getting that sexy body. The choice is yours, you can either SHOW UP and put the work in, or stay in your comfort zone.
At Show Up Fitness, we choose to WIN THE WEEK!



I've been training with Thomas since July 2016. The experience that I've had at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica has been incredible. Thomas has taught me how to Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, and Hip Thrust. At first I was intimidating by lifting weights, but they educated me on why I shouldn't be afraid.



Bret has been my trainer since Oct 2015. He is the most motivational trainer I've ever worked with. Being a model, I travel a lot and he constantly develops workouts for me to do on the road and holds me accountable. My glutes have dramatically grown thanks to German Volume Training and tons of Hip Thrusts. If you're looking to take that next step in your fitness life, Show Up Fitness is the place for you!



I found Show Up Fitness on YELP! I've been training with Thomas and he's introduced me to Hip Thrusts, Turkish Get-Ups, and Band Resisted sprints. I love the boutique style and cleanliness of Show Up Fitness. The trainers are all friendly and VERY knowledgeable. Show Up Fitness Santa Monica gets 5 stars!



I work long shifts as a nurse. My back was beginning to give me problems and that's what made me seek out private personal training at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica. This studio is amazing! If it wasn't for Chris and the trainers, I wouldn't have lost over 10lbs of fat and reduce the amount of pain I was in. Thank you guys for being amazing!



I've been a yoga girl for quite sometime and needed some resistance training to compliment my classes. I was introduced to Thomas from another Show Up client and we immediately clicked. He slowly introduced me to movements that I was uncomfortable with. I've been able to lose fat and tighten up areas that yoga wasn't able too. Love this place!

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Lisa and Malory

When we first came to Show Up Fitness in July of 2016, I was a big runner with a smaller frame.  Bret helped us change our mindset by teaching how to lift weights properly and cut back on running. I still run, but I thought running was the best way to lose fat. I've put on solid muscle, and looked amazing for a wedding last year.  Thanks guys!



I've trained with lots of trainers in the states and Australia, and Chris (the Owner) is definitely the best of the best! He trains trainers, and has helped my bum shoulder feel better from a Kangaroo accident back home (DON'T LAUGH!) I love being able to lift heavy weights and not have any pain. Thanks mate!

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Santa Monica: Boys & Girls Club

We've been training a group of 4-10 young kids from the SMBGC since May 2016. They've continue to be the highlight of our week every Tuesday. If you're not giving back, you're missing out. Look at what you can do to help someone be a better person, and your mindset will begin to change. As Chris says in his book The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II, it's about the positive mindset. 

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