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NASM - Online Training

NASM Guide & Online Training

Online Training:

1- 30-minute call 2- Weekly check-ins 3- 4-hour response time

4- Nutritional guidance (Macro breakdown for non-workout and workout days.) 5- Form analysis (film videos and get feedback on ways to optimize form.) 6- UP TO 6-workouts per week designed specifically for your goals and equipment availability.

NASM Guide

STOP wasting TIME & MONEY studying for the NASM CPT certification. You can learn exactly what’s on the NASM CPT for less than $100! Learn from someone who taught NASM at a school for over 7-years and knows what will be on your exam.

Why read chapters in the NASM-CPT 6th edition that you won’t be tested on? Why learn fancy words that you won’t see on the 120-minute exam? For example, DON’T READ CHAPTER 4, you won’t be tested on it!! If you’re tired of wasting hours of your precious time and want to learn exactly what’s on the NASM-CPT certification, this cheat sheet & study guide is for you.

Online Personal Training (Monthly Programs & TDEE Breakdown)

Online Personal Training (Monthly Programs & TDEE Breakdown)

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