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How To Pass National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Training Certificaiton
Trainer's In Training (TNT) vs Equinox Tier 1 Trainers

Tier 1 personal trainer at Equinox vs Tier 1 trainer at Show UP Fitness. The average personal trainer has not trained another human body. The fitness industry is unregulated and it needs change. ENTER SHOW UP FITNESS.

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Become a Personal Trainer for FREE!!

Become a personal trainer for FREE. Learn how interns at Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship in Los Angeles and San Diego are able to complete the course for FREE! The average school costs over $6,000; NASM-CPT costs $500+ and you don’t get to train a single person! At Show Up Fitness, you’re able to pay off your tuition while you go through the personal training program. Where better than any school or certification!

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Developing A Positive Mindset

Developing a positive mindset. The greatest struggles that we have as individuals typically lie within our own psychological barriers and self-imposed hurdles that we are unaware we create daily. In order for us to move past these distractions, it is crucial that we change our beliefs about limitations. Many of us would like to become a skilled person and make a valuable contribution in our chosen field. This is only possible when we have a high level of commitment, visions of positive possibilities, undistracted focus and a strong belief in our own potential. Where Great Trainers Are Made and Better Than Any Certification

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