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REMEMBER YOUR ROOTS! Show Up Fitness West Hollywood

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We're excited to be opening Show Up Fitness West Hollywood (aiming to be open this weekend.)  I bought this coin after reading the book, EGO IS THE ENEMY by Ryan Holiday.  It says, "Memento Mori" translated into you could die tomorrow / remember you have to die.  When I moved down to Santa Monica, most people discouraged the "unwise" move- skeptics are voicing the same thing currently.  To be honest, it's scary as hell knowing my monthly rental obligations are now over 10k, but what does worrying do?  What does fear do?  What does anxiety do?  All of these things can be paralyzing if you allow them to take over.  The easy part is signing the documents and getting those keys handed to me.  The hard part is about to come e.g. waking up at 4am, working 14+ hour days, training everyone for free, networking at happy hours, and meeting new people.  At the end of the day when it comes down to it all, I will SHOW UP. 

When death comes, I don't want to have an ounce of regret,  I want to recall my legacy & empire with a smile.  We're all given an opportunity to do something significant.  Find what you love, SHOW UP DAILY, realize those inner demons are going to try and bring you down, but you're the one who's in control.  If you want it, get the fuck out of that comfort zone and SHOW UP!  

This location will be different than Show Up Fitness Santa Monica because we will have the Academy within the gym.  I always envisioned a school within a gym, how else are you supposed to get "hands on learning" as all the other (shitty) personal training schools claim?  Not at the Academy!  We will have a 4-month internship where students can train clients who come in from Classpass.  Students will finally be able to get the hands-on learning that'll transfer over into real life experience and make their resumes look amazing (we have job placements within Equinox and Crunch.)  I will challenge students to get the client to leave a review on Yelp / Google in exchange for an assessment.  Imagine how beneficial it'll be for students to get real reps by training, doing assessments, and trying to sell packages?  Similar to a beauty college, Show Up Academy will have the cheapest training in LA- you can train 1-1 with a student who's about to become certified (and in my opinion, better than 90%+ of certified trainers already training people.)  We're in the process of changing the fitness industry one student at a time.  

I'd love to see y'all at our grand opening in October.  Please share, follow, and send over any students / clients :-)  That $500 referral bonus for any student who signs up is still on the table.  
Show Up Academy - 7615 Sunset BLVD, West Hollywood 90046