How to do a Military Press with Variations & Bad Form

How to do a Military Press with Variations & Improper Form

Every girl and guy wants sexy arms, but how do you get them?

Every girl and guy wants sexy arms, but how do you get them?

Military Press for the general person:

Every girl and guy wants sexy arms, but how do you get them?  I'm going to speak to the general population first, then personal trainers (general peeps, you can skip the personal training section, just read the workouts and watch the video.) 

The Military Press is a great shoulder exercise.  Any time you press overhead, the main muscles engaged are the shoulders and triceps.  Some things to be cautious of are shoulder pain.  If your shoulder hurts while pressing overhead, eliminate overhead pressing for the time being.  If you're an overhead athlete, I'd suggest limiting overhead presses to once per week and use lighter weights (10-20 reps.)

Form: Once your chest begins to flare upward like you're doing an Incline Press, the weights are too heavy.  It's important to brace your core and have your glutes engaged- pretend like you're squeezing a magical $500 bill between your butt cheeks and someone is about to punch you in the stomach.  In the starting position, bring the weights up to the front of your shoulders, and brace while you press up.  On the way down (refereed to as the negative), take a breath in to prepare for the next rep.  Military Presses should be placed at the beginning of your shoulder day, or if you're doing a full-body / upper-body split, place them after a back exercise i.e. Hip Thrusts, Bench Press, Chin-Ups, then Military Press OR Incline Press, Dumbbell Row, and then Military Press.  In the following video, I will show you the proper form and common mistakes during the exercise.  Skip the next paragraph and go to "SHOULDER WORKOUT" if you're not a personal trainer or interested in becoming a personal trainer...    

Military Press for the Personal Trainer:

The agonist for the Shoulder Press aka Military Press (MP), are the Anterior and Medial Deltoids.  The triceps are the synergist, and the stabilizing muscles are the rotator cuff  (Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, and Subscapularis.)  The humeral action is abduction (Medial Deltoid), therefore, the Latissimus Dorsi are the antagonist.  The scapulae's rotate laterally aka upward rotation (middle & upper traps), while the elbow's extend (triceps).  In order to properly execute the MP, the weights need to be appropriate.  As the trainer, you'll see your clients flare their chest up and out which means one of three things: 1- The weights are too heavy and/or 2- the lats and thoracic region lack mobility, and/or 3- The glutes and core are not properly engaged.  It's called a Military Press, not Incline Press, so make sure your client is not arching their back.  I like to have our clients at Show Up Fitness stand up and externally rotate their feet in the transverse plane, this will help engage the glutes.  Remember, the gluteus medius turns the hip out, which will help keep the pelvis neutral, or slightly posteriourly tilted- this is better than anterior tilted, which can cause too much pressure on the lumbar vertebrae.

Always think about creative ways to challenge your client by adding variations as seen in the video i.e. Arnold Presses, single-arm presses, or accentuated eccentrics.  I also enjoy super setting MP's into lateral raises.  

How to Spot the Military Press:  

Unless otherwise communicated by the client, spotting occurs at the wrist.  Understandably, some of your clients may be using heavier weights, so you may need to support their elbows, just make sure to quickly maneuver to the wrists to prevent elbow collapse in worse case scenarios.   

How to spot a military press at show up fitness santa monica.

Shoulder Workout:

1- Seated Military Press 5 sets of 6-8 reps resting 2-3-minutes  (If you're a beginner, perform 3 sets of 12 resting 1-2-minutes)

2- Standing Military Press 3 sets of 12 reps 

3- Lateral Raises Super Set into Face Pulls 3 sets of 15

4- Arnold Press 1 set of 30 AMRAP (Choose a weight that you think that you can do for 30 reps and then do As Many Reps As Possible)

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How to make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

There are two kinds of people, 1-    Those who’ve accomplished everything and are successful because they SHOW UP, AND, 2-    Cowards who stick in their comfort zone and afraid of failing. 

Don’t begin by telling me that your New Year’s Resolution is to give up New Year’s Resolutions.  This is your time to put all your words into action by SHOWING UP!  One of the best feelings in the world (besides an orgasm), is the feeling one gets after accomplishing something that they’ve challenged themselves to do.  I’m going to challenge you to sit down today (probably hungover), and write a thorough list of what you’d like to accomplish in 2017…

First off, this is a shitty NYR list...

New Years Resolution Show Up Fitness Santa Monica

To make your NYR work, there needs to be actionable steps...Goal #1 – Lose Weight.  

Why?  I want to feel better and look amazing naked.

How will you accomplish this? I need to get a gym membership on 1/3, meet with a trainer, and then every Sunday, plan my workouts for the week (Win the Week.)

Hurdles? Overwhelmed with information and diets.  Not sure where to start and I have limited funds.

How will you feel when you accomplish this goal? If I could get into the best shape of my life in 2017, the year would be a success!  I would feel amazing, especially when I see my ex's fatass.

How will you feel if you do not accomplish this? A worthless pile-of-shit.  Another failure stacked up in my pathetic life. 

Amazing vs a worthless pile-of-shit.  This is your decision to make, which one shall it be?

ACTION ITEM – Post up motivation quotes and images.  By implementing a Positive F&^%$#@ Mindset, I want you to tell yourself DAILY how badass you are.  Go over your braggart sheet.  Put your favorite country song on (or whatever y’all listen to today) and go over that list.  Even if the list is small because you’re focused on the negative (NO MORE KAM’S aka Negative People), focus on that one positive thing.  Maybe you’re a great listener, friend, dog-walker, have awesome hair, or can drop it like it's hot- focus on the good in your life. 

SMART goals Show Up Fitness Show Up Fitness personal training academy

Now start over with goal number 2: i.e. Stop Smoking... Why?  How will you accomplish this?  Hurdles? Etc.

Designing a detailed New Year’s Resolution list should take you a few hours.  The more time that you put into it, the greater the likelihood of your success.  I want you to be part of the 5% who accomplish their New Year’s Resolution goals.  I’m going to help you by giving you a month of workouts for FREE.  Remember, the goal is to WIN THE WEEK by SHOWING UP and maintain a POSITIVE F&^%$#@ MINDSET.  Here’s your key to success:

Day 1: Legs:  Do each exercise individually and rest 2 minutes for exercise 1, and then 1-2 minutes for the remainder exercises: Goblet Squats 3 x 12, Lunges 2 x 10, Leg Press 3 x 15, Step-Ups 3 x 12, *Walk for 30-minutes 10% incline 3.0-3.5mph

Day 2: Upper Body Do each exercise individually and rest 2 minutes for exercise 1, and then 1-2 minutes for the remainder exercises: Chest Press 3 x 12, Dumbbell Row 3 x 12, Push-Ups & Inverted Rows 3 x 10, Bicep Curls, Lateral Raises, Tricep Extensions 3 x 10 (tri-set) *Bike for 30-minutes

Day 3: Legs Upper Body Do each exercise individually and rest 2 minutes for exercise 1, and then 1-2 minutes for the remainder exercises: Goblet Squats 3 x 15, Leg Press 3 x 20, Step-Ups 3 x 15, Leg Curls & Leg Extensions OR Hip Abductions & Hip Adductions 3 x 15, Pallof’s into Planks 2 x 10 reps / 15-second max contraction holds, *Stair Stepper for 30-minutes

Day 4: Upper Body: Upper Body Do each exercise individually and rest 2 minutes for exercise 1, and then 1-2 minutes for the remainder exercises: Cable Row 3 x 15, Military Press 3 x 12, Incline Dumbbells into Bicep Curls 3 x 12, Lat Pull-Downs into Tricep Extensions, Ball Bridge with Band Pull-A-Part 1-minute & 15 reps, Push-Ups & Pull-Ups 2 x 10, *Run for 30-minutes

Day 5-7:  Walk for 60-minutes daily.  Take a Spin Class, buy a month of Classpass and take cardio classes;  these days are to fulfill your FUN part of working out (hikes etc.)  The 4-days of lifting weights are non-negotiable.

* Whatever form of cardio you enjoy if your goal is to maximize fat loss.  If you wanted to do a 2-3 hour hike on days 5-7, then you could add in one more set of each exercise (4 instead of 3), and skip out on the cardio and do whatever exercises you like instead i.e. abs & thighs.


NONE.  Continue to eat like you have, let’s focus on one thing at a time and not make it overwhelming.  How many times have you tried a workout plan with a diet, detox, magical pills, and this stupid waist cincher?  Ya, the more you pile onto your plate, the greater the likelihood of failure.  I want you to WIN THE WEEK for 4-consectutive weeks and see how you’re feeling then.  I will suggest to drink more water, and eat more protein.  After a workout, chug down a protein shake.  If you’re not eating breakfast, start by consuming 30g of protein. 

You'll be successful in 2017, tell yourself that right now.  Repeat it.  If you want some help making some goals, send me an email or a text and I can help challenge you.  We have 52-weeks to win; January is only four, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win them all.  I want you to change your thought process by looking at the big picture (52-weeks vs 1 week.) 

I guarantee you if you adopt a Positive F&%$#@# Mindset and Win the Weeks by Showing UP, 2017 WILL be your best year yet.  The best part?  It won’t only be aesthetics, you’ll accomplish more within your profession, family, love life, and self-confidence.  The key is to believe in yourself, and it all begins by SHOWING UP!

How to read lab results and a blood analysis

How to read lab results and a blood analysis

Howdy Show Upper's!  I'm excited to have my friend and MD, Doctor Chris Perry guest blog today.  He's been a great resource for Show Up Fitness to consult with in terms of contraindications for different medical issues.  He's recently developed an AMAZING sports supplement for endurance athletes that our trainers and clients LOVE.  Ultra 26 is the perfect recipe of caffeine, carbs, and protein to help push you through those tough workouts and/or endurance events.  Check out his website here and or stop on by Show Up Fitness Santa Monica for some free samples or containers of Ultra 26.

I've always been a fan of clients getting their blood analysed every 6-12 months.  It's a great way to monitor what you're putting into your body, how your heart and organs are functioning, and how exercise affects everything.  It's not about how "healthy" you look on the outside, it's about how well the engine and oil levels are working inside.  I challenge you to schedule an appointment to get your blood lipid profile, liver functioning, inflammatory markers, kidneys, and testosterone / hormone levels checked out.  If you're approaching menopause or over 50, throw in a bone-mineral density test (BMD) to see how strong your bones are (which will only get stronger from lifting HEAVIER weights.)  Doesn't hurt to get an STD / STI check as well.  They say it's best to keep it in your pants, but that ain't fun, is it?  So do the world a favor and make sure your juicy parts aren't jaded.  Mine came back all positive which is a great thing.  Wait a second, I mean NEGATIVE right?  I'm kidding, you want all your results to be NEGATIVE, just as mine were.  Instead of turning a blind eye, take responsibility for your actions by getting your blood analyzed bi-annually.  You'll be setting realistic goals and it's a great way to CRUSH 2017. Without further ado, I want to introduce you to a qualified professional who can analyze my lab results.  

Dr. Chris Perry. MD, CISSN, CNSC, and owner of Ultra 26.  

Dr. Chris Perry. MD, CISSN, CNSC, and owner of Ultra 26.  

Really stoked that my buddy Chris at Show-Up Fitness asked me to do a guest post for his blog.  Love what he and his trainers do out there, applying sound training principles and science in helping people meet their personal fitness goals.  And most of all, always emphasizing that the first and hardest step is just showing up!
Chris asked me to write about his blood work from his recent physical, in the hopes that I could further explain it.  With his permission, his recent results were as follows:
Hb A1C                                               5.2%
Alkaline Phosphatase                         60 U/L
Total Bilirubin                                      1.8 mg/dL
Alanine Aminotransferase                  33 U/L
Lipid Panel
            Cholesterol                              164 mg/dL
            triglyceride                              92 mg/dL
            HDL                                         80 mg/dL
           LDL Calculated                       66 mg/dL
           Testosterone                            613 ng/dL
To begin with, let’s take a look at the Hemoglobin A1c (or HbA1c for short).  The HbA1c is a common test that healthcare professionals use to screen for diabetes or, if you are already a known diabetic, to see how well your diabetes is being controlled.  It is useful because it gives a good idea of what your blood sugars have been running over the previous several months, as opposed to just what it is at this very moment.  Sort of like a baseball player’s batting average gives a better indication of how good his season going, rather than just judging him by his last at-bat.  A HbA1c below 5.7% is normal, and values between 5.7 to 6.4% are considered to be “pre-diabetic”.  A value of greater than 6.5% is considered to be diagnostic of diabetes (1). 
Next, let’s look at the liver tests: the alkaline phosphatase, the total bilirubin, and the alanine aminotransferase.  The liver is an incredibly complex organ, so obviously these tests are by no means comprehensive.  But they do act as a good screening test to alert us that something could be wrong. 
Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme found in many parts of your body, but primarily concentrated in the liver, the bones, and (for pregnant women) in the placenta.  With regards to the liver, alkaline phosphatase is an important part of the biliary system, so a raised level could indicate an obstruction.  Similarly, the total bilirubin also will go up if the biliary system is obstructed.  However, there are many other causes of elevations in these lab values, so often they just need to be repeated or to be followed up with an imaging test, such as an ultrasound.  For Chris, both levels are normal, so no issues there!
Like alkaline phosphatase, alanine aminotransferase (ALT) is also an enzyme found throughout your body but concentrated heavily in liver cells.  If your liver is damaged from hepatitis or any of a number of other causes, the cells release ALT into the blood stream causing the blood levels to rise.  A level above 60 is generally considered abnormal and warranting further evaluation.  Chris’s value of 33 is entirely normal.
Chris also seems to be good with his lipid panel.  The lipid panel is in general a very important part of our screening blood work to identify those at risk of developing heart disease.  Interpreting and applying the results can depend on a variety of factors, such as whether or not you have other risk factors (e.g. diabetes or high blood pressure), but a total cholesterol under 200 and a low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol under 100 is acceptable for an average adult.  Chris’s triglyceride level is also great, being well under the goal of less than 150.  With high-density lipoprotein, a higher number is actually desirable, preferably above 60.  So Chris’s value of 80 puts him in a low-risk category for cardiovascular disease.
Chris’s testosterone levels are also within normal range, although this represents a bit of a more controversial topic.  Testosterone levels generally go down with age, leading to many of the physiological effects you normally see as you get older.  As a result, many have sought testosterone replacement therapy to overcome this normal decline.  However, this approach is controversial as there do exist risks, most concerning of which is a potential increase in prostate cancer (2).  Granted, the topic is very controversial, but with regards to over the counter testosterone replacement, the FDA specifically directs manufacturers of such products to state these products are only approved for men with low testosterone due to known causes (3).  My personal recommendation is to only consider testosterone replacement in conjunction with your physician.
Anyways, looks like Chris is okay until his next check-up.  I hope this information is useful to all of you.  Be sure to check out my blog at and follow me on social media (@ultra26sports) for more of my articles and info.  Happy holidays and remember to take care of yourself and keep up showing up!
Chris Perry, MD, CISSN, CNSC
Founder/Owner Ultra 26 Sports Nutrition® Products, LLC
Ultra 26


Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @ultra26sports

1. Chamberlain JJ, Rhinehart AS, Shaefer CF Jr, Neuman A. Diagnosis and Management of Diabetes: Synopsis of the 2016 American Diabetes Association Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes.  Ann Intern Med. 2016 Apr 19;164(8):542-52.

2. Huggins C, Hodges CV. Studies on prostatic cancer: I. The effect of castration, of estrogen and of androgen injection on serum phosphatases in metastatic carcinoma of the prostate. 1941. J Urol. 2002 Jul;168(1):9-12.

3. Nguyen CP, Hirsch MS, Moeny D, Kaul S, Mohamoud M, Joffe HV. Testosterone and "Age-Related Hypogonadism"--FDA Concerns. N Engl J Med. 2015 Aug;373(8):689-91.

What to eat during the Holidays; EAT IT ALL!

How to eat during the Holidays - BE HUMAN, WIN THE WEEK, & EAT IT ALL!

What happens when you tell a kid NOT to date that girl/guy?  They go ahead and date them anyway. When you tell our soft-ass society not to eat certain foods during the Holidays, what do you think they do- THEY EAT IT ALL!  I’m not going to waste my time telling you how many calories are in a piece of pumpkin pie or apple cider spiced rum; I’m going to tell you what I think are the best treats to indulge in during the holidays.  

I primarily write in the mornings at Starbucks between 4:30am-8am.  There are a group of gentlemen in their 80’s who sit next to me daily.  To them, my name is Clark.  Somehow, Chris was lost in translation and Clark was born.  One of the guys died this past Thursday.  He had a pulmonary issue and was only getting around 40% of lung capacity.  He was one of my favorite guys because his vocabulary was "colorful" to say the least.  A few days ago he leaned in after our morning pleasantries and said, “Clark, It seems like yesterday I was running around chasing tail.  I was one good looking kid and I loved women- still do.  My body may be 85, but my mind is still young.  In here (as he pointed to his skull), I’m still that young stallion running around with a constant hard on -  1952 seems like yesterday.  Life’s short pal, live it while you can, because before you know it, you’ll disappear like a fart in the wind.” RIP ANU.  

Why in Gods name are people going to restrict themselves this Holiday season?  Do you think you’ll offset the previous 50+ weeks of eating like shit and not exercising?  The answer is YOU CAN'T.  Don’t be that weirdo at the Christmas party who tells everyone that they’re not going to drink or eat because they want to be “healthy.”  WHAT THE HELL IS HEALTHY?  I see fit guys and girls on Instagram claiming to be "healthy" by “eating clean” and exercising for hours, but are they really?  To the average person, aesthetically they may look amazing, but what about the emotional constipation?  It's like the movie Shallow Hall; there’s a mental aspect to being healthy that we’re not seeing on social media.  Posting T&A pics only shows that you're insecure and seeking immediate gratification via a social media platform, but to everyone else, we know whats going on....

The constant search for validation via “likes” is destroying our society - what the hell is a matter with people today?  As I said in my recent ChrisTalks, to be successful with your fitness journey, it’s imperative to love yourself first- HIPPIE CHRIS FOR 3!  I’m going to challenge you this CHRISTMAS season to do something that few fitness professionals would dare to do.  I challenge you to enroll in the “SEE FOOD DIET” - Eat everything in sight!  I want you to eat this….


And this…

Glazed slices of sausage heaven, and it's not Chris.   

Glazed slices of sausage heaven, and it's not Chris.   

And this whole gingerbread house...

And three of these…

Remember to wash it down with a few apple cider spiced rums.  

Remember to wash it down with a few apple cider spiced rums.  


Leave this little fella alone please.  

Leave this little fella alone please.  

I want you to grab that extra layer of fat around your tummy.  You shouldn’t feel like a piece of shit because of that extra pushion-for-the-cushion.  You should be able to laugh and say, “That right there, is a lot of FUN times!”  That fat doesn’t define who you are.  The actions that you’ve done in the past year do.  How many people have you helped?  How many people have you smiled at?  When was the last time to held a door for someone (and not just because they were cute- GUILTY)?  How many times have you gone out of your way to help someone remember that there are good people in the world?  If you’re worried about your belly, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  The path to fat loss isn’t that hard people.  If you follow these 5-steps, I guarantee that 2017 will be your best year EVER!  

1-    Positive F&^%$#@ Mindset is the first and most important step towards success.  Understand that your capabilities are far beyond your looks.  If you don’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself with a six-pack or smaller jeans.  The more selfies that you take, the weaker you are.  Stop seeking validation from the universe.  You’re awesome, tell yourself that daily by going over your braggart sheet.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Observe your face, specifically your eyes to verify that indeed, a light is on and someone's home.  On the other hand, if you don't see the light, then no one is home and you're vacuous- read a damn book!  Hopefully; you can explain why you’re awesome.  I may have written two books, own a few gyms, and trained over 700 personal trainers, but those INSIGNIFICANT things don't hold a candle to my Thorish-locks of awesomeness...

Chicks dig Blue-Light glasses and a mouth guard - SELFIE GAME ON FLEEEEK!

Chicks dig Blue-Light glasses and a mouth guard - SELFIE GAME ON FLEEEEK!

If you can’t see why you’re awesome, then how can any one else?  It's easier to judge someone else than examine one's self - do I feel something Biblical happening here? 

2-    Win the Week.  To change your physique, you need to lift weights four out of seven days weekly.  This will build a better metabolism, increase your confidence, sex drive and energy.  WEIGHTS; not cardio.  Cardio is FINE, but it doesn’t count towards the four days.  For someone who isn't working out regularly, four days will suffice.  For those a challenge, do HIIT and LISS training on the other two days (High Intense Interval Training & Low Intense Steady-State to maximize the benefits of left ventricular hypertrophy & efficiency of your heart.) 

3-    SHOW UP.  90% of success begins by SHOWING UP!  I’d be willing to bet the reason your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions failed are because you didn't SHOW UP consistently.  Plan for your workouts, and then hold yourself accountable.  Actions speak louder than words.  

4- Smile and volunteer.  If you're truly at a lost, smile and help someone else.  Forget about your ego and focus on helping others.  You'll "find yourself" sooner or later.  In the meantime, who cares about your petty problems- SMILE MORE SCROOGE!  .

5- Be Human.  SEE-FOOD-DIET; EAT IT ALL.  We only live once, the last thing you want to have on your death bed is any sort of regret.  


Nutrient Timing, is there such a thing?

Eggs with ham and oatmeal to start the day off.  

Eggs with ham and oatmeal to start the day off.  

When I originally wrote this article in May of 2012, I cited the book Nutrient Timing, by Ivy and Portman.  The scientific information since then has changed.  Succinctly put, there's no magical window when you have eat after a workout to maximize your #GAINZ!  Even though this 45-minute window has been debunked, let's take a deeper look at the benefits of nutrient timing.  

Nutrition 101. Complex carbs (whole grains, vegetables and legumes) are digested slower; therefore providing sustained energy. Simple carbs (sugars, processed snacks, white breads and some fruits) are digested much quicker providing an immediate spike in your blood glucose levels.  

What to eat BEFORE your workout?  
Try to eat some carbs and protein 1-2 hours before your workout (30-50g of carbs 30g of protein.) Individual's may respond differently, so play around with time frames that allow you to workout and not be full, but most importantly, be able to put in 100% effort for each set.  You might try a sandwich, stir-fry protein bar or shake, some fruit, oatmeal, or eggs.  If you're getting lethargic midway through the workout, add more carbs before hand or try an intraworkout meal like Gatorade with protein.  

What to eat AFTER your workout? 
This post-workout window is for you to figure out what your body requires to replenish the energy that you used during the workout.  Think of it like driving a car.  You need to figure out how many gallons of gas you just used.  If your workout utilized core movements (Deadlifts, Squats, Bench, Chin-Ups) while incorporating the components for hypertrophy (Metabolic Stress, Mechanical Tension, and Damage), then your body will be starving for energy- SO FEED THE BEAST!  The average 175-lb bro stores around 400g of muscle glycogen and 100g of liver glycogen- that's 2,000 calories of potential energy.  If you trained properly (and most people DO NOT), you probably need to consume between 50-100g of carbohydrates.  For the remainder of the day, primarily consume protein, fats, and fibrous carbs.  If you eat everything after a workout because you feel you've "earned the right too" because of the workout, you'll probably gain weight.  What happens if you try to put in more gas than your tank can carry?  It'll overflow.  The body will use the overflow as a form of fat storage.  

Basic BMR calculations

1. Take your weight and multiply by 10 (male), 9 (female).  This is how many calories you need to MAINTAIN YOUR CURRENT STATE.  Your brain, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and muscles require fuel to function, this baseline is what is considered Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  If you're not exercising and your goal is to lose weight, you need to subtract calories.  I suggest a few hundred- the more you subtract, the greater the chance for a binge later.  

2. On workout days, multiple your BMR by 1.2-1.5  Can you go higher?  Yes, but why give an overweight nation the green light to down more calories?  I suggest our clients at Show Up Fitness to multiply by 1.2 and never go hungry.  At any point if you're hungry, eat some vegetables, protein, and drink water.  You'll need to subtract a couple hundred calories to be in a deficit.  The human body stores extra calories throughout the bodies fat stores.  You'll slowly, BUT SURELY begin to lose weight in a reasonable manner.  We need to think of fat loss like debt.  We aren't going to magically hit the lotto and erase the years of bad habits.  It takes time- like a minimum payment plan that's been developed to eventually help get you out of debt.  

Client Example:

Paul  191                                             

BMR Non-Workout Day 1,910 (subtract 210).  I'm going to suggest 1,700 calories for Paul to lose weight.  

Workout Day 1910 x 1.2 2,292 (subtract 292).  I'm going to suggest 2,000 calories for Paul to lose weight.

 Julia 160

BMR Non-Workout Day 1,440 (subtract 140).  I'm going to suggest 1,300 calories for Julia to lose weight.  

Workout Day 1,440 x 1.2 1,728 (subtract 228).  I'm going to suggest 1,500 calories for Julia to lose weight.

These numbers are relative and can change.  The first week will be challenging, but try to be tough.  The second you get "hungry", ask yourself, is this habitual, or am I truly hungry?  If you're unable to maintain the non-workout BMR, here's some rocket-science, WORKOUT MORE!

There's no easy way out y'all.  I suggest all of our clients at Show Up Fitness to WIN THE WEEK- that means lift weights 4-days out of the week.  I then challenge clients to do yoga, spin, hike, take a new class, or go for a walk for the other 2-3 days.  

Look at where supplements are vs energy balance.  Why do we focus on the minuscule aspects of fat loss?  If you want to lose weight, find your BMR, and subtract out a small amount of calories OR lift weights.

Look at where supplements are vs energy balance.  Why do we focus on the minuscule aspects of fat loss?  If you want to lose weight, find your BMR, and subtract out a small amount of calories OR lift weights.

The Chris Diet

The Chris Diet.  If you're looking for the best personal trainers in Santa Monica, look no further.  Chris Hitchko explains what he eats on a daily basis.  Carbs aren't bad, nor are proteins or fats.  Learn what your body functions best on by monitoring hunger and energy levels, while enjoying the foods you love. 


5-years ago I wrote this blog post, “What is the worst piece of equipment in any gym?” 

The post sucks, but to date, it’s still my favorite one EVER.  Why?  On November 20th, 2011, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and do something that I was unsure of- write.  I wasn’t a writer back then, nor am I one today, BUT I continue to practice and improve.  If you ain't learning and growing, you're dying.  I thoroughly enjoy writing.  It allows me to be me.  I can say whatever the hell I want e.g. magical poop-stain.  I vent about shitty students and clients.  I'm vulgar (hence my books title, The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II.)  I love to laugh at my own corny jokes and make fun of myself- the whole process It’s liberating.  I’m still evolving and trying to decipher between a comma, semicolon, and eliminate the use of fillers e.g. JUST.

Throughout the years, I’ve been ridiculed and lambasted that these words will never amount to much.  The negativity continues to amount, but as one of my favorite sayings goes, "2-Legit 2- Quit." Wait a second, that's not it, I meant, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."  Why do we choose the path of least resistance by being sooooooooooooooooooo negative (that's 19 o's)?  It’s easy to talk shit about people.  It’s difficult to acknowledge bravery.  Look at exercise.  People are still trying to find the quick fix- IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!  It takes hard word and SHOWING UP regularly.  30-days from now YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.  There’s NO 20-minute workout that’ll reverse the years of eating poorly in a hypercaloric surplus.  Don’t let this imprison your POWERFUL mind.  Use this as motivation to spend the next 180-360-days (that’s 6-12 months) to become a better, and healthier person. 

I still remember moving down to Santa Monica, most people discouraged the move.  I thank the naysayers.  You’ve encouraged me to continue to grow and challenge myself to be a better person.  There’s always going to be that negative butt-tard who’s trying to take you down.  USE THAT NEGATIVE ENERGY TO GET FIRED UP!   

Take a minute to read the article.  I almost deleted it last night when I was reviewing our NEW WEBSITE (THANKS AGAIN DANIELLE, YOU’RE A SAINT AND ROCKSTAR!)  After much embarrassment, I decided to write this blog post about it.  My mindset has changed significantly from 5-years ago.  I rarely hate on any exercises (minus pretty much anything using a stability ball- maybe this mindset will change in the next 5-years?)  Abductor and Adductor machines are FINE if they’re implemented properly.  If you want to use these pieces of equipment, save them as an accessory or do at the end of the workout because their single-jointed movements.  I’ve dubbed these exercises “FLUFF”, as they make the client happy, but don’t do too much.  So if you want to use these exercises to make you feel better, have at it.  Let me help you put them into the right context….

Machine Workout:  Hack Squat 3 x 6 (rest 3-minutes), Leg Press 3 x 10 (rest 2-minutes), Leg Extensions into Leg Curls 3 x 15 (rest 1-minute), END WITH Abductions and Adductions 2 x 25 (NO REST)

Free Weight Workout:  Hip Thrust 3 x 6 (rest 3-minutes), Squats 3 x 10 (rest 2-minutes), Lunges 3 x 15 (rest 1-minute), END WITH Abductions and Adductions 2 x 25 (NO REST)

In the last 5-years, I’ve grown as a writer, teacher, trainer, son, and friend.  I challenge you to do the same.  Workout SMARTER, not HARDER.  Continue to learn from your mistakes and GROW.  Help others.  Smile more.  And who gives a rat’s ass about what anyone thinks about you- SHOW UP AND DO YOU!

How to Be a Successful Personal Trainer

Chris and Kraemer.jpg

Ask 100 trainers and you’ll get 100 different answers on how to be a successful personal trainer. What does it take to be a successful personal trainer? I believe it comes down to a small, yet very simple list. Here’s my list of five variables that will help you become a great trainer:


As a new trainer, be prepared to Show Up early, and leave late. We take the unwritten oath that we train when are clients aren’t at work- 5am-7am and 5pm-8pm. A key factor in Showing Up is SHOWING UP ON TIME. In the military the saying goes, “if you are not 15 minutes early, then you are 5 minutes late.” This applies to everything in life. ALWAYS BE ON TIME. I hate people who are late, HATE. It has to do with the respect factor. Hands down, my least favorite students have ALWAYS been the ones who are late. Every time someone is late, I imagine the scene from Dumb and Dumber when he punches the sushi chef in the chest and rips out his heart. Shut up with your excuses, JUST BE ON TIME.


As the country boy Chase Rice says, “Head Down, Eyes Up.” What is it with this shitty work ethic today? If you keep your head down, work hard, and keep your eyes on the prize, you’ll become successful in whatever you’re passionate about.  We need to stop quantifying awesomeness by telling people, “If you want to be a great trainer, you need to work 10-hour days.” Or the infamous, “In order to be an expert in your field, you need to amass 10,000 hours.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but there isn’t a magical hour that’ll pass and then WALLAH, you’re awesome. You need to SHOW UP, work your ass off and keep your eyes on your goals.

Somedays you may work 4-hours, while others, it’s 18- SO IS LIFE. Work hard, be proud and strive toward your goal. I’m not going to tell you to wake up at 4 am like I do; you need to find out what time works for you! (Check out Cal Newport’s book, “Deep Work.”)

At commercial gyms, your ass better be there when the doors open (usually 5am.) Grab a cup of Joe (bring one for your boss too) and be present with a big ‘ol smile. You need to be the most inviting person in the room. If you’re a buff dude or have a ton of tattoos, your smile and energy needs to be even higher. A gym is a scary place, so if your biceps are the size of the average LA dude’s legs, you need to smile your ass off so you don’t intimidate everyone.

Your next step is to be seen training ALL THE TIME. Develop your skills by training anyone and everyone. Until your book of business is full, you need to be training all the time, e.g., coworkers, family members, friends, baristas at Starbucks, bar tenders. If you’re that ass clown who’s always sitting around, or re-racking weights, people are going to think you’re a maintenance worker, not a trainer.

Walk up to inviting people and ask them if they’d like a free workout today? Creativity calms all nerves; so ask someone what’s the capitol of California? When they correctly reply (hopefully), congratulate them with a high-five while explaining they’ve just won a free personal training session that begins right NOW.

Let me reiterate, you need to consistently Show Up early and WORK HARD to be successful. Funny how those two factors are the keys to most successes in life. Be prepared to do this for a couple years. Until you’re completely confident in training any BODY, you need experience.


Luscious locks, Check. Biceps larger than mountains, Check. Beard like Zeus, Check. Do you need to look like Country Thor to be the best personal trainer? No. BUT, if you want to be a successful trainer, you definitely need to look like you practice the part. Would you go to a dentist with jacked up teeth? NO WAY. Why would you train with someone who looks like they need a personal trainer? It’s a superficial world, get over it.

I’m sorry, but I’ve never had a client come to me asking to improve his or her personality. People want to have bigger asses, ripped abs, defined arms, and to look amazing naked. You have the opportunity to be a walking advertisement for potential clients, the least you can do is look the part of a fit pro.


WITH THAT BEING SAID, our industry is inundated with vacuous trainers who look the part but have no clue how the human body works. In my opinion, knowing the part (kinesiology, bio-mechanics, nutrition etc,) is more important than looking the part. The average personal trainer gets certified via a weekend course, or even online, and considers themselves a professional- kiss my ass! If you can’t name AT LEAST 14 muscles around the shoulder joint, 30 muscles around the hip, and begin an initial workout with a thorough assessment, you deserve to be prosecuted! SERIOUSLY. There’s no governing body in personal training, where is Gym Cop when you need him?


If you can’t show the value of personal training, aka sales, then you won’t make it in this field. We have the best product in the world that prevents cancer, builds confidence, increases sex drive, and helps us look amazing naked- it’s called lifting heavy shit properly.

If you can’t convey the value of your product to your clients, you’re worthless as a rock. You will have your NEO moment when you fire your first client, and when your clients start showering you with gifts. You know how many bottles of whiskey, country concert tickets, bikes, and Texas Longhorn gear I’ve received from clients? When you show a client that they can achieve anything, you’re priceless. This all comes back to experience. You need to train your ass off, continue learning, helping as many people as you safely can, and you’ll soon understand the value in your services.

In order to be the best of the best in the personal training industry, you need to (in no particular order): SHOW UP, WORK HARD, LOOK THE PART, KNOW THE PART, and BE ABLE TO TALK THE PART.

There are a lot of people who could benefit from the ascribed person above. You owe it to yourself to start setting the norm for personal trainers by becoming that individual who has these five variables.

So, what’s holding you back? LET’R RIP! Take chances. No regrets. POSITIVE F&^%$#@ Mindset.

How to lose 5lbs… FAST?

You’ve got three options on How to lose 5lbs…fast….
1- Don’t eat for 10 days. If you’re an average dude who weighs 190lbs, you’ll roughly need 1,900 calories to maintain your weight (I’m not counting workouts- you’d need more calories to maintain that frame.) So, if you were to consume zero calories, it would take you roughly nine days (3,500 calories equals one pound of fat multiplied by five equals 17,500 calories~ 1,900 x 10 days = 19,000 kcals which would be close to 10 days). You’ll die if you don’t drink water, so make sure to drink lots of it. For the average lady who weighs around 160lbs, it’ll take you around 11 days. Fun Fun, get ready to starve yourself!
2- Cut your arm off. Now you gotta be smart about this one. If you use a chainsaw, it could get real messy and you don’t want to bleed out and die. So I suggest going to the nearest hospital and amputating it in the bathroom. Make sure to be drunk as hell because it’s going to hurt more than ramming a cactus up your butt (without lube).
After you pass out, you’ll need to muster up the courage and continue to cut through the bone / connective tissues – you’re not going to slice through it like fine cheese, it’s going to take some hard work. Stay strong, you got this! ORRRRRRR…..
3- Win the Week by SHOWING UP and WORKING HARD. Do you see what I’ve done here?  To the average person, dieting is considered the easier method. Most people don’t want to engage in exercise because it’s difficult and takes them out of their comfort zone. The previous ludicrous examples make exercising seem like the easier route. In order to lose fat, you need to first identify the mechanism of which the weight gain came from. Eating too much? Not exercising anymore? How long did it take for you to gain the weight? Weight management comes from changing your mindset. THERE’S NO QUICK FIX OR MAGICAL PILL! The answer lies from being constant and maintaining a positive f*&^%$# mindset (PFM).

You need to implement a behavioral change that is sustainable for the course of your lifespan. FYI, you don’t need to go on a crazy diet eating tilapia and broccoli; a big THANK YOU to the bodybuilding world for spreading that crap! Weight gain is merely eating more calories than you expend. Let’s work together and find a recipe that’s best for you. The life of cancer, diabetes, or pulmonary dysfunction is WAY MORE DIFFICULT than exercising for one hour a day. I pose this question to our clients, “Can you give me 3% of your week?” When you view it from that perspective, it seems easier right? Imagine if you dedicated 5% (working out six hours a week- 6/168 total hours in a week). I’m asking for you to WIN THE WEEK, which is less than 3%. You owe it to yourself to sit down, plan accordingly, and make the time to exercise! If you’re stupid and decide not eat for 5 days, or cut your arm off, you deserve the ramifications. Of course, the answer is option number 3.

Here’s a basic workout plan that will help put you on the right path of consistency. Do the following workout 3x a week for a month:
Do 1 warm-up set of 10. Then 3 sets resting 1-minute between sets. Set 1= 20 reps. Set 2= 15 (add weight from previous set). Set 3= 12 reps. Then move onto the next exercise.
– Squats day 1 / Deadlifts on day 3 / Lunges or Step-Ups on day 5
– Bench Press
– Bent-Over Rows
– Military Press day 1&5 / Lateral raises day 3
– 3 Spot Reducing Exercises OR fluff OR Corrective Exercises OR Cardio (Whatever you want to call it).

Bicep Curls – Tricep Extensions – Crunches

Abductions – Side Band Walks – Mountain Climbers

If you want to maximize fat loss, do cardio at the end of your workout for 15-30-minutes walk/run/elliptical/stairs/bike/have sex WHATEVER!

For the fourth workout (Win the Week = working out 4 days), do something FUN- YAAAAAAAA! I know y’all obsess over that word, so make your workouts fun by adding in ONE day of a class, CrossFit, MMA, Pilates, Hike, or a sport like basketball or beach volleyball.

The bottom line is if you’re trying to lose fat FAST, IT AIN’T GONNA WORK. You need to change your mindset in order for this to work (PFM). You packed on the pounds slowly yet surely, so it’s time to take the fat off in the same fashion. Stick to WINNING THE WEEK for six months and you’ll notice a significant change. Don’t expect linear results. Some weeks will be better than others, but over the course of 6-months, I GUARANTEE you’ll be in better shape on day 180, than day 1.

How to Make 100K as a Personal Trainer

If you’re interested in becoming a personal trainer, contact Chris at the bottom of the page. He’s graduated over 700 personal training students.

Let’s start by making SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.  A common question that I hear from trainers is how to make 100k?  Here’s how to make 100k as a personal trainer in 2017. Before I do so, let’s go over my rap sheet as a trainer of 10+ years, teacher, and gym owner:
In 2006, I began working at my first commercial gym.  I made 16k.
In 2008, I was promoted to Head Trainer.  I made 42k.
Between 2006 – 2008 I made a lot of mistakes training e.g. wasted too much time, never planned ahead, didn’t read enough, I wasn’t writing, and didn’t think outside the box on how to help more people.  If I could go back and tell myself two things, it would be to SHOW UP and WORK HARDER (get your ass up at 5am!)
In 2009, I started teaching at the National Personal Training Institute. Teachers don’t make crap.
In 2011, I opened up my first Show Up Fitness in the SF Bay Area (Dublin).  In our first year, we made 16k.
In 2014, I opened up my second Show Up Fitness in Santa Monica.  In our first year, we did 85k.  This year we’re set to gross 150k (already clearing 100k).
This isn’t me tooting my horn (Choo Choo), but in order to give direction on how to make 100k, you sure as hell better be reading from someone who has.  Let me help you make 100k by following these steps:

Step 1- Figure out your worth
In your first 0-6 months at most large box commercial gyms, you’ll be making between $20-30 per training session.  Most trainers begin with zero clients and a handful of floor hours.  During these floor hours, you need to be hustling the floor, making contacts, smiling at everyone, memorizing names, and making an amazing presence- people need to know who you are.  Your goal should be to talk to as many people as you can.  The more people you connect with, the more assessments you’ll schedule.  During these assessments, you’ll be given the opportunity to show your value on why they need to hire you as their personal trainer (PS.  everyone needs a trainer.)  On average, for every 10 assessments, you’ll close three.  Ya that’s right, trainers are like baseball players, we get paid to fail (less than 30-40% is considered awesome.)    As you become a seasoned trainer, that number should go up; at Show Up Fitness, we’re north of 70%.!

In the personal training industry, 25-32 hours is considered full-time (once again, depending on location and self-drive).  In order to make 100k, you need to be bringing in $8,333/ month.  This is the first step in organizing your year.  THIS IS PROJECTED.  YOU’LL NEED TO FACTOR IN SLOW MONTHS, CLIENT ATTRITION, AND SICK TIME.  In my opinion, a great trainer rarely loses clients.  In the course of a year, you should see less than 10% of your clientele leave (relocation, unrealistic expectations, and financial turmoil.)  Here’s what 100k looks like broken down per hour:
At 25/hour you’ll need to be training 80+ hours / week (NOT HAPPENING).
At 30/hour you’ll need to be training 70 hours / week (I smell BURNOUT).
At 35/ hour you’ll need to be training 60 hours / week (plausible especially as a new trainer, you should be hungry at every opportunity to train).
At 40/ hour you’ll need to be 50 hours / week.  Have you ever worked a 50-hour work week?  Ya I thought so.  I’d suggest aiming to make 40/ hour to begin your conquest in making 100k a year.
At $50 / hour = 40 hours         $75 / hour = 28 hours     $100 / hour = 21 hours

What about small group training?  (That’s another article in itself, but I’m going out on a ledge and say that it’s going to drop off around 50% in the next 5 years.)  You need to do your research and find out what the average trainer is charging and their experience.  As you’ll see, the more you charge, 100k seems a lot more reasonable.  At a gym, the price is already set, but as an independent contractor, your rates can vary depending on location and experience.  With that being said, let’s take a look at step #2…

Step #2: Experience & Branding
I’ve had one student graduate in my 6+ years teaching who was able to charge over $100 within his first two years of training.  IT CAN HAPPEN, but you need to get your reps in first.   What is it with today’s society and entitlement?  It took me over five years to make headwind as an established personal trainer.  The 10,000 Hour Rule by Malcolm Gladwell states you need to practice your craft for 10k hours to be considered an expert in your respected field.  That’s 40-hours / week for 10 years.  Where are you on this spectrum?  The take-home message, “SHOW UP, SHUT UP, AND TRAIN.”  Learn how each and every body is unique. 
You need to brand yourself. You’ll never seen me in Santa Monica or Dublin without our SHOW UP logo.

Branding 101:  Who are you, and why should someone train with you (read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow)?  What makes you so damn special?  Start writing… NOW!  Don’t send me a link to someone else’s page, you need to start creating content, TODAY.  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are a start, but I want to see you blogging on your own website (CreateSpace has user-friendly templates to get you started.)  Go to Barnes and Noble and look at all the catchy titles, “How to build a butt,” or “How to TONE your arms.”  You can’t “TONE” your arms, but you gotta play the game in order to get recognized.  Otherwise, some douche-bag will create some stupid workout that won’t do much.

As you gain experience, get your clients to leave reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, Thumbtack, and LinkedIn.  Every person you encounter, offer to train them in exchange for a review.  I’d challenge you to get at least 10 reviews within the first month.  As your clients get results, document the progress, and update your website with the transformations.  People love seeing people transform, not the questionable ones seen in magazines.  They don’t care how ripped you are or that you’re some model (BFD);so you need normal body types because that’s your clientele.

Having “pretty” people on your website / social media may help with getting more likes, but what about ROI and ROT (Return On Investment / Return On Time)?  Time is money and if you spend hours on social media without any lead generation, is it worth it?  Maybe your posts suck, so get a third parties opinion, and make sure to try around with different styles.  BUT, you need to have social media; just don’t spend more than five-ten minutes a day on it.

As you expand your brand and grow as a person, you’ll need the help of someone who’s been there and done that to prevent burnout.  Enlist the help of others by….

Step #3: Seek Mentorship
Why not buy some of those 10k hours from people who’ve already experienced what you’re going through?  My biggest problem isstubbornness.   I don’t like asking for help.  I want to do it all by myself; my way, and win it all.  That’s the folly of Chris.  I’ve learned throughout my training career that this is a stupid approach.  I should have done an internship under a well-respected strength coach like Cressey, Boyle, or Verstegen- COULDA, WOULDA, SHOULDA! The world of kinesiology and dietetics is constantly evolving.  If you’re not learning, you’re dying.  If you bust your ass, ask for guidance, and keep a positive f’in mindset, you can realistically within seven years become that pro (five if you’re a true badass.)

If you work at a gym, go up to the top two trainers and offer to pay them in cash to train you once a week.  The trainer will bite at the opportunity for some under the table cash, and you’ll be learning from the highest performing trainer at that gym.  At the end of the day, you’ll be getting tips and pointers from someone who has more experience than you.  I’d be willing to bet that they probably won’t charge you either.  If they don’t GO OUT AND GET THEM A FREAKING GIFT!  Where has the thoughtfulness gone today?   When someone does something nice for you, get them a gift card or something with some thought behind it.  A little thought goes a long ways.

Step #4: Positive F’in Mindset (PFM)
I adopted this term from the great Napoleon Hill and best-selling author Rhonda Byrne of The Secret.  The secret ain’t special y’all, it’s believing in yourself, Showing Up, working hard, and maintaining a PFM.  Of course, they didn’t drop the F-bomb, but vulgarity is more my cup of coffee.  In the 20’s, Hill would’ve lost all credibility by using the F word.  I wrote a book called The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II, so it’s all good, I’m the Country Thor cool dude (right? HA).  Maintaining a Positive F’in Mindset is the most important thing you can do.

How optimistic are you?  When life gives you lemons, do you say, “Screw it; let’s make a whiskey lemonade?”  Or are you dwelling on the “negative aspects?”  Why not make everything positive?  If you get fired, it’s a blessing in disguise to find your true passion.  When your significant other dumps you, it means they weren’t the one for you; finding the right one will be spectacular.  At Show Up Fitness, we never lose, we either WIN or Learn.  It’s time for you to adopt a PFM.

If you’re training at a gym making $15 an hour, why is it that people bitch and complain that they aren’t making enough?  You know what the average household in America brings home annually?  Around 50k- for a HOUSEHOLD!  If you’re making $15 an hour as a beginning trainer, be optimistic that you’re working.  The first few years are going to define how successful you’re going to be.  How about you flip that negative-Nancy mentality around and say, “Wow, I’m making 50% more than someone getting paid minimum wage!”  You’ll climb the ladder at work and begin making $30-50/ session, but it takes time.  My dad has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and charges $125 an hour.  You’re a trainer with a certification that you probably got online, do you really think you are worth $100 a session? $75?  Get REAL!  The cash cow will begin to steamroll in after you’ve been training for 5+ years.  Sit tight and be excited about the future; stop being so damn negative, KAM.

Step #5: Work harder, then smarter
The average personal trainer quits within five years.  Why?  In my opinion, it’s because people think personal training is a 9-5; clock in and then you’re done.  In actuality, we take the unwritten oath that we train when our clients are not working, 5-9am, and 4-9pm.  For the first 2-3 years, you need to GRIND IT OUT (I hate that word, but everyone seems to understand its value.)  By implementing step #4 (PFM), and planning accordingly, you’ll be able to prevent burnout.  I wake up between 4-5am, read, write, teach, train, workout for two hours, and then train and teach some more.  Every Monday morning, I spend 30-minutes planning for the week ahead by developing my awesome vs comfort zone list.

Your first two years of training, you need to train as much as possible.  I suggest every quarter attending a seminar to reignite a fire under your ass.  Knowledge is power, it should make you horny, I mean hungry.  Years 3+, it’s time to start working smarter.  Let’s revisit the $8,333 number to make 100k.  You should be charging a premium rate ($75-100 / 60-minute session) which will allow you to train less (sometimes as much as 50%).  On top of your hourly rate, discover ways to supplement your monthly income such as online clients.  If you had 10-online clients paying $100 a month for a program, that’s an extra grand a month (1-step closer to your goal of achieving the 100K).  What about finding a protein bar, powder, or supplement to sell to your clients? If you’re a trainer, supplemental income is huge. Just ask Bill Murray from Kingpin

Write a book and sell on Amazon for $9.99?  “The top 50 techniques to lose fat” – If you had a few Ebooks on your website that generate a few units per month, it’ll start adding up.  On top of it all, create some sort of clothing brand that you can sell online.  I’m working on some shirts that say BUFF JESUS & LET’R RIP.  After watching Mathew McConaughey’s speech delivered to the Texas Longhorns. I’ve gotta make some shirts that say LET’R RIP!  Ideally, you’ll have 1-2k coming in supplementally online via your website and products, which leaves 5-6k to make it through training.

By implementing the aforementioned steps, you’ll be on your way to six-figures.  You need to remember why you became a trainer in the first place.  To help people.  If you focus on making more money, you can easily burn out.  Here’s one last step to prevent burn out by…

Step #6: Continuing your education
Every day, when I wake up, I’m excited to learn more, help as many people as I can, and continue to grow.  Isn’t that what life is all about?   If you’re not reading at least a book a month, you’ve got major work to do.  Don’t be that “YouTube trainer” who’s constantly watching flashy videos on trendy exercises.  I know it’s important to increase your exercise library, but results come from Showing UP, implementing the patterns of movement (vertical push & pull, horizontal push & pull, squat, hinge, carry, and unilateral movements), and owning the mechanics!

Here are some great people to follow: Tony Gentilcore, Bret Contreras, Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, Dr. Stu McGill, Ben Bruno, Sohee Lee, Mike Reinold, Molly Galbraith (Girls Gone Strong), Dean Somerset, Dan John, Dr. Mark Cheng, Dr. Jacob Wilson, Thomas Plummer, Tim Henriques, Robert Palka, John Berardi, Andrew Vigotsky, Brad Schoenfeld, Nick Tumminello, Mike Israetel, and John Rusin (SHORT LIST, I PROBABLY FORGOT 100’s OF NAMES.)

Here are a FEW great books to START out with (I’m in the process of developing the ultimate personal trainers start-up kit for continuing education):
Fitness (Text style):  Starting Strength (Rippetoe), Easy Strength (John & Pavel), Designing Resistance Training Programs (Kraemer), Advances in Functional Training (Boyle), 2×4 (Contreras), All About Powerlifting (Henriques).

While 100k is a great starting point, I’d challenge you to aim higher.  Why not 200?  Why not 500?  Why not a million. Or a Billion. Interested in becoming a personal trainer?  Contact Chris who’s a teacher at NPTI and graduated over 700 students to learn more.  530-520-2664.

With Fitness, Half the Battle is Showing Up

Great article by world renown fitness columnist James Fell on SHOWING UP.
Article by: James S. Fell, CSCS, is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and He is the author of Lose it Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind, published by Random House Canada. Read more from James here and the original article here:

I sat in my car, looking out at the pouring rain. “Son of a bitch,” I said.

Warm and wet is fine. I’ve run in the rain in Maui and it was awesome. This was not going to be awesome. This was going to be cold and wet. In Canada, rain always sucks.

Stupid weather, messing with my workout plans.

I sat there in Rhonda the Honda, wasted some time on Facebook with my phone, and debated.

I needed to meet a friend downtown to pick up some tickets from him for an annual epic Stampede party piss-up. Downtown traffic sucks. Downtown parking fees are egregious. Parking 6K away from downtown, for free, then running to meet my friend and thereby avoiding the traffic, then running back, seemed like a great idea. I was dressed to run. I was ready to run.

But, rain. Crud.

I hate Canadian rain. I hated the thought of being cold and wet more than I hated the idea of traffic and parking fees.

Five minutes. I knew I could do five minutes. I also knew that going fast combated freezing. Suck it up, I said to myself. Just go for five minutes. If it’s horrible, turn back.

I ran the 6K in 27 minutes, a good pace, and walked into Starbucks. I was soaking wet and water was dripping from the brim of my hat.

“Holy shit, you ran here?” Dave said. Yeah, I guess I did. I hate forgotten about the miserable conditions within two minutes of hard running, and just did it. Grabbing a coffee the cute barista asked me the same question Dave had, minus the profanity, then, “What are you training for?” she asked.

“Life,” I said. I always wanted to say that. I managed to do it without sounding like a douche. She laughed, at least. If that ever happens again, however, I’m going with “Compressed morbidity.”

Last night I was at a party and a friend was telling me about how her son is in competitive gymnastics, and how the coach explained that, “You are going to miss birthday parties and movies, and there are going to be times that you’re tired and you don’t want to come, so you’re going to make a deal with your parents that, no matter how bad you don’t want to go, you have to commit to showing up for just 30 minutes. And if after 30 minutes you still want to go home, you can call them and they’ll come get you.”

Then the coach says to the parents. “Don’t worry, no one ever calls.”

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. The forecast calls for more rain. I have a plan.

I emailed my friend Stephan, who is also a father, and set up an early morning run. If it were up to just me, I’d probably sleep in, and not run at all. I’d be a lazy dad, drinking beer on the couch, because Father’s Day. If it were up to just Stephan, I bet he’d do the same thing.

But I sent a quick email, sort of a challenge but also a promise of mutual support: you kick my ass, and I’ll kick yours. And so, we’re both getting up early tomorrow to run, because mentally, we’ve already made that commitment. We’ve already shown up. Canadian Olympic Hall of Famer Clara Hughes told me she uses this trick of arranging meetings with friends for running motivation.

I remember having a shitty boss, long ago, and she was great at killing my motivation to do my lunchtime trip to the gym. She’d spend the entire morning sucking away my will to live, and there were times that I’d hit the Chinese food buffet at lunch instead of the gym, and feel even more wretched for the afternoon for having let her win.

Many times, however, I did the seemingly inhuman struggle of committing to just those five minutes. Just show up, I would coax myself. And I would go and start lifting, and it would usually suck at first because I’d be dwelling on what a troglodyte my boss was, but after a while the iron would strip all that away, and it would be fine.

Don’t view an hour’s worth of exercise as something where you need to find the motivation to make it through that entire hour. In most cases, you only need the motivation for those first five minutes.

The hard part is showing up. The other 55 minutes usually go by pretty easy.


Joe Rogan said it Best, “90% of Success is SHOWING UP!”

What’s all this “Winning the Week” talk?

How many times have you heard a client desperately bellow, “BUT I don’t have enough time!” or “I’ve just been SUPER busy,” or “my schedule is nuts this week, I’ll start next week.”  Most of us have heard these excuses.  Let’s be honest- excuses are easy!  It’s the “showing up” part that proposes a challenge for many.  Let me teach you how to make time, and stop using excuses.

Co-founder and acting CEO of twitter AND Square, finds one hour a day to exercise / meditate. I own two gyms, am currently writing my second book, teach 46 hours per week, personally train over 10 hours, and I still find time to exercise at least 90 minutes a day.  Ever try giving examples like these to your friends or clients?  It doesn’t help.  It’s like we’re telling the world we’re better.  “Ohh I work out 10x a week. It’s easy to find time, just do it!” People don’t need examples, they need direction on HOW TO DO IT, combined with some structure and intent. Who cares about Jack Dorsey (Twitter stock is down 68% over the last year), and who the hell is Chris Hitchko anyways (Hunky, #longhairdontcare, single, modern day John Wayne)? Our job as fitness professionals isn’t to make our clients feel worse.  Rather, it’s to educate them on how to move properly, create better decisions, and lead better lives. If you focus on winning the week, I guranatee you that you’ll start seeing results with 90-days.

Winning The Week
A major theme at Show Up Fitness is Winning the Week. I coined this term in the second version of my book, The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II. We’ve found it encouraging for our clients struggling with time management and squeezing exercising into the week. Instead of presenting our clients with, “you need to work out every day” we simply state, “If there’s 168 hours in the week, do you think it’s reasonable to lift weights four of those hours?” The sixty-minutes of resistance training doesn’t need to be continuous, you can break it up into thirty-minutes bouts in the morning or at work, but the important part is to exercise four out of the seven days- #wintheweek (second favorite hashtag behind #ImaBeliber)

With the NBA playoffs in full-action, think of what it takes to win a playoff series- four out of the seven games.  If you lose game 1, it’s not the end of the world.  Lose game 2; no biggie.  Even if you lose game 3, you’ve still got a shot.  As long as you win four games, you’ll advance to the next round.  We encourage our clients to take this approach with resistance training.  Let’s pretend that you worked out on Monday (1-0).  If you were to go to a Taco Tuesday and inhale six tacos and three margaritas, WHO CARES, the series is tied at 1-1- you’ve still got five days left to work out three days and win.  Instead of taking a half-empty approach, we focus on maintaining a positive mindset; every day is an opportunity.  Even if you were swamped with work, kid’s games, family e, and its Thursday, you can still WIN THE WEEK by working out four consecutive days.  Imagine if you told the 2004 Boston Red Sox in the ALCS that the series was over at 3-0?  If you don’t recall, Boston beat the New York Yankees 4-3.

As a country boy who works out 6+ days a week from Northern California, I’m not any better than any of our clients.  I empathize with people today.  Who cares what that tool on a Shredz post is doing, or a NPC bikini girl.  The focus needs to be on YOU.  Some of these stories can be motivating, but for many, it’s a slap to the face. If you’re into bikini/physique competitions, or a Tough Mudder, that’s awesome, but most of us don’t give a rats ass.  For many people these events must seem overwhelming.  I want our clients to be successful based on what their goals are.  Ideally within a month, our clients will be winning the week. That’s my goal. I want your default lifestyle to be success.  This is vital.

What generally happens after the first few weeks of the New Year?  People return to their default lifestyle which is eating too much, and not lifting weights. I feel that if you can change your behavior so that your new default is WINNING THE WEEK, you’ll be one step closer to being a full-time member on the GAINTRAIN- CHOO CHOO!

Step 1:  Time Card. At Show Up Fitness, we don’t demand our clients to do anything, we challenge them. Who honestly likes being told what to do (minus in the bedroom)?  I challenge you to complete this Time Card.  Find opportunities in your day and work week where you can add in a workout.  According to T-Nation, the average person watches 37 hours of television a week (it was a meme with a buff dude, so it must be true.)  To tell someone to cut out watching TV isn’t realistic.  Why don’t you reward yourself with an hour of TV if you workout for an hour?  I like watching basketball games while I workout.  Bring your freaking Ipad to the gym and be THAT person, WHO CARES what other people think- you showed up! How can you manage your time better to get those four workouts in a week?  The purpose of this time card is to teach you how to manage your time better.  Stalk your ex on IG/FB between sets at the gym, not on your ass at home.  You’re going to find a lot of time that you’re wasting.  When my weekly tasks begin to get delayed, I revisit this time card to see what I’m doing.  In 2016, I originally set out to read a book a week.  To date, I’m at s- well under my targeted goal.  I sat down to figure out where my time was going.  I was spending too much time perusing through social media.  I was spending over 90 minutes a day on f*(&^%$ INSTAGRAM; it’s a blackhole.  I have two social media sites (IG/FB), I can only imagine the average person with Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.  Why are we so damn interested in other people’s lives?  I’m only human so there’s no point in getting frustrated.  Now that I’ve recognized where my time is going, I’ve fixed the problem, and in the last two weeks, I’ve read three books.  I’m challenging you to be creative and find five hours within your 168 hours per week to lift weights (I’m even giving you 15 minutes to get to and from the gym.)

Step 2:  SHOW UP. Joe Rogan said it best in the YouTube clip!  Showing Up regularly is what’s going to create the new lifestyle you want to enjoy.  I received an email from a client the other day asking about how I’m capable of drinking 2-3x a week and maintaining my physical stature?  I told her, my default programming is winning the week and showing up regularly.  For some it’s chocolate, others it’s pizza.  For me, I enjoy socializing.  I don’t condone drinking alcohol, but it’s something I enjoy.  One thing I never do is use it as an excuse not to exercise- I’m too hungover isn’t viable.  Any punishment that I do to my body, I take upon myself and will always win the week.  If I were to abstain from exercising, I’d pack on the pounds, NO DOUBT.  But why?  My choice is to exercise, I don’t need any excuses.  The work is hard, but I earn my lifestyle.

Step 3:  Win The Week.  Focus your energy on working out four times a week. Go by week to week; not day by day.  If you get discouraged because you missed one workout, that’s perfectly normal, you can still win the week. Find a friend or co-worker to hold yourself accountable. The likelihood for success increases when you workout with a partner.  You’re less likely to let others down, so find someone who needs a gym buddy.

Here’s a simple workout routine that you can follow for the next month.  WINNING THE WEEK WORKOUT ROUTINE:

Day 1&4:  Chest/Back/Shoulders
Super Set: 1: Bench Press & Cable / DB Row 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 2:  DB Military Press & Push-Ups 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 3:  Bent Over Barbell Row & Arnold Presses 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 4:  Suitcase / Farmers walks (30 seconds) & Face-Pulls (12 reps) & Jumping Jacks (1 minute) CIRCUIT STYLE x 3 rounds
Walk for 15-30 minutes depending on your time constraints

Day 3/6/7: OFF

Day 2&5: Legs/Biceps /Triceps
Super Set 1:  Hip Thrust & Chin-Ups 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 2:  Deadlifts & Close Grip Push-Ups 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 3:  Step Ups & Bicep Curls 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Super Set 4:  Floor Bridges & Tricep Extensions 3 x 8-10 reps resting 2 minutes
Walk at an incline of 10% for 15 minutes or Interval Sprints (Sprint for a min / rest of a min x 10)

Step 4:  BE HUMAN. enjoy some whiskey, amazing food, and good company, because your default lifestyle is now awesomeness.  After a month, I’m confident that you’ve now established a new routine that will yield results, a positive mindset, and confidence.

If 90% of success is Showing Up, lets start Winning the Week!
168 hours in the week / 24 hours per day

Hours, Event
9pm – 4am or 930pm – 430am (pending on the day), Sleep
430 – 9am Write, Website, Business Marketing
930 – 11am Teach NPTI
11 – 1130am Read
1130 – 230pm Teach / Practical for NPTI
3 – 5pm Workout OR Train Clients (always workout 4x)
530 – 7pm Teach NPTI
7 – 730pm Read
730-9pm Teach NPTI

Malibu Sand Dunes

If you’re looking for a ball-busting outdoor workout, let me introduce you to the Malibu Sand Dunes of the Pacific Coast Highway in sunny California. This 300-400 yard uphill sand dune is one of the hardest workouts Show Up Fitness athletes has come across in years. With an incline between 25-35 degrees, this workout humbles superior athletes. I suggest performing an outdoor workout at least once a week to compliment your athlete’s strength and conditioning program.  Here are some of the benefits and difficulties of sprinting at the dunes.

Benefits of sprinting in the sand:
Beautiful scenery, less impact, improves stride length and overall power. The equation to increase horizontal speed is stride length and stride rate.  Resisted speed work (seen in the video with bag) will increase stride length while running downhill will help with stride rate.

Cons: SAND EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, your truck, house, and every crevice of your body will have sand pebbles in it for a few days. There’s also an added degree of exposure to injuries. By implementing agility drills (lateral movements), the ankle joint is could get stuck in the sand which could make twisting movements an added risk. The purpose is to expose the athlete to a higher intense conditioning workout, not injure them.

So if you’re willing to give the following workout a try at the Malibu Sand Dunes:
2x Back Pedal into sprint (5 yards apart)
2x Side Shuffles into sprints (5 yards)
2x Broad Jumps downhill
2x Bag resisted sprints
2x Kettle Bell throw
2x Sprints with side shuffle
2x Sprints into drops
1x End off with max sprint

For more information, make sure to follow us on Instagram and/or stop in one of our locations to meet with the best personal trainers around.

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why Women Should Lift Weights (relax you won’t bulk up)

Why Women Should Lift Weights – With our recent website fiasco, Show Up Fitness has lost the five years of established online presence, and I’m excited! This has given me the opportunity to go through my old blog posts and update them with Alt Tabs, H1 headings, and make sure the meta description is ON FLEEK! Yeop, I just used “on fleek” in reference to search engine optimization (SEO) – start taking notes. Everyone has the option to bitch and complain, but it won’t bring back anything. More importantly, NO ONE CARES.  It’s been fun reading articles from when I first started writing six years ago, it’s almost as if I’m having a weird conversation with myself. The mindset is similar.  I’m still funny as f&*$, perverted, country, love teaching, obsessed with drinking, fit bodies, and boobs.  The biggest difference is how my writing style has evolved into a different animal (I’d like to think it’s better.) Enough about me, let me introduce you to my first blog post from November 2011 with a dash of Chris from 2016 Why Women Should Lift Weights….

Why Women Should Lift Weights

One of the most common misconceptions that personal trainers face is the fear that our female clients will become too muscular if they lift weights.  Would you rather have a flat ass, or a bodonkadonk?   These nasty misconceptions begin with the media, celebrity trainers, and weight lifting magazines such as Shape, Muscle Hers, Oxygen etc. In these circulations, women are in amazing shape albeit they’re lifting light weights. The reader can assume, “if I use light weights, I can look like them.” Wrong. Those girls follow a VERY strict diet and exercise for hours a day. They literally live and breathe exercise and nutrition. Furthermore, they get paid to look that way from sponsors and supplement companies. Does this sound like the average female? Also, consider the following: Photoshop and steroids. I knew a girl who’d photoshop EVERY SINGLE INSTAGRAM POST. Holy shit that would drive me nuts. The scrutiny that women allow themselves to undergo is difficult for me to apprehend (obviously, because I don’t have to worry about my body image with my Herculean bod and Fabio-like hair.) Accept your beauty and focus on helping others, not your Instagram likes.

Celebrity Trainers are Idiots

When I talk with educated trainers who are constantly evolving and learning, this statement does not offend them. Why? As I said, they’re focused on growing and helping others. Say something like this to the average dum-dum trainer and their panties get into a bundle. If you’re a trainer and you take offense to this statement, you’re probably a shitty trainer. Our fitness society focuses on fluff exercises, rather than the ones that get results. Whatever the newest trend is, people will follow the person with the most likes or celebrity trainer; SHEEP. I like the quote from an old school strength coach, “If the equipment wasn’t around 30 years ago, it probably doesn’t work.” I agree. Stick to the barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight lifts (with optimal overload), and your body will transform; stop focusing on CLASSES and start hitting the weights. If you enjoy a class (Yoga, Pilates, or the trendiest buns and abs class) these are FINE to SUPPLEMENT with your four days of resistance training. Sorry to disappoint, but these classes will not build a better body.

Bone Remodeling

It’s important for women to use heavier weights because females are more prone to osteoporosis (osteon = single unit of bones, porous = think of a sponge; holes in the bone). Once menopause sets in, estrogen gradually declines which is a huge precursor to weaker bones. If you listen to popular doctor shows, they suggest Vitamin D, lots of calcium, and “exercise” for stronger bones. This is true, but only to a certain degree- I mean what the hell is “exercise” to the average person? Dr. Kraemer from the University of Connecticut (#MancrushMonday) suggests lifting weights up to 85% of 1rm (that’s a total of 5 reps aka heavy-ass weights). The more vertical the load, the better for strengthening the bones due to axial compression (the spine presses in a good way). Obviously, a Leg Press is better than walking, but optimally I’m talking about multi-jointed exercises such as Back Squats, Bench Press, or Deadlifts. Start with light weights to learn the mechanics (10-15 reps), then slowly progress into heavier loads (4-10reps).


Look around any gym and a person can smell the testosterone. Observe the alpha male rituals that include: loud grunts and designer dental floss T-shirts. Males will gladly add an extra 25lbs to impress a female even though they don’t give a rats ass about how much a guy can bench.  So the science is simple right? If a girl lifts like a guy, she’ll end up looking one.

Cmon ladies, I do applaud your impeccable form, but you need to start lifting weights. GUY’S DON’T LIKE SOFT SKINNY; muscles are sexy! Relax, you won’t grow huge gorilla like muscles because you lack the amount of testosterone that we have (almost 20 times less). Bulky muscles are like BIGFOOT, they’re very difficult to find. In my ten years of training, I’ve never trained a girl who has “bulked up.” Ironically, 9/10 girls that I consult with claim that their traps and quads get huge when they lift (QUADZILLA). After we implement a goal specific training program that suits their needs, sexiness is achieved, NOT BULKINESS.

Why Women Should Lift Weights – CONCLUSION

In the end, adding resistance will help achieve that sexy feminine look. Don’t fret because of the added weight; it’s extremely unlikely that a woman would look like a guy due to the hormone testosterone. The weight will only help reduce the chances of bone issues later in life, and the muscle will help increase your resting metabolism. The equation for sexiness, strong bones and Why Women Should Lift Weights: Bone Mineral Density can begin to improved after six months.

Three days a week, 60-75 minutes (NO CARDIO NEEDED), 2-3 minute rest periods
Month 1
Goblet – Hip Thrusts – Push-Ups – Aussie Pull-ups
10-15 reps (3 sets)

Month 2
Squats – Lunges – Military Press – Bent-Over Rows
8-12 reps (4 sets)

Month 3
Bulgarian Split Squats – Bench Press – Chin-Ups – Standing Cable Rows
4-10 reps (5 sets)

How to Build a Booty

Guys want big arms, girls want an ass. Whether it be from J-Low, The Kardashian’s, or Brazil, asses are like hipsters- they’re the new cool. For a moment, it seemed like every girl under the sun was scheduling a breast augmentation, but times have changed. The sad thing is, girls are getting ASS IMPLANTS instead of working hard to develop them. Let’s clear the air real quick, asses can be built, BUT it takes time. I’m going to teach you how to build a booty.

I’m not talking about uncool venereal diseases like Ghonerea and herpes. STD is an acronym that I created which represents the perfect equation for hypertrophy developed by Dr. Brad Schoenfeld: Stress (the burn during a set), Tension (how much weight you’re using), and Damage (total volume during the workout). If you implement a plan that incorporates these three principles for hypertrophy, you’ll begin to build a booty – I GUARANTEE IT.

How often do you perform burn out sets during your workouts? I’m talking about 30-50 reps or til you get a burn that makes you want to yack?  Probably not that often because it’s difficult, and it sucks. I’ve found when it comes to putting in hard work, people stray away from it. Metabolic stress is a combination of what Arnold called THE PUMP aka cell swelling, hypoxia (lack of oxygen supplied to the muscles- hence why blood flow restriction training works, it prevents blood from escaping), and metabolic byproducts e.g. lactate. If you want to build your booty, at the end of your workout, perform 1-2 sets of 30-50 reps or 10 reps PAST the burn. I have our booty girls do one multi-jointed exercise like Hip Thrusts and a single jointed exercise like clams until their ass catches fire.

To maximize tension, heavier loads need to be applied to the muscles. “Heavier” is a relative term. I had a client bitch the other day about 25’s being “heavy” during a Hip Thrust, yet they were able of performing 15 reps. 15 reps is the equivalent of 65% of what the bodies capable of performing. In my opinion, heavy is less than 10 reps and usually until failure. The following is the NSCA’s 1 repetition maximum (RM) chart: 1= 100%, 4= 90%, 6= 85%, 8= 80%, 10= 75%, 12= 70%, 15= 65%.

The booty girls that I train will perform one core lift to begin the workout (Squats, Hip Thrusts, Deadlifts, or Bulgarians) with the greatest amount of weight. Instead of playing favorites and picking a favorite rep number, I have them perform a variety of rep schemes within one big-ass pyramid set: set 1= 15 reps, set 2= 10 reps, set 3= 6 reps, set 4= 3 reps, set 5= 8 reps, set 6= 12 reps, set 7= 25 reps.

Damage sounds bad, but it’s not. Microscopic tears within the muscle fiber and bone are how we become stronger. There are numerous ways to cause muscular damage e.g. new exercises or movements, slowing down the negative portion of the lift (eccentrics), time under tension (the total time eccentrically, isometrically, and concentrically that the muscle is under tension), and total volume. The more damage that we create, the greater the muscular signaling for repair will be. Mind you, soreness isn’t the best indicator of a good workout.I want you to find a volume that your body accepts. Not being able to get up the next morning because you’re too sore isn’t the purpose. For a beginner, 2-4 sets and 1-2 exercises per muscle group should be fine.  As you develop into a more advanced lifter, 20+ sets a week is optimal.  If you’re not sore the next two days, increase the volume (sets x reps) by 10%. So if you did 3 sets of 10 and weren’t sore, the next workout do 4 sets of 10. FIND YOUR BALANCE! Here are some methods that our booty transformation girls use:  TUT sets at the end of an exercise, 110-120% heavy eccentrics (add weight over your 1rm), and 45-75 second sets. how toWithin the workout: 1 set of Hip Thrusts for 60 seconds, 1 set of Nordic Hamstring Curls, and 1 set of eccentric pistol squats.

How to build a booty.  Show Up Fitness BOOTY WORKOUT: The best personal training class in Santa Monica. Show Up Fitness Bootycamps. Find us on classpass and give us a try!

*Hip Thrusts x 7 (Tension & Damage) Long Rest
s1= 10 reps, s2= 6-8 reps, s3= 4-6 reps, s4= 2-4 reps, s5= 4-6 reps, s6= 6-8, s7= 10-12 reps
*Goblet Squats & *RDL’s (compound set) x 4 (Stress, Tension and Damage) Moderate Rest
s1= 8 reps each, s2= 6 reps each, s3= 10 reps each, s4= 15 reps each (GET A BURN)
Nordic Hamstring Curls & Clams (compound set) x 2 (Stress, and Damage) Mod/short rest
s1(NHC)= 3-5 reps; 20 clams, s2(NHC)= 3-5 reps; 20 clams
Hip Thrust x 2 sets (STRESS) Short rest
s1= 25-50 reps, s2= 25-50 reps
*In my opinion, Hip Thrusts, Squats, Deadlifts, Jumps, and Sprints need to be a part of a booty program.  Overload the hell out of them weekly (75-95%), and they’ll grow.

Check out our booty transformation classes at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica.  Mention this article and your first class will be free (regularly $25/class or $200 for 10).

Check out our booty transformation classes at Show Up Fitness Santa Monica.  Mention this article and your first class will be free (regularly $25/class or $200 for 10).

Patience is a virtue.  I know you want to build a booty, but it takes time.  Your ass is like a plant, it’s going to take time to grow.  If you were to train your glutes 3+ days a week for three months, you’ll start noticing small changes; six months to a year and you’ll notice significant changes.  Looking at your ass every day in the mirror is only going to make you go crazy.  The proper equation to build a booty is to SHOW UP, win the week, and get some STD’s!

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Where You At 2016 – Get Your Mind Right

I have two chapters remaining in my second book. The most recent chapter that I finished was about psychology. It’s been three months since those nasty New Year’s Resolutions have been made and I’m here today to see how well you’ve been doing with yours. What ARE your goals for 2016? What are some factors that have held you back from achieving these goals? Two of my goals were to finish my book and to hit 16k monthly for Show Up Fitness. I didn’t finish my book, and ever since our website redo, our lead generation has taken a big poo-poo. I must be a pile of shit because I haven’t fulfilled my biggest challenges for this year. I also wanted to read a book a week- that hasn’t happened either. Am I going to crawl into a hole and throw a pity party? No Sir. I’m going to go back to the drawing board to learn from my actions. After I come up with an action plan, I’m going to continue with what I set out to do- be significant. I feel that people give up too easily because their goals are not measurable and when push comes to shove, there’s no action. A new concept that I talk about in the new version of The Vulgar Truth Diet: Fat Loss II, are the six codes to live by:
1. Positive F*&%$#@ Mindset (PFM), 2. Win the Week, 3. Show Up, 4. Fix your S.P.I.N.E., 5. Time Management, 6. Be Human

If you’re lost, start by implementing #5- Time Management. I want you to write out what you originally set out to do in 2016, what hurdles have been presented, and actions you can take to achieve them. More importantly, I feel that you owe it to yourself to be held accountable for something that you said you’re going to do. Don’t be that person who constantly says, “I’m going to do something with my life” and end up wasting another year, and our time.

Goal: Finish The VTD: II
Hurdle: Work & too much play
Action: Wake up at 4:30am 5x a week
PlanTo Be Completed By: April 30th rewrite will be done.  Next TODO / hire editor.

Goal: Show Up 16k rev.
Hurdle: Website redesign screw up
Action: Hire an account manager & sit down with an engineer / SEO
PlanTo Be Completed By: 4-10

Goal: Read a book a week
Hurdle: Enter common excuse
Action: Read 30 min 5-530am & 30 min 830-9pm daily
Plan To Be Completed By: Find 3 books I can read within the next month

As I told my trainers in a recent meeting, this is an exciting time for Show Up Fitness because we’ve been knocked down. Successful people define themselves during these times of “misfortune” (Is it really misfortune, or an opportunity to SHOW UP and be awesome?) It’s only failure if you give up, and I’ll never give up. I’ll leave you with this image. What do you see? A dot in the middle of the paper (negative mindset)? Or a ton of white space around a tiny dot (positive mindset)?
Your time is now to make 2016 great; Be Significant.

Stop Using the "F" Word...Fun

Word Count: 801, Time to Read: 3-5 minutes, Vulgarity: 6/10, Tough Love: 8.5/10 aka if you’re a delicate little princess or LA dude (arguably the same), you might want to skip this one.

Stop looking for the nasty “F” word in the gym or in workouts- FUN; BOSU ball jump YAAAAAA! The reason you’re “bored” with exercise is because you’re not seeing results. Do you ever wonder why spin, running, Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and all those 30-minute cardio / group training classes aren’t working? IT’S BECAUSE THEY SUCK! Don’t blame it on your nutrition, these kinds of workouts blow. “But Chris, Jessica the instructor is in great shape (add in a hair flip into the wind).” If you want to spend endless hours taking cardio classes and eating peas, carrots, and tilapia for the rest of your life, have at it. Remember what insanity is? Doing the same shit over and over again and expecting different results. Honestly, what’s different about this year compared to your last? Let us educate you on how to train SMARTER and not HARDER.

Would you rather look amazing naked, or have fun working out? No sane person would EVER say I want to have fun- RAW RAW RAW! If you want to be in spectacular shape, it takes hard work and there’s definitely no short cuts. Think of it like this: do you gain 10+ pounds from eating poorly for one day? I don’t care who you are, the answer is NO. The same holds true for the opposite reaction. It took you months, if not years, to accumulate all that fat baggage around your hips, abs, and face- it’s going to take the same to reverse it. My challenge to you in 2016 is to find fun in other places: the bedroom, building sandcastles, chasing imaginary dragons, day-drinking (remember gremlins come out after 12 am), WHATEVER tickles your fancy! Gyms, or, at least, Show Up Fitness, were designed to build bodies. Our clients Show Up, kick-ass, Show Up again, and get results. We teach our clients to have “fun” by learning how to lift heavier and set PR’s (personal records). You’ll laugh at my corny jokes (what kind of Bee makes honey? BOOB-BEE), but most importantly, you’ll LOVE the new you.


In my ten plus years as a strength coach, guess what female clients hate the most? Men- KIDDING, Pull-Ups. And what about males? Asexual women- KIDDING, Squats. Why do you think this is? These exercises are fucking hard! Once upon a time, our bodies use to be bad-ass machines that were taxed daily. Now, we’ve turned them into pathetic, fat piles of poo-poo. Who’d like a billion dollars to shake my hand (with a pinky finger near my mouth Dr. Evil style)? Y’all heard the slogan before, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Why do Americans continue to fall for the same old shit? The newsstands are currently flooded with idiotic headlines that people buy into, “Get into the best shape of your life with this 19 minute workout”, “Lose ten pounds in 7 days with these 5 moves”, “Actor Prince Fartface gained 25lbs of pure muscle with this program”, and “Detox and cleanse your body in 10 days”. False, hogwash, sheep shit, and more shit. I’d consider myself in damn good shape. I lift weights, at least, six times a week, and do a total of 10-14 workouts a week. Monday through Friday my diet consists of 250g of protein, moderate-to-high fat, and low carbs (vegetables, and some nuts.) If you want to get into the best shape of your life, you need to BEGIN by changing your habits, adapt a positive fucking mindset and start Winning the Week. Anything less, and you’re setting yourself up for failure. PLEASE, DON’T TRY FOLLOWING WHAT I EAT. IT WORKS FOR MY BODY AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS. SCHEDULE AN ASSESSMENT TO CONSULT WITH US FOR FREE TO LEARN WHAT WORKS FOR YOUR BODY. CHRIS@SHOWUPFITNESS.COM

Here’s your workout strategy for 2016:

Mix and match 4 workouts that best suit your schedule: WINNING THE WEEK
#1-Show Up Fitness Bootycamp class
#2- Show Up Fitness 1-1 Private Personal Training session
#3- Santa Monica Stairs
#4- Full Body workout: Squats, Bench Press, Pull-Ups, Military Press, Bicep Curls and Tricep extensions- 3 sets of 10-15 reps resting 1-2 minutes between sets
#5- Upper Body Workout: Bench Press, Lat Pull-downs, Military Press, Push-Ups, Bent-over Rows, Lateral Raises, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions – 3 sets of 10-15 reps resting 1-2 minutes between sets
#6- Lower Body Workout: Hip Thrusts, Lunges, Leg Curls, Body Weight Squats (25 reps)- 3 sets of 10-15 reps resting 1-2 minutes between sets
#7- HIIT at a track. 8 x 40yrd, 4 x 100yrd, 2 x 200yrd, 1 x 400 yard.

You can continue to take all of those flashy classes on classpass, or at your local gym, but don’t count them towards the four workouts. Those can continue to be your “fun” workouts if you’d like. Ideally, you want to use resistance on your muscles a MINIMUM 2x per week. Doing 4 workouts of #3, or #7 would not suffice. OPTIMAL RESULTS = RESISTANCE TRAINING 4X WITH 1-2X OF STAIRS / HIIT.

2016 is the year to SHOW UP OR SHUT UP.

A Glute Seminar with Bret Contreras

What excites you?  Watching football?  Swiping right on Tinder?  A first kiss?  Those are “fun,” but not the kind of excitement I’m trying to illustrate.  I’m a simpleton; girls, sports, some whiskey, and I’m in heaven.  For Bret Contreras, it’s a whole different ballgame; it’s ass.  Not the kind of ass that can be seen twerking on the dance floor to some Fetty Pop song (or whoever the hell’s popular today).  Bret’s passion comes from talking about the largest muscles in the human body, the Gluteus Maximus.

I’ve seen this rare form of passion only a few other times; this little kid being one of them.  Every semester at The National Personal Training Institute, I ask new students what they see in this image.  Is it just me, or is this kid passionate?  As far as we know, he could be drawing a Rhinoceros humping the Empire State Building.  One thing is for certain, this kid has passion.  His vehement energy is comparable to what I witnessed in Arizona at a Bret Contreras Glute Lab seminar.  16 individuals all over North America gathered to learn from the best bio-mechanist when it comes to the gluteals.  To sum up the seminar; Bret exudes passion for the Glutes.
A question on hip ROM would materialize into a 45-minute lecture covering every idiosyncrasy from torque, moment arms, and specific actions.  The most disturbing part?  He’d maintain a mad scientist expression the entire time.  I was amazed at how thorough, and complete his answers were.  He was capable of esoterically answering a question then manhandle Skelly to help demonstrate the answer into laymen’s terms- it was remarkable!

Four things I learned from Bret (without giving away content from his kick-ass seminar):
1. Glass analogy.  We’ve all heard of the famous glass analogy (the PC version).  Take an empty glass and fill it with large rocks.  Is it full?  No.  Now pour sand into it?  Is it full? No.  After pouring water into the remainder of the glass, it’s finally full.  The larger rocks represent the main lifts we should be performing, i.e. Hip Thrusts, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Squats, etc.  The sand is the lifts that complement the larger ones, i.e., RDLs, Push-Ups, etc.  The water could be exercises that you enjoy, or isolating lifts.  Focus on the big rocks, then compliment the rest of your workouts with the sand and water.  Big Rocks = #GAINZ!
2. Hip Thruster History.  Did you know Bret’s a very spiritual guy?  Ya.  He’s an incense burning, yoga mat carrying, organic red meat, clean eating hippie… kidding, none of that is true.  But the Hip Thruster evolved one evening from watching an MMA fight (Tito Ortiz vs Shamrock I believe).  During the fight, one of the fighters was constantly on his back.  Bret thought, “Why don’t you thrust him off?  There has to be a specific exercise to help athletes strengthen this aspect of the sport.”  Following the fight, he went out into his garage and jerry-rigged up the Hip Thrust exercise.  At the time, he elevated himself above two benches that were different heights and used a weight lifting belt to dangle weights below.  After some reps (probably a thousand), he felt a burn he never imagined.  I probably mixed up a few details in the story, I was still in awe at the 16-1 ratio of girls to guys.  Most fitness seminars are packed full of dudes- I was in heaven!  I do recall after this revolutionary moment he said, “I’m not a spiritual person, but I went outside, threw up my arms into the sky and said I’ve just created something huge.”
3. Why doesn’t Bret incorporate sprints into his programming? I’ve been following Bret for over five years; shit I feel like I’m Jim Carey from Cable Guy!  After analyzing program after program, I constantly questioned why Bret
doesn’t have his girls jump or sprint?  Well, I’m glad I went to his seminar because I know the answer- you’ll have to SHOW UP to the next one and find out for yourself.
4. If he could live in any other time era, he’d want to be a medieval knight slaying dragons.  DAMMIT; that’s another lie.  I had to leave early to an Arizona basketball game and forgot to ask him why he had these badass axes hanging up in the Glute Lab.  Somebody say Zombie Apocalypse?

Year after year I urge students to continue their education. The minute you stop learning, the passion that the kid and Bret have will fade away.  Weekends like this light a fire under my ass to be a better person. I originally got into teaching to make a bigger influence on the lives of those who need help losing weight, increasing confidence, performing better, and looking fantastic naked.  I appreciate all the things Bret has done for our industry. There’ll be a time when the “fitness assholes” will not be revered (look at the top 20 of the greatest list of 2016, and many more).  It begins by spreading the scientific word from true fitness greats like Bret, and the Kraemer’s, Schoenfeld’s, Wilson’s, Antonio’s, Norton’s, and Aragon’s. The fitness industry may be the Wild Wild West, but I’m excited to continually learn and do my do part in helping people achieve their goals in a safe, and proper way.  Thanks Bret!

2016 – The Year of More SEX!

Word Count: 995, Time to Read: 5-8 minutes, Vulgarity: 7.5/10, Tough Love: 1/10

Honestly, what’s better than an orgasm?  I can only think of three comparable things 1- A sneeze / popping a HUGE zit, 2- explosive diarrhea.  Not just having the runs, I’m talking about the close calls (Dumb and Dumber).  I had a close call once running around the Lafayette Reservoir (Bay Area).  Half way around the lake, I got a bad case of runners shits.  I tried my hardest to clinch my way back to my truck, but it was on the other side of the lake- I was screwed.  I ended up poping-a-squat in the woods while a squirrel watched.  His look of disgust made me feel like I murdered bambi!  Let’s just say that run back to my truck with taco butt was not enjoyable. 3. Seeing your ex with a short ass dude who weighs 50lbs less than you.  They may “look happy”, but it’s the equivalent of downgrading from a Lambo to a Camry- all you can do is chuckle about it.  Individually I think 1-3 are the closest you can get to an orgasm, but still eons away.  Now, what if you were to sneeze while having explosive diarrhea on your ex’s new partner?  Hmmmm that would be a close call!  Sorry for talking about poop, back to orgasms.  I’m going to help you maximize your sex drive by making a few adjustments to your workout routine and diet.

Remember what it was like to be a horny high school kid?  The undesirable conquest to hunt the world; it made you feel alive!  That feeling of WANTING something so bad seems to dissipate as we become overwhelmed with work, stress, lack of sleep, trying to conform to societal norms, and a bunch of other stupid shit that really doesn’t equate to much.  I’m here today to help you get that drive back.

What is a “sex drive”?
Birds do it and so do bees.  Dolphin’s sexual behavior has been said to be similar to humans.  Lions hump more than 50 times during the mating season (it’s only a few days).  Sex drive is the urge to have sex.  It’s like an itch that won’t go away until you “scratch it” aka jerky jerky jerky.  When testosterone levels drop, your little wee wee doesn’t want to fill up with blood, nor does the well with water.  We can’t have our happy parts deprived of the proper juices- that just ain’t right!  Here are a few things that will LOWER your sex drive.

1. Lack of sleep.  The average American gets 6.5 hours of sleep a night.  Dr. Kirk Parsley, a sleep specialist, says it’s the equivalent of walking around with a BAC of .05.  Nothing wrong with a BAC (I probably have one right now), but the lack of sleep lowers testosterone by disrupting the body’s natural restoration process – our cells and hormones cannot rejuvenate.  Sleep more, or you’ll continue to have whiskey dick.
2. Stress.  Working too much, smoking, drinking, traffic, and constantly worrying, all increase the fight or flight hormones (catecholamines and cortisol).  Excessive cortisol has a tendency to store fat around our midline, shrink parts of our brain (hippocampus), and cause micronutrient deficiencies (these can lead to binge eating and/or cravings).  You better figure out a way to manage your stress levels ASAP, because you’re literally killing yourself.
3. Chubby-Whubbyness.  Having a high body fat percentage aka chubby-whubbyness can lower T levels.  The new “soft skinny”, and “dad bod” isn’t fucking cool.  A) You look like a beta (that’s opposite of Alpha, you’re basically Justin Bieber), B) you’re lowering your sex drive and for what?  Being comfortable?  CMON!

Here’s how you can increase your T levels, confidence, and most importantly, SEXY TIME!
1. Change your body image.  Exercising PROPERLY (lifting heavy weights) and implementing high intense short bouts of cardio is step number one.  This will add lean body mass and decrease your body fat percentage.  Another much-needed benefit is that your self-confidence will increase.  The simple notion of believing in yourself and becoming more confident will significantly increase testosterone levels (see workout at the end.)
2. Supplement with Zinc, Vitamin D, & Magnesium.  Everyone needs more 8——–D.  Get it?  I made a penis out of the keyboard- chuckle chuckle.  Consumption of more Zinc and Vitamin D have directly been correlated to increasing levels of testosterone (only if these levels are low, which they probably are.)  Magnesium is another mineral that is deficient in the American diet.  By taking Mg before bed, your racing thoughts will fade, and your muscles will begin to relax.  I suggest taking ZMA before you go to sleep.  Also, Vitamin D needs to be consumed with fat.  Otherwise, you won’t be able to absorb its contents (Vitamins ADEK all need fat to be carried around in the blood.)  Great sources of Zinc: Oysters, eggs, and red meat.  Vitamin D: Fish, and mushrooms.
3. Visualization.  Let my tree-hugging inner hippie come out for a second.  When you change your mindset and believe you can do ANYTHING, the hardwiring in your brain changes.  We’re a negative nation and that needs to change.  It begins by visualizing what you want.  Recently, I spent 15 minutes visualizing that I would pass my CSCS exam (I failed one of the portions in June).  Naturally negative thoughts flooded my mind before I retook part of the six-hour exam i.e. I’m stupid, what if I fail again, you suck baboons balls.  It took mental strength to quiet my mind and imagine success.  I guarantee that if you spend 10-15 minutes daily owning your powerful mind, you’ll see that the world is at your mercy.  Mental relaxation and visualization will not only help decrease stress levels, but more importantly, teach you how to OWN your thoughts.

Sex Drive Workout
3 non-consecutive days:
4 sets of 10 reps: Hip Thrusts, Bench Press, Bent Over-Rows, Military Press, Bicep Curls, Tricep Extensions, Pallofs
1 day of High Intense Sprints at a track:
Warm-up for 10-15 minutes: running / dynamic stretching.
6 x 40 yrd sprints (rest time will be the time it takes to walk back to the starting position)
4 x 100 yrd sprints
2 x 200 yrd sprints

Take 2016 by the balls and achieve what you want.  Implement these strategies and before you know it, that twinkle in your eye (and pants), will return.  Cheers to a year of humping!!

Why I'm Not Fat

Word Count: 852, Time to Read: 3-5 minutes, Vulgarity: 6.5/10, Tough Love: 3/10

Let’s talk about fat, baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and all the bad things that may be…– Salty Hitchko.  

Before you get your granny panties in a bunch, first understand what the definition of fat is: “Having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese.” According to the Body Mass Index, fat is having a BMI greater than 25 (30 is considered over fatness), or a body fat percentage greater than 20% for males, and 30% for females. If you’re in BOTH of these ranges, then the chances are, you’ve got a little more cushion for the pushin. A little extra fat in the right places may be fun, but too much can be deadly. Do you want to die soon? This soft nation is so politically correct on everything! I’m counting the days until its offensive to call a little kid “cute”- STRANGER DANGER, STRANGER DANGER! I understand you’re a delicate little flower, so instead of unleashing holy hell on why YOU’RE fat, I’m going to analyze the fact why I’VE never been fat.

Let’s start with the three excuses people love, 1- genetics, 2-age, and 3- male. As for #1- there’s no argument here, my genetics are great. My mother has the skin of an angel, and my dad is a “GILF” (Grandpa I’d Like to Fuck). Could this have an impact on my lean mass? Yes. Could it also be that my parents gave us boys the following options growing up: after school you either A) do chores around the house or B) go to the gym with dad? Do I think I’ve never been fat because of these good genetics, or my parents instilling good behaviors?

2- Age. It’s no secret we’re dying; live each day to the fullest by smiling more, helping others, and never have regrets. Does age have an influence on muscle mass and producing fat blasting hormones? YES. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass due to age; the older we get, the harder it is to maintain lean body mass. After the age of 30, we roughly lose 1% of testosterone yearly. At the prime age of 32, I’m at the pinnacle of my existence. But I will admit, I have to be more cautious than when I was a youngster. When I was twenty, I ate whatever I wanted (ohh you dirty dawg!) and hangovers were nonexistent. Today…… it’s not the same. In life, we need to listen to our bodies and adapt. I’ve learned to workout smarter, plan my eating habits, and better prepare for holiday weekends. Do you still get hangovers? Here’s the wisest investment I’ve ever made… PEDYLYTE. Hangovers, what hangovers?

3- Males are better, no argument here. We’re smarter, better looking, don’t need to express emotions, penis’s are prettier than vagina’s, and we have more fun… JOKING! (Or am I???) I love stirring the pot, RELAX. Guys, next time you’re in an argument, use this line, “Honey, stop being so irrational.  RELAX, you’re acting CRAZY, everything is fine, lets eat.”- It works wonders, I promise. Besides some hormonal differences (testosterone is 10-20x higher, and estrogen is higher in females), men and women are actually quite similar, physiologically. When comparing strength to muscle cross-sectional area, there’s no significant difference; females roughly have 2/3rds the strength as males. Females are more prone to ACL injuries in sport due to a wider Q angle (hip width), poor deceleration mechanics, and weak glutes. Besides the Q angle, these can be trained. Quite frankly, the gender excuse is bullshit. If you want a better metabolism, lift heavy weights. If you can’t do a Pull-Up, start trying to do them daily. By adding lean body mass (muscle), and training specifically, you’ll become a better machine. I promise you’ll be able to accomplish these feats! Hard work and patience pays dividends.

These aforementioned factoids MAY attribute to why I’ve never been fat, but how much? I believe the reason is from the P portion of S.P.I.N.E.- Psychology. Behavior mindset and creating positive habits may be the most overlooked aspect of fat loss. From an early age, I was a meathead in training. Those habits are still here twenty years later. Habits define who we are. If your habits blow, CHANGE THEM. I’ve enjoyed lifting heavy shit since I’ve been a kid and will continue to for the rest of my life. There’s no If’s, And’s, or But’s- I’ll make lifting weights a requirement. I work and flirt with the devil (social media, TV, etc) just as much as the person next to me, but I prioritize the rest of my schedule to make sure I train properly and effectively.

ENJOY LIFE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT STUPID SHIT. 2015, and all the prior years were for excuses. 2016 is the year of being a successful badass, with lots of awesome monkey sex and positive habits (not STD positive, which would be bad). At the end of the day, you’re the only person holding yourself back.