206 bones of the human body & Osteoporosis

206 bones of the human body & Osteoporosis

There’s 206 bones in the human body; 126 apart of the appendicular, 80 in the axial. The longest bone is the femur, the smallest are the stapes, incus, and malleus (inner ear), and the most broken bone is the clavicle. The basic unit for the skeletal system is the Osteon. Osteoporosis is the degeneration of bone due to the lack of loading. It’s been purported that osteoporosis is due to “getting old”, but recently discovered that it’s due to a lack of loading- as we age, we don’t move as much. 

More people die every year due to broken hips (the complications thereafter), than breast cancer. 

The solution to osteoporosis is implementing resistance training. 


Did you know the average personal trainer takes a 1–2 day course to get certified? It literally takes more to become a nail technician (beauty) than it does to become a personal trainer!! There’s nothing wrong with painting nails, but I think the requirements to train a human being for 30–60-minutes should have some prerequisites. Could you imagine sending your grandmother or grandfather with osteoporosis to one of these trainers? You need to work with a professional who understands anatomy and proper movement.


When the bone mineral density (BMD)T-score is greater than -1, osteopenia & osteoporsis can occur. As with being overweight and obesity, this can be reversed, but it takes proper weight training (overload) and education. If you know someone with osteoporosis, you need to begin a resistance training program with light loads (12+ reps / less than 60% of 1rm) in a slow & controlled manner.

After a month of exercise, the loads can increase (8–12 reps / 70–80%1rm.) After the second month of training, the connective tissue (ligaments & tendons) are prepared to handle heavier loads 85%+ of 1rm (5 or so reps.) After 6-months of progressive overload, you should be able to see a change in BMD. As with our obesity epidemic, reversing osteoporosis TAKES TIME!

If you’re looking to become a personal trainer, the best choice is to enroll in an internship. Show Up Fitness Personal Training Internship in West Hollywood teaches the foundation of movement, anatomy, business development and the ability to train real clients (all walks of life: osteoporosis, HIV, obesity and bikini competitors.) 

Become a trainer at www.showupfitness.com/training-internship 

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Don’t waste your money on certifications, learn the fundamentals of anatomy, nutrition, and movement. Oh ya, don’t take the NASM CES or PES or FNS — save your money.

How to pass NASM CPT (Chapter 6 breakdown)

How To Pass the NASM-CPT (Chapter 6-review)

The National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Training Certification (NASM-CPT) is EASY. As I say in the video, DO NOT get any more certs after you pass the NASM-CPT (NO CES, FNS, WLS, PES etc) -it’s a waste of your TIME & MONEY. NASM’s science is outdated: unstable surface training is inferior to stable i.e. a goblet squat is superior in activation and safer than a stability ball squat curl press, there’s no need to static stretch before a workout (chapter 7), perform the Durnin Womersley body fat caliper test (chapter 6), do a Shark Skill or Davies test on an athlete (chapter 14), hypertrophy is achieved via maximal tension & intensity NOT time under tension via a 2–0–2 tempo and their programming SUCKS. I really tried to use a better word than “SUCKS”, but putting an obese client on a stability ball for 20 reps with a 4–2–1 tempo is not appropriate. On page 551 & 552, NASM says it best:

“Currently there are no government regulations that require personal trainer to earn a certification or college degree; howeer, most gyms and health clubs enforce certification as a minimum requirement.”


YOU DO NOT NEED A CERTIFICATION TO TRAIN (Unless you want to train at a corporate gym like Equinox, 24-hour or Crunch.) Our suggestion is:

1- Learn the foundation of anatomy, movement and nutrition

2- Internship. Learn how to train people under the supervision of qualified trainers. 

3- Focus on career growth by learning from the likes of Tony Gentilcore, Bret Contreras, Eric Cressey, Dean Somerset, Chad Waterbury, Sohee Lee, Craig Liebenson, Dr. McGill, Dr. Mike Israetel, Holly Baxter, Ben Bruno and the ISSN. 

NOW that you understand that you DO NOT need to get NASM certified, if you WANT TO, here’s how to pass it with ease…

This video will help break down chapter 6 (if you’re looking for a chapter by chapter breakdown, with flashcards, test questions, and what you should read vs not read/study, purchase our STUDY GUIDE HERE.

For chapter 6, focus on the overactive and underactive muscles / tables (a complete breakdown can be seen on page 196 in chapter 7), cardio tests (Rockport & YMCA 3-minute step test), compensations for the 4-posture tests (Over head Squat, Single Leg Squat, Push & Pull), and the 5 performance tests (Bench Press, Squat, Push-Up, Davies & Shark Skill) performance test. Know BMI range for overweight and Obese, what is hypertension, subjective vs objective information, body comp and the 4-sites for the Durnin Womersley (bicep, tricep, subscapularis, and suprailiac).

LINK HERE: http://www.showupfitness.com/online-coaching/how-to-pass-nasm-cpt

BECOME A TRAINER AT: www.showupfitness.com/training-internship

TIGHT HIP MUSCLES stop doing this....

TIGHT HIP MUSCLES stop doing this….

And start doing more of these…

Ball bridges for 3-5 sets of 20-30 reps everyday.

Ball bridges for 3-5 sets of 20-30 reps everyday.

And also some of these…

Side & Front planks for 3-5 sets of 30-45 seconds.

Side & Front planks for 3-5 sets of 30-45 seconds.

Hamstring tightness is generally a sign of anterior core and/or posterior chain weakness. Instead of stretching, do planks and floor bridges for sets of 30.

Do you ever get mad at your gas gauge when it lights up saying you’re low on gas? Pain, tightness, thirst, and hunger are all wonderful signals of our evolution. Why are you frustrated with tight hips? It’s the brains way of informing the organism that something is off. When you stretch “tight”areas, more times than not, the area doesn’t get much better does it? Instead of being insane (doing the same thing over and over again) try strengthening the muscles around the joint.

Instead of stretching the PSOAS MAJOR aka hip flexor, start strengthening the posterior and lateral glute muscles; strengthen the adductors and the PSOAS while you’re at it. Tightness may suck, but it’s probably a mechanism of the body protecting & guarding against weakness which makes the system vulnerable. If you want to take a yoga or Pilates class, SO BE IT, but the reason you feel better is due to the strengthening of tissues. When was the last time you planked for an hour? When you take a pilates or yoga class, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Strengthen your core and that gas is empty light aka TIGHTNESS, will probably disappear.

So if you have tight hamstrings, flexors, or low back muscles, give these exercises a try everyday for 3 sets of 20–30 to see how you feel after a week.



Standing clams for 3-5 sets of 10

Standing clams for 3-5 sets of 10

3-day workout program for an average 165-lb female

3-day workout program for an average 165-lb female

The following workout plan is designed for someone who hasn’t worked out in over 6-months, a beginner, and looking to lose fat & tighten up their glutes and core. When designing a program, it’s important to hit each movement pattern AT LEAST twice per week: Hinge, Push, Squat, Pull, and Lunge. To avoid an injury, use lighter weights (12–15 reps) and moderate rest periods (1–2-minutes.) Each new week, add a little more weight and never compensate weight over form. 


If you’d like private personal training in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, Go to www.showupfitness.com to schedule your complimentary assessment.

Day 1: Do exercise 1 and a together in a set, rest 1–2 minutes, then repeat for three rounds. 

1. Goblet Squats 3 sets of 15 — start with 15 lbs and then increase the weight each set to make it more challenging. 

a. Planks 3 sets of 30 seconds

2. Dumbbell Rows 3 sets of 15 — Start with 10lbs and then each set, increase 5 lbs.

a. Bicycle Kicks (No band) — 3 sets of 10 per side.

3. Incline Dumbbell Press 3 sets of 15 — Start with 10lbs and then increase weight per set.

a. Bicep Curls 3 sets of 15 — Start with 8–12lbs and challenge yourself per set

4. Floor Bridge 3 sets of 20 — Body weight with 30 seconds rest between sets.

a. Walk for 15–30 minutes depending on how much time you have

Day 3 (give yourself 1 full day of recovery between workouts. We challenge you to walk for 30 minutes every day.)

1. Step-Ups 3 sets of 10/leg — Body weight, use a bench if there isn’t a step / box.

a. Split Stance Military Press 3 sets of 12 per arm — Begin with 8–12 lbs, increase per set.

2. Dumbbell Row (knuckles up) 3 sets of 12 — Will be slightly different from last workout, the weight will be the same or slightly lower.

a. Tricep Extensions — 3 sets of 12

3. Tall Kneeing Face Pull — 3 sets of 15

a. Side Planks — 3 sets of 15–30 seconds

b. Body Weight Push-Ups — 3- sets of 5–8 eccentric (just the negative)

4. Walk for 15–30 minutes

Workout 3 (day 5)

1. Squat and a row — 3 sets of 10 per arm

a. Planks for 20–30 seconds (try to beat Workout 1’s time.)

2. Goblet Squats — 3 sets of 15 (use 5lbs heavier than Workout 1)

a. Lateral Raises 3 sets of 15

3. Aussie Row (Inverted Row) — 3 sets of 10. Start with the bar higher (shoulder level) and bend the knees. After 1 set, lower the bar or keep legs straight.

a. Stability Ball Taps — 3 sets of 15 (make sure to squeeze thighs into ball.)

4. Walk for 15–30 minutes

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Dissecting Focus

By: Jimmy Dabney

The core of excellence lies within our focus. We all want to perform at our very best and reach our full potential; now to make this happen, we must learn how to focus properly. Excellence begins to exist only when we connect with each step of the process as we move forward in achieving our goals. Every moment is important in the pursuit of raising our level of consistency. I would like to dissect our focus into six different sections: Commitment, Mental Readiness, Positive Visions & Images, Confidence, Distraction Control, and Ongoing Learning.


Commitment: Committing to constant learning and growth will help enhance our focus. While pursuing our dreams, it is imperative that we develop the mental, physical and technical skills to become the very best version of one's self. Learning about focus can directly affect our mood as well as the outcome of our performance. As we apply the lessons learned from each experience we can then take steps towards improvement. Setting clear goals and resisting inevitable obstacles will help us hold onto our commitment as we continue to pursue personal excellence.

Mental Readiness: Preparing, training, and performing with optimal focus and with the right intensity, will help us become successful. A positive mindset is a crucial component that can enhance our ability to create positive learning opportunities. We then must take advantage of every training and performance opportunity to build momentum towards reaching our goals. Once in rhythm with this perspective, we can find simple joys within the process and stay positive during the various ups and downs we encounter.

 Positive Visions & Images: Using positive visions and images within a practice or a performance can help us see what our potential looks like. Creating positive images may not be as easy as it sounds, especially with the struggles faced along the way. However, the mental, physical and technical skills acquired through the learning process, and the improvement of executing these skills, will help us visualize the images of the steps we need to take to get to where we want to go. Positive thoughts, images, and visions are an inspiration to keep striving towards reaching our goals and our dreams.

Confidence: We all have potential and the capacity to overcome obstacles. Commitment, mental readiness, and positivity can give us the confidence needed to make smart choices and reinforce our focus. Incorporating confidence in our daily actions will speed up the process of achieving our short-term and long-term goals. Conversely, the lack of confidence will slow down the process and cause roadblocks on our journey. Takeaway: Trust and believe in yourself; knowledge is power (see ongoing learning.)

 Distraction Control: Staying present can help to reduce stress, maintain positivity and enhance our focus. Performing consistently well requires us to regain a positive focus once we get distracted (as we all face distractions daily). Reconnecting with our best performances from the past can help us reconnect to the skills needed to create another successful experience. Making it a priority to adequately rest will help our mind to stay on the best path towards personal excellence.

Ongoing Learning: Finding joy in what we do will help us take small steps towards achieving our short-term and long-term goals. Reflecting on lessons learned from past experiences will improve new and upcoming performances as well as help us target relevant focus areas for future improvement. Most importantly… ACTING on these lessons learned will be necessary to continue our growth process and help us be successful on an ongoing basis. Remember this is a fluid process where, ironically, there is no finish line. Life gives us an opportunity to continuously SHOW UP and improve at what we love to do. The commitment to become mentally ready and use positive visions and images will help strengthen our confidence to control distractions and enhance ongoing learning. Focus is always within our control, so now go out there and use it!

Written by: Jimmy Dabney, Show Up Fitness Strength Coach, MS

HELP NICK (ENERGY) - How To Become A Successful Personal trainer

HELP NICK (Energy)

To Become A Successful Personal Trainer, you don’t need to be a cracked-out version of Ben Stiller in Dodgeball, or my personal favorite, Heavyweights…

You need to have 10% more energy than the client that you’re about to train. Some clients may require you to be slighter more energetic than a church mouse, while others may need you to be fired up (enter favorite caffeinated beverage or three.) More importantly, your last client of the day shouldn’t be penalized because you’ve trained ten clients prior to them SHOWING UP! To be successful, you need to learn how to read your clients and the atmosphere that you’re in. If a client is intimidated by the gym, you should be able to observe their body language, temperament, and energy. If you’re training at the Silicon Valley Equinox (known for having a large clientele of retired folk) maybe you shouldn’t SHOWIN UP like Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan Bash at the Beach.

Ric Flair.jpg

If you’re a great trainer you should be able to keep your clients for many years. Be a chameleon and learn how to read people will help you remain in the industry for many years to come (the average trainer quits within 6-months.) I disagree when trainers say you’re doing clients a disservice if you continue to train them after 6-9 months- they should be able to do it by themselves. Professional athletes, trainers and you and I need trainers because we stay in our comfort zone when lifting weights. There’s nothing that can replace a fired-up trainer saying, “LET’S GOOOOO, YOU GOT THIS, THREE MORE REPS!” We’re all guilty of stopping by ourselves, but with a trainer, you’ll push beyond your limits.

Be conscious of your environment, give each session 110%, and have more energy than your clients. If this video by Todd Durkin doesn’t give you goosebumps with his 110% energy, I don’t know what will!

HELP NICK (HUNGER) - How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer


How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer

Do you want to make personal training and health coaching into a career? You need to understand and implement the acronym HELP NICK from the book How To Become A Successful Personal Trainer. In the next 8-blog posts, I’ll educate you about the characteristics of successful personal trainers: Hunger, Energy, Looks, Personality, Networking, Intelligence, Concocky and Knowledge (experience.)

The infamous 6-figure income can be achieved with an assortment of the mentioned characteristics, but the more that you have, the greater the likelihood that you’ll be able to make personal training into a career. Most importantly, when you learn how to HELP NICK, you’ll be HAPPY with your life as a trainer and not burn out like most self-taught trainers (thanks to crappy associations like NASM who don’t give a rats ass about you, they just want you to take all their certs for your MONEY!) When you come into the fitness industry with unrealistic expectations, it’s VERY common to burn the candle at both ends and quite within your first two years. My goal with these next 8 posts is to change the way people look at the fitness industry and avoid the high attrition rate. Let’s begin with Hunger.

How NOT to be a successful Personal Trainer.

How NOT to be a successful Personal Trainer.


The example in the book I use comes from motivational speaker Eric Thomas, How Bad Do You Want It…

Trainers hyper preach about GRINDING and WORKING HARD, but realistically, they’re barely SHOWING UP. The unwritten oath that you’re about to make as a personal trainer is that you work when your clients don’t. That means get used to training at 4am-8am & 5pm-9pm. To be hungry means training and working when your competitors aren’t (weekends, holidays, early mornings etc.) As a new trainer, you need to train everyone, including but not limited to: younger, older, shoulder injuries, back problems, knee post-op, stroke, athletes, fat loss, hypertension, type II diabetes, lateral epicondylitis, coronary artery disease (CAD), HIV, special needs, dyslipidemia, and NPC competitors. Once you’ve been training FULL-TIME (25-35 hours per week) for 3-5 years, you’ll probably be be ready to specialize.

During the initial five years of training, you need to be able to weather the storm of losing clients and a 20-30% decrease in pay due to holidays and vacations. In my experience, most trainers quite within the first 6-9 months because they had unrealistic expectations about the world of training. Personal training IS NOT about training athletes, kids, Instafamous and/or celebrities, it’s exactly the opposite. Learn how to work with the general population for 3-5 years, and then you’ll be ready to turn your PASSION into a career.

Watch what I have to say about HUNGER with an interview from 2016 Personal Trainer of the Year NSCA - Nick Tumminello.

Chris Hitchko – CSCS, Author, Owner, and Lead Instructor at Show Up Fitness West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Dublin, CA.

The Choice of Excellence

By: Jimmy Dabney


Excellence in any domain always begins with a decision and a choice. First, it is

important to understand what you are passionate about. What lights your fire?

What ignites the motivation to make strides towards reaching your potential?

When you answer these questions you then have direction. Many struggle to find

this direction. Once this is known you are already one step ahead of most.

Big Step #1 – As our board member Dr. Waterbury says, “FOCUS is a crucial

component of success”.

Big Step #2 – PERSIST through the ongoing obstacles that you will encounter.

For a joyful existence you must CHOOSE to do the following...

- To excel within your passion.

- To bring full focus and quality to your work.

- To direct your stress in a productive way.

- To respond positively to obstacles.

- To recognize that the choices you make direct the quality of your


Keeping a sense of purpose, passion, and perspective helps to build momentum

when things get tough. What are the reasons for why you are doing what you are

doing? Is it meaningful? What will it bring you? What will it bring to those that you

care about? What do you love about it?

Retaining your ignition allows excellence to become a realistic goal. Constantly

reminding yourself of your passion and purpose will keep your focus vivid and

strong. Engulf your choices in love, joy, creativity and determination to keep your

vision clear. Keep a positive perspective when tough situations present themselves

because it will help you to overcome challenges and strengthen your pursuit of


Choosing to focus can be one of the hardest things to do. Combine a positive mindset

with every decision to create constant improvement in each task of the day. You

have the CHOICE to go through the motions or perform your tasks with quality. If

you are only present physically things will not work. Use your thoughts and focus

together so they can work with your efforts. Doing this will transform your

performance from poor to good, good to great, and great to consistently great.

A positive perspective will allow you to always learn from your experiences and

performances. Apply the lessons learned to kick-start the action needed. Then focus

on what is in front of you to become fully engaged. In doing this you can access free

flowing energy. Align this energy with daily choices and focus to unlock true

potential and create limitless opportunities. Now reach out to grab your destiny!


By: Jimmy Dabney

How to sleep better

A huge problem we see at Show Up Fitness is a lack of sleep. People quickly dismiss sleep as something we will get when we’re dead.  How ironic, because a lack of sleep will kill you.  Did you know getting less than 6 hours of sleep is the equivalent of a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .05? That’s right. When you don’t sleep for 6-hours, you’re on the same level as Chris at the Fig after 2-manhattans.  How often do you get less than six hours of sleep? Instead of searching for the magical potion for fat loss, let’s address the lack of sleep American’s are getting today and help fix it.

Here are the top areas we can help you sleep better:

1-    Technology and blue light exposure.  When we were cavefolk, our circadian rhythm would wake us with the sun in the morning, and the pineal gland would release melatonin aka the sleep hormone when the sun went down. Once melatonin was released, we’d begin to get heavy eyes and try to sleep. Today, we’re exposed to blue light which signals the brain to hold off on the release of melatonin.

That’s right, your TV, phone, phone, iPad, alarm clock, and streetlights are keeping us wide awake. Here’s the fix option 1: Start wearing blue light blocking glasses.  Put these bad boys on an hour before bed- they're less than $10! Option 2: Eliminate the exposure to ALL blue lights: email, phone, and tv 60-minutes before bed.

2-    Limit alcohol consumption 2-hours before bed. Once alcohol accumulates in the blood (the liver can clearout roughly one drink per 45-minutes), it’s difficult to get into deep sleep.  If you need a glass of wine to unwind from a hectic day, take caution. If your glass turns into three, you’ll be unable to get into deep sleep (stage 3 & 4 non-rapid eye movement.) These stages of non-REM help us feel energized and ready to SHOW UP for the day. Here’s the fix: LIMIT YOUR ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION before bed. I’ve found this suggestion to be a huge game changer.  

3-    Limit caffeine consumption. The half-life of a reaction is the time required for the concentration to decrease to one-half its initial value.  *Caffeine is roughly 5-6 hours. A venti Starbucks coffee has around 475mg of caffeine.  If you were to consume a venti cup at 3 pm, by 9 pm you’d have ~235mg of caffeine circulating the body.  Here’s the fix. LIMIT YOUR CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION AFTER 12-2pm pending on your bedtime.  If you have the gene CYP1A2, you’ll be able to break down caffeine faster than the average person, but that’s unlikely you.  Try it for a week and see how much better you feel.

* There are numerous factors that affect caffeine metabolism (age, size of liver, disease, having the gene CYP1A2 or PDSS2.)

4-    Routine. Most of us have shitty bedtime habits: swiping left on tinder, stalking ex’s on IG, watching Netflix and responding to emails. We’re constantly stimulating our minds with new information- no wonder why our minds are racing!  Here’s the fix: Create a bedtime routine 1-hour before you’d like to go to sleep.

A year ago, I made a conscious decision to create a bedtime routine. Here’s what my routine looks like: 

8 pm I turn off my computer and put on my blue light glasses. I limit caffeine only in the mornings and Mon-Thur no drinks past 7 pm.  Around 9 pm, I drink a cup of Chamomile tea while reading. At 9:30 pm, I down my magical Sleeping Potion via Doc Parsley.

 Before I established this routine, I would only sleep through the night 3-4x PER YEAR! I would constantly get up to go to the bathroom, toss and turn, and seek caffeine in the morning due to a lack of energy.  Now, I sleep through the night 4-5x a week and feel amazing. SLEEP is what you’re missing, not a magical pill or flashy exercise. Let us know what you think.  



How To Be Part Of The 20%

How To Be Part Of The 20%

Why do so many personal trainers quit within a year?  Let me help you become apart of the 20% and be awesome!  

101 Trainer Mistakes from The PTDC (The Personal Training Development Company.)

 Read full article from The Personal Training Development Center Here

101 Trainer Mistakes

With a new class beginning at The Show Up Academy this week, I always begin with this masterpiece by Jon Goodman and Personal Trainer Development Center.  This is a great article for NEW and VETERAN TRAINERS TO READ (please read and comment on your favorites and/or things you'd add or take out!) I may not agree with all, but that's the awesome thing about learning and growing as a trainer.


Here are my favorite:

#16 - Great book for every trainer to read. How to Win and Influence People. If you're a trainer and haven't read this... TISK TISK TISK.



#24- Testimonials. I read in a book that the problem with the unemployed is they don't treat their time as if they're employed. You need to be training the hours you want to work. That means as a new trainer, offer up your time to everyone: bar tenders, baristas, bookstore clerks, actors, friends, EVERYONE! Your time isn't free. Each person you train needs to commit to 3x a week, post pictures, write a YELP/GOOGLE/WEBSITE review, and at the end of 8-weeks, send you at least one referral. If not, they'll be fired, or have to pay.

#39- IMO, A lack of confidence comes from the lack of education and shitty entry standards into the fitness industry. I'd say 99.9% of trainers who graduate from the Academy have more confidence than the average trainer.

#73- It's free advertisement. Get with the program.

#87 - SHUT UP; ask your clients questions, no one cares about your drama.

Disagree with:

#8 Smoking during breaks. You're a trainer and you smoke (cigs; not happy smoke)? I don't see it. I'm bias because I've never smoked (guilty of drinking like an Irishman), but I've never understood the whole smoking and being a trainer thing.

#23 I don't necessary disagree with, more so would modify to, "it takes between 6-10 contacts to close a sale."  Stop being transactional by trying to sell so fast. Add value first, present the options for their success, and then follow up, be consistent, offer free sessions to get them back in, send articles, happy birthday notes, and truly show that your trying to help. Eventually, a good amount will come around.

#26 Not giving homework. Who can honestly raise their hand and say they loved homework in High School or College? As a nation who's morbidly obese, the last thing we need is homework, we need challenges. When I challenge a client or student to read a book, drop bread / rice / grains for a month, or take up yoga, they take it upon themselves to subscribe when the time is right. People are naturally competitive, they want to SHOW UP to the challenge. At the end of it all, they're the ones who did it, not someone telling them what to do.  To empower people is something great coaches can do.  

#65 Coffee on the floor. I agree if you're holding your cup of joe with two hands, slowly sipping it, while mundanely counting out reps for your client- ya that's bullshit.  Keep your coffee within eyesight, or behind the water cooler and during a rest period take a sip and then get back to coaching.  It seems to be accepted that energy drinks, protein shakes or pre-workouts are OK, so why not coffee?   It's all in context.


Mistakes that I see trainers make that I would add:

- Get trained by other trainers (similar to #78). If you don't invest in a trainer, how can you expect to see the value in your own services? It's like a dentist who doesn't get bi-annual cleans, WTF?


- Investing in your clients. I think all trainers should invest 10% of what they earn back into each client. Buy them gifts, take them to lunch, happy hours, and / or events.

- Leaving your client unattended / THE FINAL DESTINATION GAME. Passive negligence is a thing. I always go through worse case scenarios. What if a client were to trip over a dumbbell, fall into the corner of a plyobox and roll into the mirror hitting their carotid artery?

-I would combine a bunch of them into= Deliberate Practice, which includes: reading at least an hour a day (nutrition, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, psychosocial development and business), going to workshops quarterly, getting trained by top fit pros, keeping up with trends by reading magazines monthly, and interning at specific interest groups e.g. physical therapy, diabetic or cancer clinics, high school strength coach, or RD's.  

- Working at a gym and understanding the corporate world. I have heard so many bitter trainers leave quality gyms like Equinox because "they're taking too much from my sessions." It may seem unfair to get paid $22-30 per session when the gym is charging $110, but my question to you is, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? You're replaceable. You have a state of the arc facility to practice and hone your craft. I challenge every trainer to get 5- clients in a week WITHOUT using any sort of brand representation. You're not a trainer for Equinox, or Show Up Fitness, you are you. The brand is why people show up (hence #9.) I'm sorry, but you wouldn't have a clientele if it wasn't for the brand on the back of your shirt. BE GRATEFUL and you're time will come. Instead of getting bitter, learn from your experience and become better.

Overall, I love The PTDC to supplement content for The Show Up Academy and thank everyone who's ever contributed. You're the ones who trainers need to emulate.  Keep on being awesome :-)


The Best AND Worst fitness & nutrition MEME's

How long is it before we stop referencing scientific literature like the JSCR (Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) and start citing MEME's?  Let's pretend my grandfather were to be reading this blog post (RIP & Vaya Con Dios Gramps), and begin by defining the word MEME.  MEME = a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users- Dictionary.com.  

Students, clients, and even worse, trainers, are discussing MEME's as if they're the truth.  There are some great MEME's, and there's some really shitty ones, so it must be hard to tell if the information is valid.  Let Show Up Fitness help you navigate through the ambiguous land of The Google and analyze the Best AND Worst fitness and nutrition MEME's.  

#1 for Worst MEME:

THIS IS NOT A REPLICA OF 5lbs of FAT vs 5lbs of MUSCLES!  IDIOTS!!!!!!!

THIS IS NOT A REPLICA OF 5lbs of FAT vs 5lbs of MUSCLES!  IDIOTS!!!!!!!

This is not an exact replica of 5 pounds of fat vs 5 pounds of muscle; IDIOTS!  This MEME is  the exact replica of 5 pounds of fat vs 1 pound of muscle.  At the Show Up Academy in Santa Monica, I have the replica of 5 pounds fat and 5 pounds muscle and they're pretty freaking similar.  Let Mr. Contreras, aka the "Glute Hunk" better explicate in our Best Meme #1:

Bret contreras glute guy Show Up Fitness 5-lbs of fat vs 5-lbs of muscles

On his Instagram post he says, "I'm sure you've seen the images floating around the Internet showing what 5lbs of fat vs. 5lbs of muscle looks like. The replicas typically shown are a giant blob of fat next to a tiny mound of muscle, and you're inevitably left believing that 5lbs of fat takes up 5x more space than 5lbs of muscle.  This is a myth! In actuality, the density of mammalian skeletal muscle tissue is 1.06kg/L, while that of adipose tissue is 0.9196kg/L. In other words, fat only takes up 15% more space than muscle. So 5lbs of fat weighs the same as 5lbs of muscle - obviously! But muscle is only slighter more dense than fat. How did this misconception arise? I do not know, but I surmise that some sleazy marketer fabricated the idea to sell a product or service by dramatizing the visual effects of getting into shape. Whatever the case, this individual clearly never chased down the science like I did. Unfortunately, these images are so common nowadays that they aren't questioned and are passed along as fact. Exaggeration is never a good idea; people deserve the truth."

- Bret Contreras @bretcontreras1

Bret knows his shit and he's what I call a "fitness bully."  Most would associate this nickname negatively, but don't, it's a compliment.  Bret's beyond intelligent.  If you were to gather 5 of the smartest "trainers" that you know, they wouldn't be able to compete with this man's grasp of the scientific literature within bio-mechanics and kinesiology.  Bullies usually use their strength to overcome weaker counterparts; Bret uses his intellect (he's also strong AF!)    

Worst MEME #2:

did you know broccoli has more protein than steak

Similar to the recent documentary, aka worst fucking film ever, WHAT THE HEALTH, by using scare tactics (Steak has more fat), it qualifies the other food source as a superior choice.  First off, don't watch that documentary, it's terrible.  Second, how good are you with numbers?  At face value, this MEME make sense, right?   Hold on for one second and lets take a look at BEST MEME #2:

The Chow Babe, as she says on her Facebook page, "Organic Living, Nutrition, Fitness...screw all of that. We're just satirizing Food Babe. She's nuts" breaks down those numbers.  100-calories of steak is not even a freaking bite, whereas 100-calories of broccoli is over half a pound.  I don't know about you, but if I'm looking for a great protein source, I'll stick with 8-10 ounces of steak and add a few ounces of broccoli to compliment it.  Let it be noted, we're not saying broccoli is bad, or not filled with phytochemicals (it is.)  What were attacking is the idiocy of claiming broccoli is a better protein source compared to steak.  If you're a vegetarian it's a great choice, otherwise, STEAK for the win.  

Onto the Best MEME #3

Seriously, KERMIE MEME's can't be beat!

Back to fitness & nutrition.... Worst MEME #3

"Milk is bad, we're not designed to drink it, and we're the only other animals who drink other animals milk."  When it comes to diary products, there's a ton of weird shit people come up with.  Let us ponder what else humans can do e.g. go to the moon, shit on a toilet, and have ALEXA on Amazon.  EVERYTHING is bad and will probably cause cancer sooner or later e.g. Drink too much water and you can die (hyponatremia), workout too long and hard and you'll die (rhabdomyolysis.)  Humans have evolved to drink milk as an advantage.  When we began to domesticate cattle (e.g. Northern Europe) we could survive the harsh winters by drinking cows milk.  We eat everything else on a cow, but why do we demonize the milk? PUS CELLS, Antibiotics, and Bovine Growth Hormone; oh my!  Pus cells are confused by the non-farmer as somatic cells.  These cells (which mainly consist of white blood cells aka leukocytes) when elevated, indicate an infection in an organism.  The FDA regulates the maximal allowable somatic cell count to be 600,000-750,000 cells per milliliter*.  Sometimes cows can develop an infection which is called mastitis (humans can too.)  This infection leads people to believe that ALL milk is filled with "pus."  NOT TRUE.  For all you conspiracy theorists, I'm sorry to inform you that our government ISN'T TRYING TO KILL US or are they hiding the cure for AIDS /Cancer.  When a cow has mastitis, you need to, A- Massage it out by milking the cow (if you were to get this on film, it would look like a farmer is milking "pus" and then deliberately giving to consumers- NOT THE CASE. They have to throw it away,) B- the animal goes on antibiotics.  The milk is then delivered to a processing plant to make sure no harmful residues are detected.  CONTAMINATED MILK RESULTS IN A LARGE FINE! Do you even know a farmer?  Seriously?  Or are you reading a blog from David Wolff?  The next time you come across a farmer, ask them to break down their job in detail.  Milk is highly regulated.  As with anything, there may be trace amounts of particles.  If this bugs you, don't eat or drink it, and PLEASE don't bother anyone who chooses to do so.  I guarantee your bathroom floor, bed sheets, and fingers are filthier than what we consume at the store.  

The evidence behind recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is inconclusive.  People freak out because cows are able to produce more milk with the use of this synthetic hormone (rBGH) which produces more IGF (insulin-like growth factor).   Increases in IGF MAY BE linked to cancer.  Therefore, drinking milk gives us cancer.  hmmmm, not so fast, that's not Logic 101...

A = B

B = C


A = C

If that's the case, then:

A = B: You can die from an increase in blood pressure (true) 

B = C: Blood pressure increases during sex (true)

A = C: If you have sex, you will die (I HOPE NOT!)

Our bodies are badass and the proteins of hormones are denatured during the digestion process. This is the reason why many anabolic hormones are not ingested, they're injected (Insulin cannot be taken orally, nor can many forms of testosterone.  The active chemicals are present in the oral form, but once digested, are denatured into inactive chemicals and removed via the liver.)  If you are concerned about hormones, you can pay more for the "hormone free."

I don't care if you drink milk, nor am I telling you to start; if you do, SWEET, if you don't, SWEET!  As the American Cancer Society states, the evidence behind milk consumption is INCONCLUSIVE and more studies are needed.  Personally, I haven't had milk in ages due to my intolerance to lactose.  Recently, I began drinking lactose free milk (1-2 cartons a week) without any gastrointestinal distress.  I will continue to drink milk until otherwise noted.  It's frustrating hearing about the misconceptions about milk, and I care about the information being delivered to the public.  Research isn't typing in "is milk good for humans?"  Research done well is performed via a meta-analysis as seen below, and to date, milk (if you want to drink it), is FINE...

Meta-Analysis on Milk Consumption

Read more from the United States Department of Agriculture: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Food Regulation HERE

Speaking of detoxing, BEST MEME #4

Detoxing 101 summarized perfectly by the reliable and educated Jordan Syatt.  Succinctly put, be thankful for your kidneys, liver, and lungs, they take care of everything for you.  If you'd like some liver support because you drink more whiskey than an Irishman, drink more water, exercise, and supplement with some Milk Thistle.

Onto the last Best MEME #5

It doesn't matter the diet aka lifestyle, that you subscribe too.  What matters is if you can adhere to the diet for your life.  At the end of the day, WHATEVER works for you to be mentally and physically happy without harassing other people with your confirmation bias.  


Traits of a Successful Personal Trainer

By: Bret Lusis

Traits of a Successful Personal Trainer

Everyone and their aunt is a personal trainer today, what sets you a part?

Everyone and their aunt is a personal trainer today, what sets you a part?


Intro: Today in the fitness industry it is not unusual to see clients leaving their trainers within a month.  Common excuses range from, “Money is a little tight,” to “Work is crazy.” Yes, clients could be experiencing certain issues, but odds are the reason they didn’t commit is that they did not see the value in your services.  Imagine this….
Would you like to buy a $400-dollar cup of coffee?
What if I told you that cup of coffee will give you the best sex of your life, build confidence, and add nine-years to your life?  Yes, really, nine-years…. READ HERE.  Today I would like to review what I’ve dubbed the dubbed The 3 P’s to make a trainer successful. 
The 3 P’s: Personalize, Prioritize, Prepare

The other day at the gym I thought it would be interesting to eavesdrop on some conversations between trainers and clients. Most of the conversations were banal with the trainer's halfhearted attempt to motivate, “Five more reps, 1,2,3,4,5” – as if the client is paying $120 for a personal counter.  The conversations were very mundane, to say the least.  When I train at Show Up Fitness, I always make my clients a priority and take the time to develop a relationship; no two clients are the same so why would you train them like they are (Laziness, or is the industry filled with shitty trainers?)  I’ll research what they enjoy e.g. if your client loves the Seattle Seahawks, learn about them - I don’t care if you don’t watch or even like football, the sessions are not about you, LEARN ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS!   Your clients notice that you’re listening and care about their interests; getting stronger or losing fat may be why they signed up, but they’ll remain a client for life if you add value by establishing a positive relationship.  I enjoy my clients so much that I take them out for dinner or drinks, at least the ones who SHOW UP.  They’re investing into their lifestyle and future by paying you, why not invest back into them?  
Next time you are in the gym pay attention to the trainer who has 18 clients’ versus the one who has two.  I guarantee the booked trainer has unique bonds with each client, as Bret Bartholomew says, “You must earn the trust of your athlete,” which he calls the BUY IN.
I still remember the first client who signed up with me.  At a corporate gym like Crunch or Equinox, trainers are required to prospect and get their own clients, or if they’re lucky, sometimes be handed clients via management.  At Show Up, I MAY get 1-2 assessments a month and I had to grind hard to get them (keep in mind, Show Up Fitness is a start-up personal training company who’s kicking major-ass by the way!) After going through the assessment, the female client agreed to a 12-session package at $60 per session (my commission was 50%.)  $600 is minuscule compared to some of the 3K+ training packages, but think of it like this, you could lease a Mercedes CLA250 Coupe for that amount!  The point is, it doesn’t matter what your client invests ($60 or $150 per session), their investment should be taken seriously.  Make your clients a priority from session 1 to session 100. Having a strong reputation is essential for succeeding in this business, and it begins with getting your first client and helping them achieve their goals.  

best personal training schools in the nation - santa monica

You can look at this rule from a few different angles: Mental Preparation, Program Preparation, or Facility Preparation.  Let me start with the mental aspect.
Mental Preparation:

Unlike a desk job, when I train, I have to inspire, motivate, and educate people at all sorts of time throughout the day.  I can’t turn away from my clients like you can to a computer screen.  I can’t go rage on a Sunday knowing I can avoid my boss on Monday by being hung-over at my corner desk.  I challenge myself to Show UP every day FIRED UP!  I focus on being positive, smiling, and asking genuine questions - because I CARE!  Think of how’d you want to be treated at 6 AM in the morning?  Intelligent trainers can adapt to client personalities at 5 AM or 11PM; not the other way around.
Program Preparation:

Programming my workouts is the equivalent of becoming a better writer.  I’m not going lie, this took me a solid 90-minutes to write.  I know with time and hard work, I’ll get better.  I’d rather try something I’m not the best at than sit in my comfort zone and be mediocre or scared.  As a new trainer, you need to write out your clients workouts.  Early in my career, I would try to fit every exercise in the workout to try and please the client.   That’s normal BUT STOP NOW.  I know you want to “WOW” your clients so you keep them entertained like a dog by showing them new tricks, but you want your clients to come back right?
Results do that, not circus tricks.  I agree it’s important to create enjoyable workouts, but you need to understand how results are attained.  As fun as it might sound to a client to focus on certain areas (we know spot reduction isn’t possible, right?), the results come by overloading movement patterns, showing up regularly and working hard!  
• Hinge (Deadlifts / Hip Thrusts)
• Squat (Back Squat / Goblets)
• Vert/Hor. Press (Military Press / Bench Press)
• Vert/Hor. Pull (Pull-Ups, Bent Over Rows)
• Carrying stuff (Farmer Walks)
• Caloric deficit (fat loss) or surplus (GAINZ)
KISS (Keep it simple shithead) and educate your clients! You can add in accessory work aka fluff by adding in exercises that you can feel e.g. clams, curls, or even burpees (don't kill me Chris), but explain to your clients a workout comprised of just these exercises, wouldn't create sufficient overload aka NO GAINZ!  It's tough as trainers because we have to play the game. 
 We need to build relationships, but at the same time, get results and compete with all the circus acts that people "claim get results."  So, I have to play the game by getting my client's glutes to burn via exercises like clams or donkey kicks, but in reality, it was heavy Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts and Winning the Week.
Gym Facility Preparation:
The last concept isn’t rocket science, keep your facility like you keep your apartment before a significant other comes over for the first time.  If your place looks and smells crummy, people probably aren’t going to SHOW UP.  It’s the small things that can create a pleasurable experience (fella’s, girls love a man with an impressively clean bathroom- trust me!)  Next, after your done with an exercise, put the equipment back so the next trainer can use it.  Also remember that your company functions as a unit, not a fraternity house- HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHERS!  
Take Away:
As a trainer or gym owner, there are a plethora of characteristics that make up a successful trainer (read Mr. Hitchko's book here!)- we're trainers, not super hero’s, it's ok not to possess them all.  The three P’s does provide a checklist of what you should be focusing on to reach your full potential.  Don’t be that trainer who settles for mediocrity by staying in your comfort zone.  Take pride in your job and brand, and as we say at Show Up, “90 percent of success is SHOWING UP!” 

How to be a successful personal trainer chris hitchko show up fitness academy santa monica

Are you GREAT, or good?

May 25th, 2017, 4:30 am Santa Monica, CA.
Chris- "Hello Amber, how are you?"
Amber (Barista at Starbucks) - "I’m good Chris; Grande or Venti?"
While I paused to look up from The Snowball Warren Buffet and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder, I automatically replied, “Great Amber; Grande please!”  
My eyes widened as I smiled. 

In his book, From Good to Great, Jim Collins says, 

from good to great jim collins Show Up Fitness

As a regular of the 3rd street promenade Starbucks, you’d think that Amber would know what I order at 4:30 am every morning.  The feller in front of me has ordered the same thing for the last 5-months.  Frank and I walk in together and he has two coffees waiting for him on the counter.  As for me, I change my order daily because I don’t like routine.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions (yes, I keep to them) was to change my routines and get out of doing the same shit over and over again.  My main resolution was to change the way I respond when someone asks how I’m doing.  My trainer just walked in at 5:39 am and I asked him how he’s doing, “Good, going to get coffee.”  GRUMP.  Around 7:40 am when Bret comes in, it’ll sound like this, “Morning Bret, how you are doing?”  
Bret – “Good, Good, Good.”  Do three goods equal one great?  

Good is the enemy of great; CHANGE THAT MINDSET BOY!  

For me, it took over five months to automatically reply “GREAT” instead of the mundane “good.”  What score would you give someone who received a 90-100 on an exam?  GREAT!  What about a 70-80?  Good.  50-65?  Shitty!  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be closer to GREAT, rather than SHITTY.  What does all this mean?  We need to change our mindset and expectations for CHANGE, because change TAKES TIME!  

I was reading an interesting post by Show Up Fitness Academy Board of Education Dr. Layne Norton.  

Layne Norton weight loss Show Up Fitness Academy

For change to take place, you need to recognize the behavior, EDUCATE YOURSELF, and want to change it.  I'm a fitness fanatic; I may drink a keg of whiskey a week, but I still live and breath fitness.  I’m highly competitive and constantly disappointed with my outcomes (we all have those inner demon voices; I let them vent, but I NEVER LET THEM WIN.)  A common compliment is “you’re a very positive person.”  I better be- in The Vulgar Truth Diet II, I focus on a POSITIVE FUCKING MINDSET!  If it took this whiskey drinking, fitness lunatic almost 6-months to create a change, what’s a fair time frame for the average Joe / Jane?  Have you been Winning the Week for over seven years (I haven't taken a week off from lifting heavy shit in that time period)?  Do you carry yourself with a positive disposition?  Do you LOVE lifting heavy shit?  If the answer is NO, then stop beating yourself up- your fitness goals were probably too unrealistic to begin with.  Let us help change that.  From here on out, start by giving yourself a ton of mulligans.  If you go out and get drunk, WHO CARES, start again tomorrow.  If you eat a whole pizza, FUCK IT, start again tomorrow.  If you miss a workout, it doesn't matter- one workout will not change your body, it's the combination of them all over the course of a year.  When you talk negatively, all you do is allow those negative inner voices to take over and win.  Remember, YOU'RE IN CONTROL.  You need to learn to laugh at the mistakes.  It’s going to take a long time to make a positive change.  I tell our clients at Show Up Fitness, change will take around 6- months…if you have awesome hair like I do, otherwise, show up regularly, work hard, persevere, and in 9-18+ months, you’ll be a new you.   Don’t get mad or frustrated; GET EXCITED!  This is your life to own, start by recognizing the behavior and by telling people you’re GREAT, not good. 

Does the way you regurgitate a meaningless reply really mean anything?  Probably not, BUT, but the inner shrink in me says, why not start every day off by saying you're great?  

6-week SHRED - 10-day check in (Eat Junk to look like a HUNK!)

6-week SHRED - 10-day check in (Eat Junk to look like a HUNK!)

How to look like a hunk by eating junk!  Bret Lusis and I will be putting to test Zac Efron and his infamous transformation for the movie Baywatch.  We calculated our numbers (BMR & AF & NEAT), working out twice a day, and being mindful of HOW MUCH we put into our body.  How to become a personal trainer www.showupfitness.com/academy

How Should You Squat?

How should you be Squatting?

By: Bret Lusis, CPT Show Up Fitness Santa Monica

Let me introduce you to some 90's basketball players: Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues.  

how to squat manute bol and muggsy bogues Show Up Fitness

Manute is one of the tallest to play the game- 7'7, while Muggsy is 5'3, do you think these two should Squat the same way?  HELL NO.  Bodies are different, and in this article, I'm going to explain why people should change up their Squat.  

In certain lifting communities, people are told to line up their feet a specific way (NSCA say's 10-15 degrees of external rotation), while others say parallel.  What about the jacked dude with the biggest quads who says you need to squat like him?  Which one is it?. In today's world with social media, if someone has success, or a ton of followers, people naturally try to re-implement that pattern to emulate what they've done.  It must be that simple to do what Mr. & Ms. Tool / Toolette with 1.5 million followers says to do, right? Wrong!!!!  For the most part, bodies are built differently.  In this article, I will discuss three topics that should ultimately decide how your stance is going to be under the bar: Anatomy, Mobility, and Stability.  

1. Anatomy is the structure of the body and the relationships to its proximal and distal joints.  My femur may be longer than yours, or maybe your torso is longer than mine- we're all different.  Maybe your femoral head inserts into your acetabulum posteriorly to anteriorly, while the person to your left may have an articulation that is at 90 degrees.  Take a look at the following femurs, do they look the same?  What do you think will happen if they are instructed to squat the same way?  The important thing to understand is bodies are different.  If my bone structure is built differently than yours, odds are we're going to move differently. One variable is the depth of the hip sockets (acetabulum depth varies from person-to-person.) This will determine the maximal depth before you “butt wink” and the width at which your feet are externally rotated. 

As you can see, these two Pelvis's are different in width and height...

pelvis bone structure for the squat show up fitness

And these two femur's articulate at different angles.  One is closer to a 90 degree articulation, while the other is closer to 45 degrees.

femur length and articulation for the squat Show Up Fitness Santa Monica Dublin


2. Mobility is the ability of a joint to go through it's optimal range of motion (ROM.)  This varies from person-to-person, gender, age, and prior injuries.  My mobility has never been great.  I remember when I first started squatting it felt so awkward. My heels would come off the ground, my back rounded, and I damn near fell over! Unlike anatomy, mobility can potentially improve by practicing and establishing the proper motor behavior.  If I would've continued to squat with those faulty patterns, I would have created poor motor behaviors.  Instead, I worked on a stance and pattern that allowed me to program proper mechanics.  Never compensate weight for form, this will lead to bad behaviors, and potentially an injury.  

3. Stability deals with maintaining a strong and sturdy core. One thing that I learned when I attended the Show Up Fitness Academy is how to properly brace and engage my core.  You know that guy in the gym who makes a loud sound when he Squats?  Ya, that's me, I'm that tool who grunts when I have a ton of weight on my back, but it's for a reason.  When I grunt, it's because I'm creating a large amount of pressure in my core (intra-abdominal pressure) which allows me to utilize the Valsalva Maneuver.  The valsal what?  The ability of my core to create a lot of pressure to stabilize my back.  This fluid ball is why lifters use a belt.  The greater the surface area on your front-side allows for greater protection for the lower back.  I suggest to use a belt whenever you're lifting a weight above 80-85% of your 1rm.  Knowing how to properly brace your core and engage other supporting muscles can be a major factor in stability for your lifts.  

In the following image, we have a student at the Show Up Fitness Personal Training Academy in Santa Monica (the best personal training school EVER!)  On the left, the student has around 30-35 degrees of internal rotation.  After we did a few drills to activate his anterior, lateral, and posterior core, look at the increase in ROM, it's around 45 degrees (optimal ROM for internal rotation at the hip.)  So this begs the question, is it mobility or stability?  To me, it looks like his restriction is due to a lack of core stability.  This image should challenge your mindset the next time you go to stretch some "tight" muscles.  Are they truly tight, or is it a neuromechanical mechanism to protect the body from weakness in other areas? Hmmmmmm.  SCIENCE :)

internal rotation stability vs mobility drills


Not everybody can get under the bar for the first time and have great form. Shit, I Squat every week and am still learning what feels right for my body.  Ask yourself what feels the best, and how much weight can you do?  it’s important to take time to see where you feel the strongest, how it feels, and looks.  Mobility and stability may be something you can fix, your anatomy and bone structure is something that is not going to change. If someone is squatting 135lbs with their feet shoulder width apart and then they widen their stance to hit 185lbs, why not stay there? If the force production is optimized with optimal mobility and stability, you my friend, have found your proper Squat form.  Start out by experimenting with different stances (Shoulder width apart, feet externally rotated, wider stance….), whatever feels the best, and then how much you can Squat. Don’t compromise a lift just because someone says this is the way you have to Squat- CHANGE IT UP!  .

Pointers for Squatting

 Try to bend the bar on your back to engage the lats

 Pretend theirs an orange under your chin aka neutral.  

 Keep your back straight.

 Try to palm the floor with your feet (Ever tried to palm a basketball?  Do this with your feet to the ground.)

 Don't let your knees buckle inwards (knee valgus) aim to keep them between your big toe and little toe.  

 Brace your core as if you were going to be punched in the stomach.

The Best Uni-lateral exercises

Today's article is written by Show Up Fitness Personal Trainer Bret Lusis.

Why should we incorporate unilateral exercises into our workouts?

Limb Equilibrium 101

Before you read this, I wanted to mention a recent post by Eric Cressey - a top strength and conditioning coach and the go-to guy for baseball players.  He agrees that a strong Squat and Deadlift can be important, but when it comes to athletic performance, athletes primarily use one leg at a time, so uni-lateral training should be incorporated into an athletes program.  

Let's start off by explaining what a unilateral exercise is.  Unilateral training is a form of training where you workout one limb at a time instead of two (bilateral).  Rarely do you see individuals in the gym practicing unilateral exercises under-load.  The main reasons being,        1) that damn ego getting bruised by not being able to lift as much weight, and 2) it takes twice as long.  Ego and time aside, unilateral training can really pay dividends by helping improve your PR’s (Personal Records in the Squat by complimenting with some Bulgarians) or developing size (Single Leg Hip Thrusts alongside of Deadlifts- who doesn't want a bigger booty?)  Naturally, we have dominant limbs, so the need to "balance" out the body shouldn't be a priority.  As a nation, we need to stop fantasizing about being equally balanced.  We aren't supposed to be equal or else we would have two livers, and two pancreases etc.  Let me ask you this, do you remember lifting your first dumbbells?  I'm sure the weights were moving all over the place.  Eventually, this "imbalance" was fixed by performing the movement pattern over and over again.  It's not rocket science folks, if my left leg is stronger than my right, and I only train bilaterally (Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Presses), the weaker leg may not catch up with the dominant leg.  By implementing some unilateral exercises (Bulgarians, Step-Ups, and Lunges), I may be able to help bridge the strength gap because my weaker leg has to generate the same force production as the dominant one. 

Joint and Core Stabilization

Anytime you have weight distribution on one side and not the other, your body must compensate by engaging your stabilizing muscles of the core- when you do an exercise with 1-arm or 1-leg your core has to stabilize itself by bracing the core so you won't fall over.  Try this, grab a dumbbell with your right hand and start doing some unilateral Military Presses.  What do you feel?  You should feel the left abdominal and oblique region strongly activate.  Wallah, you see the benefits of doing these exercises?  It's important to note, by doing unilateral exercises, force production may be compromised.  I suggest programming these exercises near the end of the workout, or on their own day i.e. Day 1 Bilateral Squat / Deadlifts, Day 3 Bulgarians and Step-Ups.   Below are some of my favorite unilateral exercises I recommend to help balance out all of the bilateral movements we stereotypically do. 

Common Sense is now Uncommon.

Common Sense is now Uncommon.  Let us teach you Common Sense 101

Let’s see how well you'd do on the following quiz:

1. How many hours of sleep should you be getting every night?  2. How many glasses of water should you drink daily?  3. What should you do with your free time: a-browse social media, b-exercise? 4. Which of the following best describes what you should say after a waitress brings you a cocktail? a- About F’in time, b- What’s your number baby?  c- Thank You! d- I’m stupid crazy horny!

I’d be willing to bet you aced that quiz.  My question to the American society is, “Are you implementing these aspects of common sense?”  I’d double down on that previous bet and say you aren’t.  Today, I’m going to help you become a better person by teaching you common sense in all aspects of life. 

Common Sense is uncommon.  Learn basic common sense....

Fitness / Nutrition

heavy weights show up fitness personal trainer ben stiller

You should be sleeping 7-8 hours a night.

You should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day.

Your diet should primarily consist of proteins, vegetables, and water.

If you’re on a diet, don’t tell anyone. 

There isn't a one-size-fits-all diet.  Experiment and find one that best suits you.  

If you want a nice ass, Hip Thrust, Squat, and Hinge moderate to heavy weights 4x a week.

If you want nice arms, do Push-Ups and Chin-Ups 4x a week. 

Sugar isn't bad, carbs aren't bad, fat isn't bad.  It's about how many calories you consume.  As with debt, if you consume too much, you will gain weight.  

If you want to lose weight, monitor want you put into your mouth via a food log.

Hinge, Squat, Press, Pull, carry heavy things and repeat. 

You should be able to push your body off the ground, and pull your body up to a bar.

If you experience pain during movement, stop doing that movement until the pain goes away.

Excess adipose (belly or thigh fat) isn’t healthy.

Unless you’re a Physical Therapist, BOSU ball are stupid. 

Salt doesn't cause high blood pressure.  Eating too much, not sleeping enough, stressing all day long, and not exercising does.  

Walk more.  

Eating six meals a day is not superior to eating three- IT'S ABOUT MOTHER F'ING CALORIES!  

Everyday life

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"Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived." - THOMAS PAINE, COMMON SENSE (READ IT).

When you open a door, look behind to see if someone else is coming in, and then hold the door for them while smiling.

When someone holds the door for you, say “Thank you.”

If you’re with someone and expecting an important text, email, or call, say the following, “I’m not trying to be rude, but I need to keep my phone out because I’m expecting an important text.  When I get that call, I’ll reply and put my phone away.” 

At a bar or dinner, if someone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary, you should send over a round of drinks or dessert. 

If the trash is full, take it out.

If the dishwasher is full, unload it.  

Whiskey, pizza, and bacon are amazing.  

If there's a lady standing (she doesn't need to be pregnant or elderly) on public transportation, get up and offer her your seat.  

When you walk by someone, you should smile and say, “Good morning, afternoon, evening.”

When someone say’s good morning, afternoon, evening, you should reciprocate.

If someone smiles at you, you should smile back.

If someone smiles at you, that doesn’t mean that want to have sex with you.

If someone texts you, you should reply when you open the text (People are on their phones 24/7.)

If someone doesn’t immediately accelerate at a stop light, wait 10-seconds.  If they haven’t proceeded, gently tap your horn ONCE. 

If something offends you, remove yourself from the environment. 

If you see a piece of trash, on the ground, pick it up and throw it away. 

Reading a book is better for you than watching TV.

Discussing a good book is better than reality TV.

If you want something, ask someone how you can help them first. 

No means no.  If asked, “are you upset?” and you genuinely are, don’t say, “No” and feaster a future blow up. 

Mind readers don't exist, communicate. 

If people are looking at you in a weird way, take a second to think about the volume of your voice.    

If someone asks you how your day is, and it’s bad don’t tell them (unless it’s a significant other or close friend).

If you’re going to drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat food and drink water. 

If you’re hungover from drinking copious amounts of alcohol, drink water and exercise for 30-60 minutes.  Drinking depletes neurochemicals and feel good hormones; exercises offsets inner demons.

Send your parents hand-written cards on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patty’s Day, Easter, and July 4th. 

Do not talk on your phone at Starbucks.  If your phone rings, step-outside and answer the call.

Send your Mother wine or flowers on Valentine’s day. 

Send your Father whiskey or food on Father’s Day. 

Random acts of kindness do not need to be shared on Facebook or with anyone for that matter.  Do something out of the goodness of your heart.  Telling other people that you volunteer or bought someone coffee is selfish.     

Don’t affiliate with people you don’t like. 

If you’re going to be late, inform the party that is waiting for you (Military saying, if you’re 10-minutes early, you’re 5-minutes late.)

When you’re invited to someone’s house for dinner, bring a bottle of wine, flowers, or an appetizer.

If you have dinner at someone’s house, take their plate to the kitchen and offer to do the dishes.

Smile at the barista and say, “Please” and, “Thank you.”  Get off your F’in phone. 

Do not wave down a barista, bar tender, or waitress- do not speak down to anyone, EVER! 

If you have something negative to say, don’t say anything. 

You’re 100% accountable for your life.  Own up to your actions and take responsibility. 

If you go out with 4 people, rotate buying rounds.

If a homeless person is asking for change, don’t snarl at their request.  If you can help them, buy them coffee or food.  If you cannot help them, SMILE and decline. 

If someone takes time out of their schedule to help mentor you, offer to buy them drinks or dinner AND send them a THANK YOU CARD. 

Don’t be a prick. 

Relationships / Dating

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Guys should open the truck door for their lady.

Girls should reach across the truck to open the door for their man.

When you go on a date, the guy should pay.

When you’re on a date and the guy offers to pay, the girl should offer to pay her share (the guy should decline.)

Buying a girl dinner or drinks, doesn’t grant you access into her panties. 

Upon dropping a girl off from a date, wait in your truck until she safety gets into her house.

Don’t talk about how much money you make or the kind of truck you drive.

Eat with your mouth closed.

Don't nag.  

Stop trying to FIND YOURSELF; life in constant growth.  #wanderlust = worst hash-tag ever.  

Keep your phone out of site when you’re with ANYONE else. 

Most guys like sports, let them watch their team play.

Most girls like to shop, let them shop.  (Ready for this... let a guy watch his games while a girl shops!  OMG x 10)

If you’re upset with someone, tell them.  Communication is key and minds cannot be read.

Rule of thumb for guessing a girls age and weight- 10-years under any sort of educated guess, and 25-lbs under your ballpark weight guess. 

Those who are confident don’t need to tell anyone about it, you show it.  Walk the walk. 

It’s better to be 1 for 8, then 0 for 0.  You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. 

During coitus, both parties should climax.  (Whoopsie).

Plan date nights weekly / bi-weekly with your significant other. 

Girls usually take longer to get ready, get over it. 

If you ask someone out on a date and they decline, that doesn’t make him or her a douchbag / bitch. 

Friends with benefits 99.9% of the time doesn’t work.  Someone usually gets too emotionally attached, and your house will end up burnt down.

If someone is upset, pressing the matter will rarely work.  It’s like poking an angry mama bear; let the issue settle for a few hours, get some fresh air, and then revisit the conversation with a clear mind.   

If you sleep with someone on the first date, the likelihood of you two ever dating again, is extremely low.  For that matter, the likelihood of them ever calling or texting you again, is extremely low. 

If you want to impress a guy, cook for them.

If you want to impress a girl, cook for them.

Wearing a condom will save you a lot of hassle in the future.  Kids and STD’s are expensive, nasty and/or last forever (in no particular order.) 

If you stay over at someone’s house and wake up earlier than they do, quietly tip toe into the bathroom/other room.  Don’t turn on the light- use your damn cellphone light you selfish bastard. 

Oral sex should be reciprocated; I go, you go.  OR, do 69. 

Being in a relationship DOES NOT define who you are.  You will not be happier in a relationship if you’re currently unhappy. 

Don’t be a dickhead / hooker and cheat.  If you’re unhappy, stop being a coward, end it. 

Have more sex, it's fun.  

Work / Finances


You should bring at least three copies of a resume to an interview.

You should arrive 30-minutes early for an interview. 

You should ask questions at the end of an interview, i.e., How has this position made you a better person?

You shouldn’t eat smelly food in the office (if you’re unsure of your food smelling like dog shit, ask a co-worker, “Frank, does my salmon smell like dog shit?”)

Go to management with action plans, not ideas.

If you have a complaint, feel free to express it if you have a solution. 

If you’re sick, don’t go to work.

If you have a question, ask it.  Don’t complaining later. 

Do not text or browse social media in class.

Keep your phone on silent. 

If you start up a new company, you should have 6-months of rent saved up.  

If you have a project due, sit down and schedule time throughout the week(s) to properly prepare for the deadline. 

If you do not ask, you shall not receive (goes for relationships and kinky sex too!)

Wake up 2-hours before work (if you’re constantly bitching about not having enough time in the day, 2-hours before work will allow you to prepare, exercise, read, and get your mind right.)

Open an IRA (Traditional, Roth or Sep) and set aside the maximal amount ($5,500 or 50k – consult with your CPA.) 

If you make 5k a month, don’t spend more than 5k a month or else you’ll accumulate debt. 

Watch Office Space.  Don’t be this guy…

Show Up FItness NPTI Sochi NASM NSCA ACSM Office Space

Or this guy….

Milton office space show up fitness npti best personal trainers in la


Don’t be a dickhead. 


To summarize common sense:

Don’t be selfish.  Hold and open doors for people.  Reciprocity works wonders.  Stop obsessing over social media acceptance and text messages.  Read a damn book.  Ask other people questions.  Offer to pay your share and say please.  Stop talking about your shitty life - you’re 100% accountable for everything.  SHOW UP, WORK HARD, Smile, say Thank You and maintain a Positive F&^%$#@ Mindset.  

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Show Up Fitness: How to Deadlift

How to Deadlift

How to do a Deadlift with Variations & Bad For 

Deadlifting for the general person:
The Deadlift is one of the most popular exercises.  It's one of the three power lifts (the other two are Squats and Bench Press.)  The pattern of movement is referred to as a hinge (look at a door and analyze the hinges, that's how it got the reference.)  These brackets allow the door to sway back and forth in one direction.  When performed properly, the glutes, hamstrings, low back, and back are lifting the weight off the ground.  It's one of the best booty and hamstring building exercises behind the Hip Thrust.  If you want to develop a booty that can bounce a bowling ball 5-feet in the air, you need to learn how to properly Deadlift.  

how to deadlift SHOW UP FITNESS

Form: If your goals are to develop speed, explosive power, strength and an awesome backside, the Deadlift should be implemented 1-3x weekly.  Before you start picking up a bunch of weight off the floor, your form needs to be pristine.  Common mistakes are seen by Squatting and not hinging, rounding the lower back, the bar path is not close to the body,  not maintaining an upright torso, and leaning too far back (hyperextension).  At Show Up Fitness, I Miyagi the hell out of our clients by constantly stressing the hinge pattern: Golfers pick-up, band Deadlifts, Bent-Over Rows, and Hip Thrusts.  I want you to be able to pick up 1.5x-2x your body weight without having to rehearse all the checkpoints, I want them to be second nature.  I don't suggest doing more than 6-8 reps per set- OWN EACH REP.  If implemented properly (with amazing form, and heavy weights), you'll notice changes in your booty and strength within a few months.  

For proper instruction on how to Deadlift, skip the next section and watch the video, then implement the program at the end.  

Deadlifting for the Personal Trainer:
The concentric action for the Deadlift at the hip is extension, which makes the Glutes the agonist at the hip and the Quadriceps at the knee  (Vastus Lateralis, Intermedius, Medialis, and Rectus Femoris).  The Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus, and Bicep Femoris (long and short head) are synergists and the deep abdominal stabilizers brace the core (transverse abdominals).  The femoral action is extension (Gluteals), therefore the flexors are the antagonists (Psoas Major / Hip Flexors.) 

To properly execute a Deadlift, the shoulders should be slightly over the bar, with the weight focused posteriorly by engaging the Lats.  Make sure to lock yourself into the bar by pulling it to the shins and internally rotating the Lats - TURN THOSE KNUCKLES WHITE BY SQUEEZING!  You can also try cueing, "put your scapulae's into your back pockets."   The neck should be neutral as if your client is holding an orange under his/her chin.  As the trainer, you'll see the following mistakes: 1- The client sets up in a Squat position (look at the angle of their shins; vertical is a Deadlift, a 45-degree angle is a Squat.  Don’t let them Squat the Deadlift, 2- Their shoulders come too far over the bar – their torso looks parallel to the floor like an RDL, 3- The hips shoot up faster than the knees aka stripper Deadlift (this sounds good, but it’s not), 4- Hyperextension instead of a posterior pelvic tilt, 5- Improper breathing mechanics.  Make sure they understand the purpose of a large, deep breath to brace the core, 6- Rounded lower back.  Once the spinal column loses its integrity and goes from three to two curves, force is directed in the lumbar region.  

If you look like the following girl, congratulations, you’re Squatting the Deadlift.  There’s no fear becoming “Quadzilla” from Deadlifts as the exercise is hip dominant.  

How to deadlift Show Up Fitness

There are numerous variations to the conventional Deadlifts- this can be good and bad.  It’s like teaching someone how to cook, they want to try every recipe in the world!  Not so fast Chef Boyardee, I want you to own the mechanics of the hinge pattern before you start trying the variations (Miyagi the hell out of your clients!)  This will take a few months to properly program in the proper motor control.  After you’re deadlifting at least your body weight (ideally 1.5x), you can begin to play around with the variations.  Here’s a list from beginner to more advanced:
Kettle Bell
Trap Bar
Rack Pulls
Jefferson (1-leg over / behind bar)
Banded / Chain’s
Single Leg Deadlifts (love these to strengthen the glute med & prevent valgus)
Hack (Bar behind body)
Windmill - Checkout this video at stack.com
Hands on Weights (Wide stance / further than a Snatch, your hands are holding the rubber plates)

How to Spot the Deadlift:  
NO SPOTTING- don’t be that weirdo perving out on a client by spotting a Deadlift.  This is one of the few exercises that you do not spot.  Teach your client to drop the weight in the case of an emergency.  
A belt should be worn when the client is lifting 80% of their 1rm.  Dependency on a belt could make the clients lower back vulnerable.  The same goes with wrist wraps.  If your grip is one of the first things to give out, implement 60-second Pull-Up hangs and Farmers Walks.  These are tools to help your 1rm, don't use them as crutches.  You’re only as strong as your weakest link.  Listen to your body and train the weak segments. 

Deadlifting Workout:
1- Deadlift / Trap Bar (Beginners) 5 sets of 6-8 reps resting 2-3-minutes (If you're a beginner, perform 3 sets of 8-10.  There’s no need to perform more than 8-10 reps.  OWN THE MECHANICS TO INSTILL PROPER FORM, the likelihood of performing bad reps after 10 increase chances for injury.)
2- Kettle Bell Deadlift into Straight Legged Deadlift (RDL’s) 3 sets of 12 reps
3- Windmill Deadlift (See Article that I wrote for Stack.com) 3 sets of 10
4-    Band Deadlifts as seen in beginning of Youtube tutorial 1 set of 30 AMRAP (Choose a weight that you think that you can do for 30 reps and then do As Many Reps As Possible)
Hip Thrusts are a great compliment to owning the Hinge pattern.  

For more information go to www.showupfitness.com and make sure to like us HERE on facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/Show-Up-Fitness-Santa-Monica-1507807282839542/ 

Interested in becoming a personal trainer?  The time is NOW to SHOW UP!  Chris teaches a 4-month personal training course which will prepare you to take the NSCA, ACSM, or NASM certification.  Unlike other schools, the Academy allows you to train real people.  You'll be able to enroll in an internship at Show Up Fitness and start getting your reps in training clients at Show Up Fitness.  The Academy is located in Santa Monica.  Chris has graduated over 700-personal trainers and will teach you how to become the most successful personal trainer with his background in Kinesiology and owning two successful personal training gyms.